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Jem...Chapter 63

Jem…Chapter 63

Chapter 63

We settle down and I slip to the kitchen for some bottles of water and cans of apple juice, Dad always has it on hand that or tomato I’m okay with either but orange is my favorite.

I check up on the roast and it’s cooking away nicely everything else can wait…the real trick I’ve always seen on TV for a roast like this is sear it and get a crust onto it and then cook it long and slow so it’s juicy and tender. It’s just starting to change smells from the smoke and meat to roasting smoke kissed meat.

I grin at it. This is my first really big roast just like last time was my first big turkey that I’ve cooked. And there is a really feminine pride at me doing this now that I’m able to recognize it.

I microwave us two bags of popcorn too and head back down to the room and they’re all talking tuning again and playing around with words and riffs. Rayne has out this old toddlers chalk board that Dad had put here for us to use and she’s writing sheet music for the girls to play and try out.

A letter to my wife

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This is the exact letter I wrote to my wife. After over 20 years together she walked in while I was on the toilet wearing bright pink silk panties. She had left for work and returned fast to tell me something. When she walked in I pulled my pants up as high as I could to hide my panties. She asked what was going on and I said nothing. She did not ask again but I knew she would. I so much wanted to be honest with her. That day I wrote this letter and gave it to her (we work at the same company). She read it and gave it back.

Here is my letter to her exactly as written:

Blayze's Blog- On therapy, Real life and where Chapter 13 is

So I am mildly surprised to find myself posting another bit on my blog. In fact just typing 'my blog' seems weird to me, but cool anyway. I have been kind of having a pause over the last month. Personally I find christmas and New Year a very sad time of year and it gets me down. However there are changes on the way. My wife and I have made the decision to move South asap, and get a fresh start. Both of us feel much better just from making that decision. So now we are making preparations and selling stuff of to get moved. 2012 is gonna be a big year.

My Mother's Response

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This is my mothers response to the letter I sent her.

Well! Reading your last e-mail was a shock to say the least. Here is my answer---I don’t care if you are a man or woman or stick or rock or barbarian!!! I just care if you are a good person!!! That’s the bottom line–the kind of living human being you are. Love, Mom

I started crying. I don't normally cry, but I did.

A letter to my mother

Dear Mom,

This is probably the hardest letter I have ever written.

First, I love you very much. I love you and I honor you for everything you have done for the family I have now and the family I had when I was young. I’m so very sorry that I made all that so much harder for you. I hope recent years have made up for all the hard times I put you through during my teen years.

My (Extra) Ordinary Family -- My Kid Is Transgender" Wednesd

On ABC-TV tonight there will be a show concerning transgendered teen and pre-teens. I have no idea what the bias is or if it is well done. A review can be found at the link below. I also do not know the bias of the review.

The show teaser indicates they will be a MtF and a FtM discussed.


The Last Waltz - New Material in Musetta's Waltz

Today's posting is the next to the last for Musetta's Waltz. This is the first of the new material - the material that had been removed before publishing the first edition. The primary reason for not publishing this chapter was because it revealed the tunnel between the two houses. That was an still an important secret. When you read The Redhead and the PM, it will become obvious the reason they can now talk about it. The next and last posting is two chapters and they reveal something that wasn't even hinted at in the first edition. They reveal a slightly different Musetta.

Two Letters

Two Letters


Dear Jack,

I know you've always been there for me, to protect me and keep me safe from harm. I do appreciate it, I really do. It's just that I've had enough. I can't take it any more. It's way beyond time for me to have my own life. To seek the kind of happiness you've had so many years to find for yourself.

You've failed miserably, repeatedly.

It's long passed time for me to have a shot.

My Legs, Again

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My Legs, Again

By Stanman63
My Legs, Again!

Synopsis:I went to the clinic in order to get my prescriptions refilled, but when they saw my legs, they sent me to the hospital. They thought that my legs needed surgery. Well, the doctor said I just needed my meds an a bit of help to shrink them down to size. I was only there, overnight. Go figure!

Guinness *IS* good for you!

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Well, it's good for dogs at least!

The Wisconsin team tested the health-giving properties of stout against lager by giving it to dogs who had narrowed arteries similar to those in heart disease.

They found that those given the Guinness had reduced clotting activity in their blood, but not those given lager.

So next time you go to the pub, order a pint of the black stuff for your pooch! :)

(Never mind the strange things some scientists choose to research - and the creatures they use in their research...)

Chocolate causes depression?

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"You can prove anything you want with statistics!"

How true... especially when it comes to the Aztec ambrosia - chocolate.

In today's BBC news comes the revelation that chocolate lovers 'are more depressive', according to experts. Similarly...
29 Jul 2009: Calls to downsize chocolate bars
24 Dec 2007: Dark chocolate 'not so healthy'

Real life slapstick stupidity?

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You're probably all familiar with the classic slapstick comedy sketch whereby someone saws off the tree branch they're perched on. Scarily enough, it's happened in real life. And the hotel concerned has been fined  £1,000 and ordered to pay  £1,000 costs...

Watch Europe's air traffic close down...

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[EDIT Unsurprisingly as news of the site has spread rapidly today, the server is very busy. You may need to refresh a few times before it will let you in.... the config panel is supposed to have a user count, but whenever I've been in today it's stated "Too many users!"]

