Her Tender Mercies


A bolt of panic shot down my spine when I heard the key settling in the lock. My eyes flickered over towards the door: it had to be Aunt Cathy! What was she doing home so early? She'd headed off to her bridge club less than fifteen minutes ago; I wasn't expecting her back for several hours. My pulse lept into overdrive as key slid into place with an audible clack!

John's Living Nightmare

John's Living Nightmare
By Daphne Xu
Copyright 1999

Bruce and other bullies who follow him pick on John by calling him Alice and calling him a girl. Eventually, everyone follows Bruce's lead, driving John crazy. I first wrote and posted this story elsewhere in 1999. Bruce and Alice in this story have nothing to do with Bruce and Alice in "A Bikini Beach Summer."

A Tail of a boy and his Mummy


Xenophobio, at 18 had been raised to understand his Mother Dearest's attitude towards the need for discipline for boys and in particular his need for it.

Swift Justice

When sixteen year-old Alex Fairfield finally decides to defy his Aunt Julie's domineering influence, he discovers the price of liberty may be more than he could possibly afford.

Swift Justice
By Tracy Lane/Transfemme

Construction Diva

The guys at work liked Ernie. Without much conversation at all, they always knew he was somehow different, but he could outwork any operator there, and he was good for a little joking now and then. Would Ernie's secret ruin everything?

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