What Mother Says, Goes

What Mother Says, Goes
by Barbara Lynn Terry

DISCLAIMER: The names, places and events in this story are Fiction. If there are any characters, places, or events in this story that resemble any persons living or dead, places, or any events that, except movie references, resemble any real places or events, IT IS STRICTLY COINCIDENTAL.

Chapter 1 - Discovered.

Worst job ever for a male

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I'm writing another story and I'm thinking about a f2m punishment transformation. The reverse has been done way too often, and I want to give my characters something to think and maybe to regret.
Many evil guys tend to be transformed into whores, but what are the worst imaginable jobs for males? With what a life would you punish an evil female after she has been transformed into a guy?

I'd be greatful for any suggestions,


Ovid 04: The Bank Robbers

Ovid IV: The Bank Robbers

by The Professor (circa 1998)

Bobby Joe’s long lost and almost forgotten bad brother
returns to his life and forces him into a series of bank robberies.
But in a twist of fate, the Ovid Judge steps in
with a purpose and a plan.

A Story Song of the Berdache

A Story Song of the Berdache

By Ellie Dauber
Copyright © 2003 Ellie Dauber

I am Lito.

I am a berdache, man-woman shaman of the Sioux. I walk by night along the roadside in answer to a crow-summons from my clan chief. I am wanted at the clan home on the Black Mountains Reservation to the west. This is a tale from my journey.

Stuck on him

      On Him

I had hoped the boys would be more mature at university than they had been at school...
warning: includes use of stationery

Tragedy of the Spirit part 4 why me? I do not belong...do I ?

I always thought that parents were to protect, nurture, guide, love and accept. I had always wondered why did I not have that for the first 15 years of my life. I often wondered, why my parents were so cruel to me. Why family members loathed me and especially why my brother hated me so much. As I grew older I came to the very understanding that my parents, nor my family didn't love nor cherish me as I always new that I did not fit in.

Tragedy of the Spirit part 3 punishment and hate

I really began to think where my life went wrong. As I looked at my life for those 15 years I spent living in that hell on earth as I now refered to it years later. I realized I had a few choices really, 1. kill myself , I really came close several times over that 15 years I spent with my undeserving parents and brother. 2. leave and never look back. I chose option 2.

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