Patchwork Girl (Part Two of Four)

Reaching up
I grasp the patchwork doll
Within my hand.

For the first time
As I turn it over
Various repair jobs.

From her mom's strong
And confident stitching
To Ellie's loose
And inexperienced stitching.

Run down my cheeks
Streaks of black mascara
Marring my face
Before landing on the doll.

Your final hours
How you needed
Everything to be
Your way.

Tragedy of the Spirit Part 12 Hope and Home......a new life perhaps?

Tragedy of the Spirit Part 12 Hope and Home....A new life perhaps?.
Copywrite 2008 Prairie_girl_64

At the midst of the gunshots I did not know where to go....... I ducked and covered up as best I could. All I saw were flashes and then sparks and then quiet.....

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