It Started On A Rainy Afternoon - Part 4 - Conclusion

Steve’s breaking up with me was an emotional disaster. Luckily I had my family. My Dad even let me cry on his shoulder while I was wearing this smashing looking dress. “My dear,” he said, “you have us, and believe me, this is not the end of the world, even if it seems that way to you. While I now know how wrong Steve’s parents are, it appears that he will not stand up to them like you did to me. Most important, we all love you.”

He handed me a tissue to wipe away my tears. “By the way, that’s a very pretty dress, and you don’t want to get tear stains on it,” he said with a smile.

Art Project – 16 Mixed Up, Straightening Out

Art Project – 16
Mixed Up, Straightening Out

By Jessica C

Andrew’s problemos w attention-defic t caught up wit him…
Designin a prom gown insted of a suit,
Turned s’werdnA problemo in2 an op port unity…
And rea became visible W Andrew is set on beeing himself
or Andrea as s/he chooses…

Fashion Girl - 5

Fashion Girl - 5
By Katherine Day
(Copyright 2016)
(A shy college boy discovers a new life and along with it great friends, career success and maybe even a lover. In this chapter a snowstorm helps enrich a romance. There is explicit sex in one scene.)

Plump and Pretty - 9

Plump and Pretty — 9

By Katherine Day

(Copyright 2012)

Now it shall come to pass
That our Brian becomes a lass,
A girl for so many to admire
In dresses and skirts to inspire.

Plump and Pretty - 5

Plump and Pretty — 5

By Katherine Day

(Copyright 2012)

This boy so soft and sweet
Finds new life that is replete
With gobs and gobs of dresses
And a girlish style that impresses.

A Summer of Changes - Book 2 Chapter 2


Denis feels isolated at work
but has a conversation with one of his housemates
which affects both of their lives

A Summer of Changes

by Louise Anne Smithson

Book 2 Chapter 2


Pigtails Are for Girls -- Part 18

Pigtails Are For Girls — Part 18
Chapter 39 
By Katherine Day
Jane finds great joy now as a lovely teen girl; she’s popular and successful, but is missing what she needs the most —
the love and affection of the love of her life. It’s an impossible love, yet she strives anyway.

Pigtails Are for Girls -- Part 16

Pigtails Are For Girls — Part 16
Chapters 35-36 
By Katherine Day
Jane gains more strength as she becomes more feminine;
now she faces a decision that could endanger the company her beloved stepfather has created.
Meanwhile, the pangs of love grow stronger.

Pigtails Are for Girls -- Part 12

Pigtails Are For Girls — Part 12
Chapters 25-26 
By Katherine Day
As his mother’s ambivalence continues, Jarod remains a boy even as Jane’s modeling career takes on mythic proportions,
forcing this lovely teenager to live a double life with all its complications.

Pigtails Are for Girls -- Part 11

Pigtails Are For Girls — Part 11
Chapters 23-24 
 By Katherine Day
Jarod's femininity and beauty come to the forefront as his mother grapples with reality that her son is destined, much to her worry, to become a lovely woman some day.

TG ANTM Contestant

From US Magazine: One of the 14 girls who will compete on the new season of America's Next Top Model — which returns to The CW on September 3 — is transgender.

"My cards were dealt differently," Isis, a 22-year-old former receptionist, tells Us Weekly exclusively in its new issue, on newsstands now.

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