So far, the UK, Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway and Sweden appear to have closed down their airspace.
Helpfully, the Health Protection Agency have advised there's no health risk from the plume (unless you're flying a plane through it...)

Here's apparently what the Captain of the 1982 flight in which all four engines temporarily failed told his passengers - talk about understatement!

"Good evening ladies and gentlemen. This is your captain speaking. We have a small problem. All four engines have stopped. We are all doing our damnedest to get them going again. I trust you are not in too much distress."

Latest Daily Wail research

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There is a school of thought which states that the Daily Mail is engaged in an ongoing project to classify every inanimate object into those which cause cancer, and those that prevent cancer.

Perhaps not quite as daft as Facebook increasing your risk of cancer (!), apparently turning on a light when you wake up to relieve yourself in the night can cause it...

Oops! Wrong preview clips played on US children's TV channels

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TV bosses in the US have apologised after preview clips of the Playboy channel were accidentally played out on two children's channels (Kids On Demand and Kids Preschool On Demand)

A Time Warner Cable (TWC) spokesman said a "technical glitch" was to blame for the mistake, which lasted two hours in parts of North Carolina on Tuesday.

The company was made aware of the error after parents called in to report it.

(Well, I suppose that's one way to teach them the basics of sex education...)

Women (allegedly) better than men at ironing...

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Unsurprisingly the Daily Wail likes research that confirms its own house views on gender roles / stereotypes.

Ironing? Leave it to her: Woman are far better at it than men (and at winning arguments)

UK Street View update - 96% roads covered.

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Completely off-topic, but it may be of interest to Anglophiles...

Google have released a giant update to the UK street view coverage (the panoramic photos taken from Opal Astras with funky camera gear on top), taking it from a few major cities and patchy coverage elsewhere, to (they claim) 96% of UK roads.

Here's a few highlights, (inevitably) from Land's End to John O'Groats, plus a few extra locations thrown in for good measure.

PCC & CPS clear Daily Mail over Gately article

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Remember a few months ago when Jan Moir wrote an "extremely distasteful" article in the Daily Mail about Stephen Gately's death - and the furious backlash that resulted?

Well, it's been investigated by the Press Complaints Commission (who received 25,000 complaints) and the Crown Prosecution Service (2 complaints), and both have cleared the paper of any wrongdoing.

The watchdog's head said aspects of the piece were "extremely distasteful".

But the PCC said it was an essential point of principle that papers could print views which might offend readers.

Things Greta Says

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If you like the hilarity of the average conversation in Cathy's household in "Bike", you'll probably like this...

Greta is the four year old daughter of UK satirical musician / comedian Mitch Benn and his wife Clara. Like most four year olds, she often produces unintentionally hilarious comments - but whereas in most families these are quickly forgotten, in their household one of the parents will often tweet it for posterity (editing where necessary to fit within the 140 character limit).

Not just a commentor any more

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Hi everybody. I have been reading BigCloset TopShelf for awhile, and occasionally commenting on some of the stories for a shorter while. So I decided to tell anybody that is interested about this silly person that is me.

First, to avoid just repeating stuff that I have written elsewhere, here is the link to a tiny website that I set up back in 2003 through my ISP:

My sister is starting Basic Training

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I just wanted everyone to know my sister (she adopted me when I started to transition) is going to the Army Basic training Tuesday, and while I am terribly proud of her, I am scared and sad at the same time. I have my many ups and downs as we are very close and we have been inseparable for 6 or 7 months. I am amazed at the openness and acceptance of this younger generation. I have received so much support from so many 20-30 year olds, and while females are more quickly to accept me, many 25 - 35 year old men have defended me when others were verbally tearing me down.

Thanks For Help With Tragedy

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I was given permission to revise Tragedy Of The Spirit [PrairieGirl64's Autobiograghy[ by her friend, Melanie Dixon. I asked Nora to help proof, which she has done, and taking Sephy's advice, I asked JennaFl to proof, also. She accepted the offer, now, I am soon to post the story.

My Therapy, Getting Fitted

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Last year, about September, I was sent to the Emergency Rom {A&E} because I had mowed the lawn while wearing shorts, not my usual sweat pants. I set up a staph infection that demanded attention. The doctor drained my leg and removed dead tissue, then after a week, set me home.

The Home Care Nurses then came by to tend the leg. They'd change the wrappings and make sure that the leg was healing. Soon after, I was put on a wound vac pump to collect the drainage from the one draining wound.

Tragedy of the Spirit part 8 b.... MY fears of being alone

Part 8 b: Tragedy of the spirit.

I slowly began to wonder if I had made the right choices. Was I bad person for leaving when I did? Did the choice to leave make any sense to me. Being 15 when I left and being on the road for over a year now I wondered?. Have those choices I made a lifetime ago it seems , make any sense?.

Tragedy of the Spirit part 7 Life goes on and changes occur

Life goes on and major changes occurr for me. The struggle to find my place begins.

After I was at my freind Jenifers residence we began to talk. I told her what had transpired over the last few months at home. I also mentioned to her my plan for my eventual escape and how I ended up on my cross country trek. Our conversation picked up a fair bit.

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