The Incompatible sequel

Thought I'd post a quick update and tell everyone that the sequel to Incompatible is finished. As I mentioned before it's roughly half the length of incompatible at almost 12,000 words. Once the story is edited I will post it as soon as humanly possible.

For those that haven't read my previous blog entry, the title for this particular story will be 'Transfigured: Makings of a Spellbinder'.

A Call for Editor(s)

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Hey there, BigCloset! I would like to ask the lot of you for a huge favor. I have recently finished the second draft of my story, The Experiment, with intentions to replace the current draft on this site with the hopefully improved version. Before that happens, however, I would like to consider the editing viewpoint of somebody who isn't the author. Thus, I ask the friendly readers and/or editors of this site if they would like to help me edit this tale!

I think I'm gonna need help.

Well, I'm close to 3000 words into my new story. That's between 2 chapters unfortuantely.

I'm 2 scenes away from closing out Chapter One, and have a good start on Chapter two. The 2 scenes I need for Chapter One are probably 2 of the more important ones for that chapter. The ending scene is already written but those two scenes just don't want to come out, even tho I seem to know in my head what will happen.

Aargh!! Frustration!!

This is an effort to express the frustration I feel at so many authors who don't check their spelling or grammar. I can tell that many are using spellcheckers but are relying on them totally. I see such things as 'choirs' for 'chores' -- just the latest example!

I like to make photo edits of myself

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I wanted to share a few photos with everyone. I rarely take pictures of myself while dressed. However, I love to take pictures of myself and edit them to make me look more feminine. It's great fun for me, and is a nice outlet.

As I tell others, you can still have a beard and be feminine and pretty. One need not be passable, or think of gender in terms of male and female.

Please, enjoy!


My background and qualifications

Since I have volunteered to do editing to assist authors, I thought I should supply my credentials. My career spans both management assignments in the IT area of a large corporation and university teaching in a school of business. I have written four books: one on statistics, one on data base principles, one on information resource management and one on cooking (a 200 recipe collection that keeps expanding). I am a self taught speed reader and a compulsive editor.

Editor Services Offered

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I am making myself available to anyone needing an editor to review their writing. My native language is Texan, but I am fairly fluent in American English. All I can offer up for credentials is the fact that I got an A+ in College Freshman English with Composition back in 2003. Examples of my own writing can be found on my LiveJournal site: http://dv8nekomimi.livejournal.com/.

Mac OS-X 10.4+ Users

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I use BBEdit from Bare Bones Software, possibly the best programmer's editor for the Mac, but have recently learned that they introduced a freeware product they call TextWrangler, which has a considerable subset of BBEdit's functionality. It has spellchecking, of course, and can easily accommodate American, British, Candian, and Australian versions of English using downloadable dictionaries.

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