FTL-23...Faster Than Life.

FTL-23...Faster Than Life.

Chapter 23

There is a difference between writing a report and then writing a paper on something. The reports come with forms and they want clear answers to questions posted in the forms to prompt you with events and things that were happening.

But to write a paper on something well especially that’s not about a topic that you’re learning about in training or classes.

Fifteen hundred plus years of civilian cut and paste and reference and link to culture did not prepare me for actually trying to sit down and to try and go through all the stuff that I was thinking when I had the idea to use the drones the way that I was doing and to take all that chaos and emotion and to turn it into a tactical paper.

FTL-10...Faster Than Life.

FTL-10...Faster Than Life.

Chapter 10

*Two months later…

I’m in line up at the mess listening to people talking about stuff and sort of daydreaming in my own right as we’re heading into the Soleil system. We’re getting shore leave being here at the halfway point in out milk-run tour and we’re resupplying and we’re going to be doing a few things here.

Looking for Story

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A while back someone posted a story that had SF and Transformations. It started off with a scientist accepting applications for a trial study using a type of gene therapy. One of those applicants was his old college roommate who was very brilliant, but was crippled by disease and genetic disorders. As a matter of fact all the study's subjects had severe problems and health issues.

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