Aurora and Aurelia

Aurora and Aurelia
by Amalia Solara

Aurora is an intellectually precocious, depressed high-school senior at an existential crossroads, with a wounded heart and an intense inner conflict that leads to alienation, repression, sexual frustration and self-loathing. Aurelia is a nurturing, empathetic, emotionally sensitive, congenitally blind classmate who fast becomes her closest confidant. Together, these two special girls take solace in each other, cope with their respective challenges and ultimately find intimacy and fulfillment.

Letter To My Depression

Old friend
Been awhile
Since our last meeting.

Not sure
Why I'm calling you
A friend.

Our very destructive
Over the years.

More often
Then not
Have seen me
Trying to end
My life.

You realize
I am so tired
Of your presence
In my life.

My life
Upside down.

May surprise you
And accept your offer.

To shut you

Can Dreams Come True?...Part 10

Can Dreams Come True?...Part 10


“Josie, you want to go out?”
“Huh?” Blink, blink… “Like…?”
“Out, out of here, go for a drive, see some things…go on a date.”
“A date…with me?”
“Yes please.”
Oh…that, that yes please…Never, no one has ever…it.
Just two words said with real earnest just…I had no idea that two words could actually feel that good…

*And Now...

Can Dreams Come True?...Part 1

Can Dreams Come True?… Part 1

I flick my smoke out the window my first since graduating high school three years ago and I drain what’s left of my Pepsi before getting out of my car.

Yes my car it’s one of the things that I made sure of before coming here and doing this. I got my own car. It’s a piece of crap older Saturn but it’s mine. Mine being the Very key word here. I likely could’ve had dad’s old car but with my folks there were always strings. A prime example is my brother and sister. Jordan my sister got the car and its title and the insurance are still in dad’s name.

My brother Jack, dad’s on with him in almost everything from his bank accounts to his lease.

And that’s why my apartment is mine, everything I have including all my student loan debt it‘s all mine. I knew long before I graduated that this was where I’d be going in life, who I had to be because not being me. It was killing me inside so I knew as soon as I was going to be legal I was going to be Josie.

The Outstretched Hand

This was written at three in the morning in about twenty minutes. I hadn't thought about posting this as it is not really about anything specifically TG. Still with all of the discussions about depression and feelings of helplessness, I thought it would be a good idea to post.

Please read this in the light of finding your own higher power and not as a plug for any given religion. This is not about my wanting to foist something upon you, but invite you to find your own way to faith.

Busy morning

Well, it's been a busy morning. It started out by discovering my email account had been hacked. I've already shared that.

On Denise's (my lovely wife) request I met with a 'mental health professional.' Okay, so I've been a bit down lately.

Bottom of the cycle, I hope!

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My emotions seem to follow an irregular cycle. Sometimes the ups aren't all that high, and the downs are pretty darn low. I had a moment around the beginning of this year, on the drive home from work, when the idea popped into my head that all I had to do was put my foot down on the gas and let the car drift over into the trees lining the road and I wouldn't have to feel that bad ever again. I had to fight to keep from doing it, too. Scared the #*[email protected] out of me, as you can imagine.


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I have to apologize. I have not been commenting much lately, and that isn't like me (I have left kudos, though...). I'm just going through a seriously depressed time. So many bad things happening. I'm holding it together, but I feel like crying all the time, and I didn't want to bring anyone down with my comments. It gets worse with some writers (Bailey, Portia, I'm sorry-you always seem to get the tears going for me!), but I am reading, when I can drag myself out of bed. I'll be fine, eventually, just gotta work my way out of this.


Tragedy of the Spirit Part 31 The Trial episode 4



 ©2008 PRAIRIE_GIRL_64

NOTE: This is still touchy and I caution the reader, of its description of violence of woman. This was not easy for me to write, however I have stuck it out and posted it here.

Day 54:

Charlotte's Tale part 9.

“Goodness child, you aren’t usually that quick. Got to do this…..wait for that… I forgot to do whatever…. You are never ready this quickly, have you got everything?”

“Yes Mummy, can we hurry?”

“Are you absolutely sure?”

“Not wearing any lip gloss today, then?”

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