Fairy Tale

Cinder Elli - Preview

Involuntary Cross Dressing/TG - For two years, Elliot's wicked stepmother and horrible stepbrothers have been forcing him into to clean the house, dressing him in his mother's old clothes and working him to the bone without rest....

Now, on the night of the Princess's Ball, the 20 year old orphan dreams of escaping to the palace and ingratiating himself with a well-to-do woman.

When a bumbling fairy godmother bursts through the window, he thinks his dreams have been answered! Of course, they're actually just beginning.

A Girl And Her Lantern

Radovan is lost in the woods at night while an unforgiving storm has him drenched and cold.
He was about to give up hope when he sees the light of a single lantern in the distance.

The Makeup Fairy

Girls, have you ever had one of those days where no matter how hard you tried, your makeup looked like a clown face and saying you were having a bad hair day was an understatement? Perhaps all you needed was a friend!

The Makeup Fairy



Manny and Maude - 1 - Mirror Mirror

I have sometimes found myself wondering if vampires have problems with the hems of their cloaks fraying, as they glide along with the fancy, satin, floor-length item trailing behind. It seems to me that some type of ball-bearing system, offering both weight, to assist in the dramatic drape of the cloak, and protection, from the ground upon which they are dragged, may be a good idea (ignoring the noise that would make the whole appearing from nowhere more difficult). So it was not surprising that last night this thought crystallized into a Far Side like vision of some salesmen, knocking on the door of a vampire’s castle, with the caption, ‘Rex Simpson, door-to-door salesman of the Heminator-5000.’ And though this story has nothing to do with that vision, it did lead my mind to wander in this direction, rather than letting me go to sleep.


A troll without his bridge is like a potato bug without a potato. Let us explore what happens when such a separation occurs. No, not when a potato bug loses its potato. Who wants to read a TG story about a bug? Now such a tale about a troll, a tale of triumph ... that makes a lot more sense. Doesn’t it? Well ... umm ... yeah ... hey look a pterodactyl.

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