The Little Girl Who Lives Down The Lane - Part 2

The Little Girl Who Lives Down The Lane - Part 2
By Barbara Lynn Terry

(Author's note: See Part 1 for disclaimer.)

Chapter 3 - The girls at the mall.

The Day I Went Home - Chapter 5

The Day I Went Home - Part V
by Barbara Lynn Terry

Chapter VII - Dinner At Lisa's House.

Dinner was going to be roast beef, cooked carrots, mashed potatoes, milk for us, coffee for the adults and apple crumb cake for dessert. Lisa cut the carrots, Sharon cut the potatoes and rinsed them. Then Sharon put them in a sauce pan to boil. With the potatoes boiling, and the carrots waiting to be boiled, Ronnie's mother put the roast beef in the oven. The carrots would be heated up just shortly before the roast beef was ready.

Involuntary Secretary - Part 4

Ivoluntary Secretary - Part 4
by Barbara Lynn Terry

Chapter 1 - Frank Brainerd.

Laura turned off the tv, and then both ladies went to bed. Paula was drained, because even though she voluntarily accepted this position, she was still in doubts as to whether she chose the right job. All of her life, Paula always thought that a paycheck was a paycheck, but, until now, had no idea it would lead to this. What was she to do, she thought?

Leigh Anne - Chapter 12

Leigh Anne - Chapter 12
by StarPrincess

Part 1 - The evening before the big game.

The bus pulled up to Hampton Senior High School and the girls all got off the bus and went to their waiting parents. Leigh was still thinking about the upcoming nuptials that her parents want to go through to renew their vows. Then something crossed her mind, almost as if there was another person hiding inside of her.

"Don't think about what your parents are going to go through. Just concentrate on the upcoming match."

Masks Chapter 41

Masks Chapter 41

Chapter 41


I look at her. “We can come with.”

She looks nervous. “You guys don’t have to.”

I look at her and slip over and give her a hug. “Hey it’ll be okay it’ll give everyone two targets instead of like one.”

Mary Jane says. “Three, safety in numbers from the whole parental scrutiny thing, cause that happens when they start talking.”

She bites her lip and she nods. “Okay.”

I smile my own little shaky smile. “Besides I kinda gotta go, I want to kind of have people like actually meet me before Halloween.”

“What’s going on with Halloween?”

“Uhm…I’m coming out.”

Okay Becky’s jaw drop was worth it.

Hopscotch…A Jump in Life 11

Hopscotch… A Jump in Life 11


“Yeah it’s pretty much all gone and I’ve found myself here in this journal and with all of you…and even with my memory gone…guess what? I’m still trans. So I guess I’m still Sarah. And I’m like out to my folks.”

“I sort of had a major PTSD freak out inside the Scanner-coffin thing and I…Sarah came out during my panic attack. Thankfully my folks seem to be cool about it. The whole thing though is really scary and really messed up. I think so for all of us.”

“Well that’s about it for now, I really can’t think of much else to say or cover right now.”

I read it twice and then I hit post and I sit back and switch over to my You Tube to watch some videos and as I’m doing so I’m getting pings to my g-mail with replies to my post.

I’m really nervous as I click it over and start to read them.

*And Now…

Masks Chapter 36

Masks Chapter 36

Chapter 36


Toni passes me some tissues and a bottle of nail polish remover. “Here this worked the best when it happened to my locker.”

She’s not shouting but she’s strongly saying it and she’s doing it in this whole tough proud thing even if she’s this short little Loli-girl.

I nod, I do the same as her and mentally shift my big girl panties in place and take the stuff and start wiping away the hate stuff like it’s nothing, like it means nothing.

I think this is the right thing to do.

*And Now…

Masks Chapter 26 Returning to the story.

Masks Chapter 26


Nick…Ella…we kissed and it was…But kissing Nick on the cheek.

And Ella…

And even Randy a little…he was so nice and he was pretty handsome too.

There’s another cough and I see Dad.

“Can I dance with my daughter?”



“I’d love to Daddy.”

*And Now…

Masks Chapters 22 and 23

Masks Chapters 22 and 23


It’s tricky to get the white gauzy stuff to sit right and to fight with it on the sewing table but I just get it done around supper or rather when Mom’s watch goes off.

