Jennie's Potty-Training chapter 31

Synopsis. Baby Jennie plays ballerina dress-up with her sister Angelica, and learns her fate if she wets her diaper at the party on Sunday. Connie comes over to babysit Baby Jennie and Angelica while their mother Isabell goes out with Ellen Green from next door to discuss Baby Jennie attending Daisy's Fairy Princess party tomorrow.

Chapter 31. “You’re Just a Baby.”

Jennie's Potty-Training chapter 30

Synopsis; After Isabell and Cath return home with their children, Isabell prepares to punish Baby Bonnie for lying to her and tricking Baby Jennie into wetting her pants and wetting the bed.

Jennie's Potty-Training chapter 27

Synopsis. Bonnie has been reduced to a diapered toddler, and she takes Baby Jennie to the hairdressing salon where she works to further feminise the sissy baby.

Chapter 27. Mummy's Clever Potty-Princess

Jennie's Potty-Training chapter 25

Synopsis, Jeremy's best friend and next-door neighbour returns from her holiday and catches Baby Jennie all dressed up. Sally reveals to Baby Jennie's Mummy that Jeremy used to borrow her tutu and play ballerina dress-ups in her parents garage.

To all my readers - Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!

The Dress Shop. Part One.


"Aw. Don't worry Rich. It doesn't matter."

It had happened again. I'd been seeing Beth for a whole year. And we'd been trying to have sex for a month. In all that time we'd not once actually managed it.

Beth is so understanding. And beautiful.

Pure Love

I Am Totally Devastated

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There is a heading in "My Accounts" which summarises the total number of kudos which a writer has received. I would jealously chortle over the hundreds of thousands (actually I have to tell the truth....a few hundred) of these precious little items every day, somewhat like Gollum with his pressshhhusss.


In a Class By Himself-Part 2

“Okay, ladies, let’s line up!” Coach Anna’s shout ricocheted off the walls of the Emerald Gymnastics Academy gymnasium, multiplying until there seemed to be not one coach, but dozens. Jenny snapped out of thoughts and dreams of her unintentionally cross-dressing boyfriend and darted forward with the other gymnasts. Dozens of pairs of bare feet, her own among them, slapped the blue foam mat as the girls rushed to take their positions in a blur of pumping limbs, bouncing hair, and brightly colored leotards.

Looking For An Author To Write A Transsexual Wedding Story On Me

Requesting a story of an effaminate youth of 25 years,name Saajid,who was forced feminized( Complete SRS,Post-Op) by a wealthy man in a clinic to become Shagufta.
Later She was married against her will to that man and penetrated on her wedding night. Requesting you to depict the story step by step right from her SRS,bridal makeup( That includes loads of teasing,listenning to catcalls and humiliation infront of her ex-lover) and then followed by wedding night and honeymoon.
Slowly Shagufta will learn to accept her altered fate.

In a Class by Himself-Part 1

Jenny shivered in the cold draft wafting through the Emerald Gymnastics Center gymnasium and hugged herself, tracing and stroking her bare hands, peppered with white gymnastics chalk, over equally bare and chalky arms and shoulders, legs and knees, then trying to rub some warmth into the white-powdered soles of her bare feet, then coming back to rest on the soft, smooth, form-fitting Lycra of her sleeveless gymnastics leotard.

Turning Tim into Tammi

A while back I had separated from my husband and moved in with my friend Debbie. I wasn't sure how long I would be there, but had an open invitation to stay as long as I needed.

Debbie had an older house in the Village that she was renovating into several apartments. It was perfect.

The Point of No Return

Outline: A mainly factual auto-biographical account of my fascination with womens' clothes and crossdressing, and how, what I once thought was a harmless, clandestine kink transformed into a world of intense public humiliation, self humiliation, sexual submission and, ultimately, my irreversible transition to extreme submissive transvestite homosexuality.

Pivotal Role 1

Stuck on him

      On Him

I had hoped the boys would be more mature at university than they had been at school...
warning: includes use of stationery

Being Me - Part 2 - The Cruise - Voyage of Discovery

She removed a strip from a box and smoothed it against my leg. So this is waxing? I prepared myself for the pain that was sure to follow. I might as well have prepared myself for two tigers to rip me apart. I can’t describe the pain that shot through me as she pulled the strip from my leg. I winced. My eyes watered, but I refused to scream like a girl. Like a girl? Who am I trying to kid? How many men do this?

Being Me - Part 2

The Cruise — Voyage of Discovery


Karin Roberts

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