Atalanta's Story- Chapter 10

Atalanta's Story Chapter 10. This chapter has been difficult, it is longer than I wanted but it can't be helped. I want to thank Bill for all his help with his suggestions, comments, and corrections. This is my 2nd attempt to post this chapter after four (now) hours adding in an extra line after each paragraph this morning.

In the chapter our heroine finds that she doesn't like public schools (what teenager does), faces danger but does not escape unscathed and in the process her mutant identity is revealed.

How Others See Us

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We were visiting friends last week, and were having an Easter feast outdoors in the mild weather. I happened to be with several of the wives, including my own, and we were discussing movies, past oscar winners and others. Several nice movies were mentioned, and Notting Hill came up. We mentioned The King's Speech, and I mentioned that I like Colin Firth in Love Actually.. One of the ladies said, "You keep mentioning chic flicks. You're a girl inside, aren't you?" I said I guess so, and my wife said yes, while nodding in agreement.

Skipper! Chapter 14

Skipper! by Beverly Taff


This chapter describes Angela's discovery that Skipper is an effeminate, heterosexual she-male transvestite. It describes in further detail how Angela handles it and starts to move forward with her girls and Skipper.

Rough Waters 1 - 'Beginnings'

Notes of a Journey Trilogy
Book 2
Rough Waters

Chapter 1 - 'Beginnings'

A Gaby FanFic by PB

Grottoes and D.C.- Who makes the trip and who doesn't.

This chapter contains guns, violence and possible character death. Some may find the direction this takes disturbing.
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