It looks good now…kind of this shiny blue top with a white gauze shirt that trails down to mid thigh and looks like Alice in Wonderland from like Disney and a little like the movie and at the same time sort of like a ballet costume too.

With the stockings and the slippers and the right way to wear my hair.

I’m grinning.

This, this will look awesome.

*And Now…

The Girl Most Likely To ... - Part 50

The Girl Most Likely To ... - Part 50
by Barbara Lynn Terry

Chapter 1 - Dinner with the girls.

As everybody was shown their seats, Maddeline stood up to say a few words.

Cherchez la femme:

When I first heard her talk, I thought her voice was changing and I was right. Her voice changed, but it didn't get lower, it got higher. Joan also has a nice figure."

"Son, are you gay?"

"No, sir. I don't know why I noticed Joan out of all the natural girls in the school. We're not in the same classes. She's a freshman and I'm a sophomore. I'm going to be sixteen this year, and I am starting to notice girl shapes more and more. It was Joan that I noticed, though, and I was wondering if I could be her boyfriend."

Cherchez la femme
Chapter 1

by Barbara Lynn Terry

Copyright © 2013 Barbara Lynn Terry
All Rights Reserved.

The Girl Most Likely To ... - Part 46

The Girl Most Likely To ... Part 46
by Barbara Lynn Terry

Chapter 1 - Renée talks to her sisters.

During the few hours that Renée was at the home, she had talked to the girls about the present she got Rachel and that she didn't want Rachel to know anything about it, until they got to the park. Everybody said it was cool that Renée had gotten the ice skates for Rachel.

It was a rainy day in 1982. : 7

It was a rainy day in 1982. : 7
by Dawn_Smith_1972 as written by
Barbara Lynn Terry

Part I - Dawn is given what she wants.

As Dawn and her mother started on the dinner, Dawn couldn't help but wonder why her name was changed.

"Mom, did you and daddy change my name, today?"

The Camp Of The Willows - Chapter 3

The Camp Of The Willows - Chapter 3
by Barbara Lynn Terry

Part I - After dinner and a new outfit .

"Well, ladies, let's make this kitchen and dining room neat and clean," Cammie Davies told her daughters.

So, You Want To Be A Girl, Do You? - Chapter 6

So You Want To Be A Girl, Do You? - Chapter 6
by Barbara Lynn Terry

Part 1 - Hob nobbing at the social.

That night I dreamed about what it would be like at the social. I was going to live every girl's dream and attend a social on snob hill. I was introduced by the butler, and I was immediately surrounded by a pack of boys. They all wanted to know who I was, why haven't they ever seen me before. I was like, petrified, until this boy came and rescued me. We danced all day, and all I could see was approving smiles from Kathy.

The Camp Of The Willows - Chapter 2

The Camp Of The Willows - Chapter 2
by Barbara Lynn Terry

(Author's note: I call this story The Camp Of The Willows, because I was fortunate enough to have gone there. This is not the real name of the camp. The camp is no longer there and it has been reforested. But while it was there, I had a lot of fun and learned quite a lot about who I am. ~Barbara~)

When I walked in the door, Sharon was sitting on the sofa talking on the phone. I heard her say, "all right, Miss Loretta". She saw me and hung up the phone.

"I thought you were going to come to the 'Tower' and join us."

The Accident - Part 3

The Accident - Part 3
by Barbara Lynn Terry

Chapter 1 - Dr. Reed is given serious information.

As Jaime laid in bed after Dr. Reed left, she looked between her mother and her life long friend sitting on the edge of the bed. Darla was very worried about Jaime, because they actually used to do things together, much like Jaime and Danny did. Darla wasn't your girly girl, girl, she was more of the adventurous type, just short of being called a tomboy.

Her Mother's Daughter - Chapter 21

Her Mother's Daughter - Chapter 21
by Barbara Lynn Terry

When they got "home" and for the holidays, home was Paul's house, they took Jean's new clothes to her room. Shelley helped carry the bags in, and was admiring her new clothes as Jean put them away.

"Jean, you are so lucky to be able to wear anything. I'd give my eye teeth to be able to be this small."

