This is a story of a mage who came home from another world. He who achieved renown in another world, returns to the world where he was born, a world without magic, only to come face to face with the toughest adversary he had ever faced. A human man.

It is a tragic tale of love (seriously?), loss (definitely), and acceptance (maybe not). However, this is certainly NOT comedy.

The tale of a broken mage.

By Shiina Ai

Rough Night In Little Rock

We were wakened the night before last at 2:00 AM by our little cat, Silky, trying to get our attention. There had been considerable lightning and thunder, not unexpected, for several hours. Suddenly, the wind picked up to a swirling gale. Small branches and hail pummeled the roof. We then realized that the power was out (not to return until 9:30 last night). The wind calmed down, then the tornado warning sirens began to wail. Power had not returned in the morning, but fortunately, we had natural gas for cooking.

Pigtails Are for Girls -- Part 14

Pigtails Are For Girls — Part 14
Chapters 29-32 
By Katherine Day
It’s a whole new life for Jane who now seeks to become accepted for who she is in a world that may not be ready for her.
Somehow she finds a way, gaining new strength.

Tragedy of the Spirit part 5 Am I as crazy as they think.....

Tragedy of the Spirit part 5 Am I as crazy as they think.......

Caution, this chapter is dark, describes some cruel medical proceedures that may be offensive to some readers. This also describes in great detail the effects of those proceedures on a young person. Those effects were done to me. The scars still exist. Thank you for reading.

First of all I wish to give the reader a bit of further background. The area I grew up in was rural Canada, we lived on a 4 section farm. We planted wheat and barley. The farm had cattle as well as a few orses (one of which was mine). We also raised chickens and turkeys. I had one brother whom I was not very well liked by him. I was quiet, did my own thing. I look back at what happened over the first fifteen years of my life shaped my way of life.

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