The Rose-3

The Rose Part 3

By Stanman63

Thanks To JennaFL For Proofing And Nora Adrienne for


Synopsis:After a violent rape, Charlie's best friend, and family help him to get even with the rapist, and he finds the girl within.

Terri's Vengeance-5

Terri's Vengeance
Chapter 5

By Stanman63

Edited By Nora Adrienne

Terri visits the graves for the fist time as a woman and tries to close off the past, but the love is too strong. Back home, she meets with the others to finalize the plan against Delano, but in meeting him, she feels his charms and returns to the graves to reaffirm her identity. While there, she meets with two who need closure with their past, and a new life away from Delano.
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