Kip the Elf's Christmas Mistletoe

TG023 Kip The Elf's Christmas Mistletoe.jpgKip the Elf's Christmas Mistletoe
A Timber Grove Story
by TGTrinity

Clay is being terrorized by a bully on Christmas Eve, so Kip the Elf steps in to save the day... And to possibly save Christmas. Of course, this leads to some very steamy encounters in this sexy holiday comedy.

Author's Note:
Yesterday I posted some Erotic Horror, so today I'm posting an Erotic Comedy. It's silly, kinky and festive, which makes for a very interesting read I hope you enjoy!

Happy Passover

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Passover starts Monday Night April 18, 2011/Nissan 15, 5771

To my friends:

May You and you Loved Ones
join in a meaningful and joyous Seder
this year and in the future.

May you be the one to hide the Affikomen
and get pleasure when someone discovers it,
or better yet, may you be the one to find the Affikomen (there is a child in all of us) and
holdout for the reward you most desire.

L'Shana Haba'a b'Yerushalayim

Sincerely ,


Passover Nissan 13, 5771/April 17, 2011

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