Cinder Elli - Preview

Involuntary Cross Dressing/TG - For two years, Elliot's wicked stepmother and horrible stepbrothers have been forcing him into to clean the house, dressing him in his mother's old clothes and working him to the bone without rest....

Now, on the night of the Princess's Ball, the 20 year old orphan dreams of escaping to the palace and ingratiating himself with a well-to-do woman.

When a bumbling fairy godmother bursts through the window, he thinks his dreams have been answered! Of course, they're actually just beginning.

The Roommate - Chapter 2 - Slow TG/Hypnosis

Breakfast went smoothly. Rebecca had kept an eye on his coffee, but it hadn’t been needed. He’d drunk every drop of the coffee, obviously relishing each sip of the limited caffein he allowed himself. He’d eaten his food, as well, somehow finding joy in his healthy food. Rebecca would have liked to believe it was due to her own cooking skills, but her interaction with that grapefruit had been limited to a single swift knife cut. Most likely, he’d simply trained his tongue to actually enjoy those tastes.

The Roommate - Chapter 1 - Slow TG/Hypnosis

Rebecca pushed her shoulder into the gap between door and doorway, watching Daniel unpack. She watched as Daniel lifted a heavy box, the muscles in his back tensing and rippling as she watched. He’d removed the white t-shirt he’d worn in, on the pretense of it being a hot day - and the shirt had clung to his skin with sweat, barely able to come off. Slender arms stretching the material tight, in front of his chest. It would have been…. Delicious. If she’d been watching a girl.

The Registry - part 2

The Registry .part2 by Allexcited69

This is a work of fiction that deals with a simple future. In it, most people, if they were numbers, were now simple people with simple ideas and very simple needs. Harsh language is used and this story includes descriptions of sexual behaviour that may be considered disturbing to some.

Die Sagen von Misrah 2 - "Der Kreislauf des Lebens" (german)

Die Sagen von Misrah - "Der Kreislauf des Lebens"
The tales of Misrah - "The circle of Life"


by Misrah

Der junge Zauberer, der sich mit seinem Rucksack in einer Ecke des Airports abwartend niedergelaáŸen hatte, hob aufmerkend den Kopf als er já¤h aus seinem Nachsinnen geriáŸen wurde als die wohlklingende Stimme einer Frau á¼ber das Lautsprechersystem den nahen Start seines Fluges anká¼ndigte. "Ladies and gentlemen, the passengers of the flight number 235 to Dublin, Ireland, please may come to..."

The Tales of Misrah - Tale 3: "A furry tail"

Spells R us - The tales of Misrah, the apprentice
Tale III: "A furry tail"

by Misrah

"...and then guys, and I'm telling you the truth I swear to god, I bended her of that table and so fucked the shit out of her." The whole crowd of his friends was laughing their hearts out, as Ryan was mimikring the act he just described, while waving his bottle of beer like a lasso above his head.

The Tales of Misrah - Tale 2: "F***in' weird"

Spells R Us - The Tales Of Misrah, the apprentice
Tale II: F***in' weird

By Misrah

Synopsis: When two enters the SRU Magic Shop, they meet the Wizard's new Apprentice who has a bit of fun at their expense.

Brian was still talking about one of his endless plans of attracting some chick he had a crush on at the moment at school. He was always planning and talking about how, and also how many chicks he "was about to lay".

LG Tales - TG and Classic Fiction for LGs

Robber picks wrong Transvestite prostitute to rob

Sixteen-year-old Rufus Bowman was looking for an easy victim, but he picked the wrong one during a July 13 incident.

Bowman was in the 200 block of West McMicken Avenue in Over-the-Rhine when, Assistant Hamilton County Prosecutor Ryan Nelson said, he approached Joshua Bumpus.

"Mr. Bumpus is a transvestite prostitute," Nelson said. "He goes 6-(foot)-3, 280 (pounds) and was wearing a pink halter top and pumps."

FL McDonalds doesn't hire faggots

The TLDEF has filed a discrimination complaint against an Orlando, FL McDonalds' restaurant which refused to interview a transgender job applicant. Here's the story from their website (including a YouTube voicemail message received by the applicant):

TLDEF Files Employment Discrimination Complaint with Florida Commission on Human Relations
Against McDonalds for Refusing to Hire Transgender Woman

I like to make photo edits of myself

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I wanted to share a few photos with everyone. I rarely take pictures of myself while dressed. However, I love to take pictures of myself and edit them to make me look more feminine. It's great fun for me, and is a nice outlet.

As I tell others, you can still have a beard and be feminine and pretty. One need not be passable, or think of gender in terms of male and female.

Please, enjoy!

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