The Camp Of The Willows - Chapter 6

The Camp Of The Willows - Chapter 6
By Barbara Lynn Terry

Part 1 - The camp project meeting.

The girls all woke up and took turns in the shower. When they were finished getting dressed, they all made their beds and swept the cabin and mopped it. When they were done, the breakfast bell rang over the public address system.

The girls went to the cafeteria and had a breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon (three strips), toast (if they wanted any), and milk. Sharon sat with the girls today, and listened while Miss Loretta made an announcement.

Final touches

I awoke, with my vision cloudy as before. Blinking several times, my vision cleared as I found myself lying flat again as before. Titling my head, I saw the two protruding breast forms sticking up from the think translucent hospital gown I had been wearing for almost twelve hours. Glancing around from my horizontal position, I noticed that there was a IV drip attached with some yellowish fluid flowing into my left arm. A multitude of wires were attached to my left chest as I saw a Holter monitor next to the IV stand.

Jan's tale 4 - Hospitalisation

Jan's tale cover.jpg
Jan’s Tale 4

Waking up in a hospital is never nice. Waking up to learn that someone poisoned you is worse. There is one positive thing though, you'll have much free time to play MMORPGs. Nonetheless Jan is not happy about his situation. Burnout is never a good thing.

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The Girl Most Likely To ... - Part 28

The Girl Most Likely To ... - Part 28
by Barbara Lynn Terry

Chapter 1 - Naomi gets a call.

No sooner did Naomi get in the house, than she was told by Gloria Richards that she had a phone call. It was Dr. Garcia.

"I will b right there, doctor."

"Ruth, Gloria, I have to go back to the hospital, there has been a complication with Janice."

"May I come, too, Naomi?" Renée asked meekly.

"Honey, I don't know how long I am going to be there."

"It's all right, Naomi, I am Janice' sister and I want to be there for her."

The Girl Most Likely To ... - Part 5

The Girl Most Likely To ...
by Barbara Lynn Terry

Part V - At the hospital.

Gloria and Mandy just made it to the hospital as the paramedics were taking Ruth in to the Emergency Room entrance. They parked in the ER parking lot, and went in and talked to the receptionist. They were told to have a seat, because the doctor may want to talk to them.

They sat down in the small waiting area, you so commonly see in Emergency Rooms. It seemed to take forever, but then a young nurse came out and called for "family" of Ruth Watkins.

At Aunt Greta's 18— A Bolt from the Blue

At Aunt Greta’s–
A Bolt From The Blue!
by Gabi

Chapter 18 of a Continuing Saga…

Farah and I went to bed that night wondering if we would find ourselves back in 1944 again. In spite of the first couple of times I had time-slipped, since then it seemed it was the bed that had acted as my “Tardis” to wartime.

‘It was great meeting your bro,’ Farah said as we undressed. ‘He’s cute and soooo cool, and he doesn’t seem to mind that you’ve changed into a girl. In fact he seemed quite pleased.’

‘Well, I guess he’s always thought I was a bit girly,’ I confided; ‘but he was never mean about it–unlike a lot of other boys.’

Easy As Falling Off A Bike pt 367.

Easy As Breathing On a Ventilator.
by Angharad.

I felt like I was floating in treacle. Sometimes the light would be there and sometimes it was dark. I wondered if the darkness finally had got me. Something in my brain kept telling me, ‘it wasn’t over,’ then I’d float some more.

Easy As Falling Off A Bike pt 366

Easy As Falling Off A Bike
by Angharad & Hampshire Air Ambulance
part:366 leap year?

Author's Note: I wasn't going to continue this story, thinking it had run its course and 365 episodes is enough for most people. However, I had emails and PMs (not PMS!)which convinced me otherwise. Also I couldn't spoil a special person's birthday, so here's the next one.

Tragedy of the Spirit Part 31 The Trial episode 4



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NOTE: This is still touchy and I caution the reader, of its description of violence of woman. This was not easy for me to write, however I have stuck it out and posted it here.

Day 54:

Tragedy of the Spirit part 30 The Trial Episode 3



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NOTE: This chapter is very disturbing to me and it may to be the reader as most of my life is being dredged up in somewhat detail and some of it very graphic. Caution is advised.

Born Twice - Chapter 13

Born Twice
By Alyssa Plant

Chapter 13

*Bleep bleep*

*Bleep bleep*

*Bleep bleep*

The first thing that Rebecca noticed was her hearing, swirling back into function. What was that sound?

*Bleep bleep*

*Bleep bleep*

Was she dead? Where the hell was she?

Everything seemed so white, so barren….

Tragedy of the Spirit Part 24 Burden of Existance Episode 2



When I woke up I was in hospital. There was no one arround, just lights on above me. I immediately panicked and began shaking. I pressed what ever button I could reach.

Tragedy of the Spirit Part 21 DEJA VU

KimEm :: Update

Hi all... Time for another Update....

Here are the facts as I know them at time of this posting:

  • The Cardiac Catheriation (to be done late morning or early afternoon on Febuary 25, 2008) is not to see if the valve replacement is needed. It is to see if they need to do a bypass while they are in there doing the valve replacement.

KimEM is in the hospital again....

FYI, KimEM is in the hospital again. She was admitted during a device checkup as she was and is showing signs of CHF which is a complication of her Hear attack years back.

With luck she will be home in a couple days feeling a lot better, and not carrying around so much water.


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