Sweet Dreams-63


Then we’re done and we’re both as spent as the sky after a rainstorm and there’s almost that same feeling too.

You ever stand outside and get completely drenched and weather the cloudburst and there’s this moment when the world sort of stops and it’s all something.

Still, quiet and almost elemental?

The right after was just like that…maybe thirty seconds long but it was just.

Perfect and it actually took us more energy than I thought it would to pull of the covers around us and to spoon together and drift off.

I fall asleep with Alex’s hear beating against me back and his arm wrapped around my waist and fingers sleepily tracing over my navel and his breath in my hair.

*And Now…

Ashley Phoenix Riley - 3 - Learning Curves

“All three results saw you as a very mature person who has characteristics
of both male and female people. The short time we already have had together
indicates you are indeed quite a capable and feeling person.”

“While becoming a young woman may not be the easiest journey;
I think it is one that well suits you.
Your mixture of thoughts, feelings and experiences
in growing into who you are is comforting to me
but no guarantee.”



Authors Note: I couldn't sleep last night. Once again the nightmares and the fear of them got to me. I decided it was time to write it all out in an attempt to give myself some closure. This is the events of the past year and a half in my life and while there are some happy times this is far from a lighthearted tale. Please don't read if you're not prepared for it.

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by Bailey Summers

Chapter 2

I have no idea how long I slept. I remember Taylor shaking me and it was still dark. He made me sip something with really sweet molasses like flavor and lots of stuff like cinnamon and ginger in it, it made my throat tickle and made my cough a bit.

Tragedy of the Spirit Part 13 summer and school.....hope perhaps?


The Summer started off for me quiet. I knew what needed to be done for any posibility of a future. definition is at that time unknown and unobtainable. I now realize years later. it was very much obtainable.

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