Finding acceptance

A Model is Born 8 – And the Beat Goes On

A Model is Born
8 – And the Beat Goes On

By Jessica C

Teri was at first just Terrance...
He jumped at an opportunity to model as a girl with his twin sister…
Now he’s caught up in being a known model…
Now the Slade Sisters caught up in a mystique of their own creation…

My Office Gift - 2- Giving Back the Gift

“We did not come to be modest,” I said, “these kids health has been hit hard; our love needs to be beyond us feeling good. We want to be assured this would benefit both floors and show our caring beyond Tuesday night.” With the knowledge we will not forget and we will be back, Cheryl seems to be well impressed... Heather spoke, “I don’t think they will allow much of your money to go for others...”
Darla, “Anne has a following in our office, we'll help her do what's right... Holding Tracy in my arms, ready to leave. “You’re an angel and not just an elf, aren’t you?”

My Office Gift
Chapter 2
Giving Back the Gift

by Jessica C

Copyright © 2012,2013 Jessica C
All Rights Reserved.

Change of Summer Camps - 5 - Going On as Patti

Change of Summer Camps — 5
“Going on as Patti”


By Jessica C

Sam and I went for a walk, we kissed and hugged but I knew he wanted more. I was getting excited but did not to go any further…
…I passed out just for a moment. And Sharon glibly said, “I think this southern belle swooned from overheating her engine... Sis what am I going to do, this shouldn’t happen to me,” I whispered to Susan. …Susan hugged me back and whispered in my ear, “Patti, it did happen and it happened because you’re becoming my little sis. Please talk to me, I never thought I would have a Sis I could hold and talk to.”

Change of Summer Camps - 4 Being Patti

Change of Summer Camps - 4

By Jessica C

I had on lipstick but had I learned how girls greet one another without smearing it on the other. I jumped up from my chair and ran to my mother entering the room. I jumped into her arms as a much younger girl might do…

“…Showing you panties to your friends is not becoming for your age.” …After I regained my composure, I introduce my mom, Karen Landis …

Talked To My Dad

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Sisters and Brothers,

Yesterday I talked to Dad about how I was feeling. Well, he understood what I was going through. He asked me to look into other ways of relaxing.

That is when I really stress out. I feel more comfortable at times as a girl then I do as a boy, but most of the time it is a balance between both boy and girl. I going to try talking to my mom next. I’d like know what you all think.

Thanks for being supportive,


Tragedy of the Spirit part 2 fear and consequence

As I woke up on the floor after being dumped back into my room. I was covered in blood, sweat, tears and dust. The outfit was ruined as was my hair and there were bruies starting to appear on my arms and my face. I was not sure how much of my now sore back was torn open from the abuse I had recieved. I was kind of secure in the knowledge I was in my room where I thought I might be safe.

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