Gene or Jean? - Part 7 - Conclusions

Classes were over, and I maintained a respectable grade point. The girls had gone their separate ways and I had moved into their apartment for the summer. I found out that Frank had pulled himself out of academic probation and was eligible to play football. Sylvia had a summer job at her Dad’s company, which meant that she had to work on Monday and Tuesday, the only days I had off. I would really miss her.

Before we all went our ways for the summer, Sylvia had an astute observation, “You’re going to be dressed for five of the seven evenings of the week, so why not make if full time until college starts in the fall?”

“That’s a good idea,” I responded, “that way I can have my hair done in a really feminine style, and maybe have some highlights. That way I won’t have to change the style all summer.”

“So you’ll be Jean the whole summer?” Sylvia wanted to know.

The Chorister Part 3 - Conclusion

Jenny (Jeff) and Amy explore consequences and look for compromies.
The final part in the Chorister story (unless you want more, and I can figure out how to make it flow.

The Chorister Part 2

Jeff, as Jenny, auditions, and has to buy a gown for the performance. It needs to be altered, and Jenny and Amy asks Jenny's mother for help.

Author’s note. I enjoyed writing The Chorister, and because of the favorable comments, I decided to write a sequel. You may want to read The Chorister, but it is not absolutely necessary

Aunt Adele Fashions a Plan -- Part 2

Aunt Adele Fashions a Plan — Part 2

By Katherine Day

(Copyright 2011)

(Orphaned at age 12, Terry goes to live with his Aunt Adele, where his girlish nature and lovely soprano voice takes him on stage — as a girl. “You could be Miss America,” a boy tells Terry, but it is in the midst of World War II and that complicates Terry’s future as a girl. What will Aunt Adele do?)

Charlotte's Tale part 14.

Charlotte’s Tale,
by Angharad.
part 14.

Nothing much happened for the next few days and I did my practices and occasionally saw Simon, but not Jane. I wasn’t deliberately avoiding her, but neither was I seeking her out, so our paths didn’t cross.

Charlotte's Tale Part 3

As Charlotte becomes more comfortable in her new life she faces returning to her old school as guest soloist. Her desire to become something more than a nobody requires her to deal with two doctors, one caring and one not. What lengths will she go to in order to attain her goals?

Charlotte’s Tale

Part 3

by Angharad

Charlotte's Tale Part 2

Charlotte gains a friend who helps her accept herself. But time moves on, and Charlotte has to prepare for the future. Where will she go to school? Poor girl, there is being at a loss, and then there is being Lost!

Charlotte’s Tale

Part 2

by Angharad

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