World War 2

Killer Queen: Those Wacky Nazis

Killer Queen: Those Wacky Nazis
A Dark Realms Universe Story
By Dr. Bender

In 1944, Corporal Lance Valantine returns home to Ravencrest a wounded hero after years of spying on the Nazis for the Military Intelligence Service. In 2011, a striking vampire college student calling herself Suzanne, Party Queen of the campus, is hell bent on making tonight a night to remember... or perhaps a night some would wish to forget forever.

What could they possibly have in common?

At Aunt Greta's 21— Another New Girl

At Aunt Greta’s–
Another New Girl
by Gabi

Chapter 21 of a Continuing Saga…

Miss Tickell checked off the final nine names in the register. ‘Now, I’m putting you on your honour to be quiet and remain in your places while I go and see Miss Morgan. You may talk quietly amongst yourselves, but I want no raised voices. Understand?’ She looked hard at a few of the boys huddled in the back row and bustled out of the classroom.

‘I always thought there was something weird about Rose,’ Willy Philpott, sitting in the back row, proclaimed.

At Aunt Greta's 18— A Bolt from the Blue

At Aunt Greta’s–
A Bolt From The Blue!
by Gabi

Chapter 18 of a Continuing Saga…

Farah and I went to bed that night wondering if we would find ourselves back in 1944 again. In spite of the first couple of times I had time-slipped, since then it seemed it was the bed that had acted as my “Tardis” to wartime.

‘It was great meeting your bro,’ Farah said as we undressed. ‘He’s cute and soooo cool, and he doesn’t seem to mind that you’ve changed into a girl. In fact he seemed quite pleased.’

‘Well, I guess he’s always thought I was a bit girly,’ I confided; ‘but he was never mean about it–unlike a lot of other boys.’

At Aunt Greta's 17—A Gaggle of Girls

At Aunt Greta’s–
A Gaggle of Girls
by Gabi

Chapter 17 of a Continuing Saga…

Hearing footsteps coming down the stairs we looked up and saw Bryony coming down; she was wearing a swirley, knee-length, light green tiered skirt and a yellow strappy top, which seemed to accentuate her boobs, with white ankle socks and sandals.

‘Oh, hi, Bryony,’ Farah chirped. ‘You look awesome,–great top.’

‘Wow, Bryony,’ Lacey gasped, ‘Looking at you now, I can’t believe you were ever a boy, you’re so pretty, and I love your outfit. I’ve got a skirt just like that ’cept mine’s mauve.’

‘I was only a boy on the outside, I’ve always been a girl on the inside.’ Bryony replied, as she reached the bottom of the stairs and did a twirl for us, making her skirt flare out prettily.

At Aunt Greta's 16—Freya and the Doodlebugs

At Aunt Greta’s–
Freya and the Doodlebugs
Doodlebug_V1.jpgby Gabi

Chapter 16 of a Continuing Saga…

Recognising the now-familiar wailing of the air-raid siren, I was awake in an instant. ‘It’s an air-raid, I can’t explain now but we have slipped back in time to the second world war and you must call me Greta. This has happened to me before; we have to get up and go to the air-raid shelter.’

At this moment the door opened, the light was switched on and Mummy was there. ‘Greta, Freya, get up quickly, girls. Put on your underthings, socks, shoes and dressing gowns, bring a blanket and come with me to the shelter immediately. And don’t forget your gas masks.’ She hurried away towards her own room leaving us alone.

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