Gender Confusion

Dr. Phil Show Today

Dr. Phil had a show today about Gender Confused children. There was a couple on there that are allowing their child to live as a girl and they were supported on the one hand by a very knowledgeable therapist who has worked with countless children. Dr. Phil played the skeptic and interviewed the child and insinuated that the mother influenced her in this. The child just went to her mother and asked her what the name of the condition she had. The mother told her and that was why she knew what the terms meant.

Pigtails Are for Girls -- Part 9

Pigtails Are For Girls — Part 09
Chapters 19-20 
By Katherine Day
Jarod’s mother begins soul-searching on how best to treat her son, who seems only to want to be Jane;
meanwhile, Jarod is accepted as ‘one of the girls’ among his teen girl friends, who share their laments about love.
And, then, there’s his little girl’s diary.

Pigtails Are for Girls -- Part 7

Pigtails Are For Girls — Part 07
Chapters 15-16
By Katherine Day
Jarod succeeds in school, hiding his natural desire to be a girl, but finds joy only when being Jane.
As he enters puberty he encounters challenges with other girls, while his mother ponders his future.

Pigtails Are for Girls -- Part 5

Pigtails Are For Girls — Part 05
Chapters 11-12
By Katherine Day
Jarod loves wearing his longish hair in pigtails as he grows more and more convinced he should have been born a girl. He finds an unusual friend in Wanda, an athletic 12-year-old girl who lives next door and accepts him for who he is. His mother, who truly loves her only child, is concerned for his safety if he continues to adopt feminine ways. And, his girlish behavior has an impact on others, too. Thus, the conflict continues as Jarod prepares to enter middle school.

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