Her Mother's Daughter - Chapter 20

Her Mother's Daughter - Chapter 20 - Mother/Daughter Shopping Trip

by Barbara Lynn Terry

The next morning, the sun was shining, but the temperature was like twenty degrees above zero. It was cold, so it called for warm clothes. I got out of bed, and looked through my dresser, and took out my jeans that had flowers on the back pockets, and my lingerie. I also took out a pair of knee high double knit socks. I went to my closet and got out my powder pink Angora sweater, and my insulated show boots.

The Girl Most Likely To ... - Part 43

The Girl Most Likely To ... - Part 43
by Barbara Lynn Terry

Chapter 1 - Melanie and her mother.

As they left Glenn's Eatery, Marilyn said she wanted to go home, and then take a road trip to Wayne County to get all of their things. She said while she was there, she would call for a truck to bring their furniture to the new house.

As they drove in to the drive way leading to the house, they saw a green pickup truck by the front door. It was Melanie's uncle Jerry, well, really Gerald, but everybody just called him Jerry.

"Jerry, what are you doing here?"

Her Mother's Daughter - Chapter 19

Her Mother's Daughter - Chapter XIX
by Barbara Lynn Terry

Part I

"You know something, princess, you get prettier every time I see you."

I put my head on his shoulder and looked up at him. "And you dear prince get handsomer every time I see you. I love you, Paul."

"I love you too, sweet princess. Before we get home, I have to tell you that your room will be right next to mine, and there is a bathroom between us. So when you need to use our bathroom, knock on the door first. Then lock my side so I just don't wander in. Don't forget to unlock it when you're finished.

The Girl Most Likely To ... - Part 42

The Girl Most Likely To ... - Part 42
by Barbara Lynn Terry

Chapter 1 - In Glenn's Eatery.

Nate Wilkins and Naomi sat in a booth in Glenn's Eatery located in Jim's Hardware Emporium. When the waitress came over, Naomi ordered a cup of coffee for her and for Nate Wilkins.

"Nate, that didn't go over too well. Mr. Withers was holding something back and I am going to find out just what it is. I don't want you going off on the edge of that precipice called anger. You leave this up to me. This is what I get paid for. Is that a deal?"

Her Mother's Daughter - Chapter 15

Chapter XV - Jean's Homecoming Welcome

When we got to the student parking lot, Paul helped me get out of the car, and held my arm in case I stumbled. We walked to the Gamma Delta house, and as we went in, everybody yelled Surprise. There was a banner over the staircase that said Welcome Home Jean in great big letters.

Her Mother's Daughter - Chapter 14

Chapter XIV - Jean's Hospital Experience

When I woke up, mother was sitting by the bed. She looked at me with those concerned mother eyes, and then she wiped a hair away from my forehead.

"Honey, the nurses are telling me that you're not eating everything on your tray. Sweetie you have to eat, so you can get your strength back. You aren't going to gain any weight, because you won't be snacking between meals, and I will make sure of that. But you have to eat."

Her Mother's Daughter - Chapter 13

Chapter XIII - Jean's operation

That night I slept fitfully, constantly tossing and turning every which way. Lily had to wake me up a couple of times because she said I was having a nightmare. What it was about I haven't a clue, but they say that you can never sleep the night before an operation. I don't know if that was what it was, or not, but it was definitely something for Lily to wake me up over. I looked at the clock and it said five thirty. I figured I might as well get up, and take my bath. Bobbie is going to meet us at registration, and then go up to the room with me.

Her Mother's Daughter - Chapter 12

Chapter XII - Emily Settles In

Emily said she would need some help to move her things over from her apartment, but she also said she didn't have that much. Kendra, Debbie, Lydia, Connie, and I went with her to help her move in. I found out on the way to Emily's old apartment, that trying to get her to pledge Gamma Delta Phi was a sorority project. Everybody knew she belonged there, and everybody tried, but couldn't get her in the front door, much less to pledge.

The Girl Most Likely To ... - Part 41

The Girl Most Likely To ... Part 41
By Barbara Lynn Terry

Chapter 1 - Naomi uses a special talent.

Naomi drove to the truck stop without her siren blaring, because she didn't want to let the offender know that she was coming. As she drove along the highway, she saw a green, 1998 Ford sedan parked on the shoulder, just a little ways away from the truck stop. Naomi drove in to the truck stop, and Jim O'Donnell went to tell her what the situation was.


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