In Too Deep - Ch 1 thru 5

Sloan and Dana are a young married couple in SoCal. Both are involved in the Arts, Dana as a make-up artist and aspiring director, Sloan as a talented, but struggling actor with dreams of becoming a star.

The couple are deeply in love, and believe in each other; however, a costume party at the home of a darkly handsome movie director and his strikingly beautiful wife open a doorway into desires that neither of them had ever considered.

When Sloan is offered the lead in a new motion picture about a transgender hit man, it is a dream come true. Unbeknownst to the young couple, the domineering director, and his forceful wife have other plans for both Sloan and Dana that have nothing to do with acting.

Once they cross the line, can their marriage survive the experience?

Writing a BDSM oriented Sissy

I am writing a story (what I wish did come true) which essentially shows life as a without owner submissive/closet CD and a vanilla wife. What transpires is that she finally catches on that she can have the sex life she wants, the clean house, all at my expense. My humiliation is that she starts a transformation process with me doing the housework as a sissy... and progresses from there. Has bdsm elements, if anyone cares to preview it to see if it's worthy let me know.


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