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The New Girl in My Life - Part 3 - The Daughter and Girl Now Showing

Previously… Mom said thanks. I joked, “Don’t thank me yet, I’ve just started being your daughter. I still want to know more about those feelings and being a girl. You haven’t begun to tell me how to do it or about birth control.” … “Being a girl is what you should be about; you don’t ‘do it’.”

Mom and I had a long discussion. When we were done I went to my room and Dad and Mom got together. I heard Mom say, “This child better be a boy.” Mom, I learned preferred girls but I got her to question that.

Sixty-one Going on Sixteen - 2 - New Girl, New Family

Previously… I was a man of sixty-one recovering from quad by-pass heart surgery nine months later when testicular cancer was discovered. The noted surgeon I had waited for was a no show as he was called out of the area... Scans done some two months earlier proved insufficient but the scan prior to surgery by Dr. Greene was lost in their system.

A Little Gossip, A Little Chat, A little Idle Talk...

It's been a tough 4 or 5 years. Let's see, I told my kids I was transsexual, my church refused to renew my pastor's license, One of my children informed me in no uncertain terms that he wished I HAD killed my self about 3 or 4 years ago. And, it grieves me so but I have to admit, if only to myself (Okay, and all of you!!) that my marriage was shattered years ago, what little is left has been held together my my love, my unwillingness to give up, and a barrel of superglue.

Tragedy of the Spirit Part 12 Hope and Home......a new life perhaps?

Tragedy of the Spirit Part 12 Hope and Home....A new life perhaps?.
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At the midst of the gunshots I did not know where to go....... I ducked and covered up as best I could. All I saw were flashes and then sparks and then quiet.....

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