Jennie's Potty-Training chapter 17

Synopsis; The mean boy from next door comes over to babysit Baby Jennie and Angelica. David invites his girlfriend over to help humiliate Baby Jennie, but things don't go as planned.

Chapter 17. Come to Daddy

The Boy Inside

Seth grew up in a small town in the middle of nowhere. It didn’t help that he found other guys attractive. Seth is a 5’4” tall, 112 lbs. adolescent guy and the leader of the football team. But none of that mattered to him if he couldn’t be true to himself. He hated to hide that he found guys attractive, but he knew what would happen. A kid in the freshmen class the year before came out and that kid was harassed to no end. It got to the point where the boy was singled out in everything he did. At the home coming dance the entire school voted him homecoming queen and laughed at him.

Afghan girls live disguised as boys by family

Some Afghan girls live as boys for periods of time, disguised by their families. Some say living as a boy gives them strength and confidence, and a taste of the other side. Some find it confusing.

Her Crewcut Humiliation and Masculinization

Her Crewcut Humiliation and Masculinization byTrapper_Jock_Mcintyre ©

It had to stop. She was spending far too much money on her hair with frosting and tints. The bill for her nails was ridiculous. It was as if she picked the most expensive place in town. And lingerie! For what she spent, we could have bought an entire Victoria's Secret. It was always spend spend spend, yet, she never once lifted a pretty finger to even try to get a job of her own.

Pvt. Manning defense team says he is GID

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According to a local newscast, the defense team for Pvt. Bradley Manning, the soldier accused of leaking secret documents to Wikileaks, says Manning has Gender-Identity-Disorder. It was one of his alternate female personalities that leaked the documents. ???????

I have not been able to come up with a source for that last statement, but the APWire has this in it's story: "The defense has said that Manning, who is gay, was bullied by fellow soldiers. Manning's defense team says he told Adkins he suffered from gender-identity disorder - the belief that he was born the wrong sex."

High School Senior "Comes Out" in Assembly

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Just found this on another website. Maria Carrillo High School senior Kayla Kearney comes out to her high school, in an assembly honoring Martin Luther King Jr. Jan 13 and 14, 2011.

A very gutsy girl, and very well-spoken.

The Girl in the Frat House -- Part 2

Artistic, fashion minded and pretty, Harold is a lovely boy who finds he must survive in one of the rowdiest fraternity houses on campus. Soon he figures that his very femininity is the charm that will take him through difficult adventures.

‘It’s OK to be gay,’ Dear Abby says

Columnist also supports gay marriage, will be honored by advocacy group

SAN FRANCISCO - For years, rumblings have surfaced on the Internet, conjecture about her casual references to “sexual orientation” and “respect.”

Now, Dear Abby is ready to say it flatly: She supports same-sex marriage.

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