A Series of Dumbfounding Events

As I have not done this before, I am testing to see how this comes out. I will amend once I figure it all out. I have not done code in a while and I am working through it. Thank you for your patience with me.


The Merimaid Incident

Craig glances wistfully out at the pool in the backyard of his Aunt’s place. He had agreed to come over and help clean out her garage. In exchange, she was going to pay him for completing the job. He was trying to make enough money to buy a new computer. So, far he has half of what he needed. If he managed to finish cleaning the garage, he will have three-quarters of what he needed.

A change in title

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So, I was looking up more information regarding Ovotestis for the Jubal story and I came across some interesting facts.

Apparently, the condition is no longer called intersex, but is diagnosed as disorder of sexual development or DSD, with the aforementioned Ovotestis being OT-DSD.

Not sure how I personally feel about this, but I was able to glean more information that may hold some hope for Jubal, since apparently about two thirds of karyotype 46,XX have normal menstruation. . .

Sounds like a certain doctor might have jumped the gun thinking she would be sterile.

Binary Failure

Ha! I knew that would bring the geeks in! Sorry, though. This isn't about computer failure, it's about societal failure.

There's a wonderful discussion going on now in Nick B.'s blog on what it means to be a transsexual. Nick's goal is to publish an article on the 'net that will help dispel ignorance and help promote acceptance.

The Center: Chapter 9

The Center: Chapter 9 (conclusion)
Lilith Langtree

Sixteen years ago, Cameron's mother was accidentally poisoned. Today, he and others like him are finding out exactly what that means. These children, kidnapped by a government black bag operation, learn to deal with their changes and other amazing abilities while they live at The Center.

Resource: Technical / Medical Text (Extensive Data on Intersex and Sexual Development)

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File this somewhere under Deep, Deep Background! Some of it might be useful to authors of TG fiction, but mostly I think it will be of interest to those who have intersex conditions.

At Aunt Greta's 22—Bisto & History

At Aunt Greta’s–
Bisto & History
by Gabi

Chapter 22 of a Continuing Saga…

I was wakened in the dark by the horrid wailing of the air-raid siren.

‘Here we go again,’ I thought, pulling on Greta’s baggy navy-blue knickers before traipsing out to the Anderson shelter in the corner of the back garden.

Renee Richards Revisited

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This is currently being run on AOL and elsewhere. We went through this controversy decades ago and it was resolved. Poor Sarah Gronert, she wants to play tennis and is reasonably good and a few bigots want to steal that from her. I have not seen any mention of what her chromosomal makeup is. I'll research later.


by Tanya Allan

Russell Drysdale, a fifteen-year old boy at a British Boys Public (private) School. The only son of a wealthy industrialist, who died when the boy was eight. However, he has left his millions to the boy in a trust fund, which he can’t touch until he is twenty-one.

Brigette Drysdale, the attractive yet bitter French born mother, who seeks to separate her son from the trust by fair means or foul.

Monksreach Hall, the archaic institution that encourages bullying as a means of discipline, and in which Russell is totally miserable.

The surprise. The morning he wakes up to find he is a girl. Suddenly, life in an all boys’ school is even less attractive, so using the name Emma, the girl runs away, into a whole new world. More than capable, she thwarts her mother and her mother’s vicious boyfriend, the police, and manages to show the world that some girls are the next best thing to angels.

Tanya has a new website where she will display her latest works first and then to BigCloset TopShelf a few weeks later is here at Tanya Allan's Tales .
Tanya's Book Shop where she is selling her works in book form is at . Please Visit!

Narragansett Fork Alert. Missing Chapter!!!!!!

I am not sure what happened but I left out Chapter 8. You might want to go back and read it. There is some important information there. I am surprised no one caught this because the continuity really suffers for it. Thank you Puddingtane (I'm sorry if I misspelled that)


What to do with "The Heart of the Beholder"?

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Hello everyone,

I want to thank those who took the time to comment on the story and or send messages to me directly. There were some good, strong critics about the story's weaknesses and I thought I would try to elicit some further discussion.

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