The Girl Most Likely To ... - Part 58

The Girl Most Likely To … - Part 58
By Barbara Lynn Terry

Chapter 1 - Richard and Della see their attorney.

Richard waited all that day and evening for Framlin Fomdworthy to show up. The others in the cell block saw that Richard was extremely nervous. Big Jim spoke to Richard.

“Dick, calm down. Your attorney will look at the evidence and talk about the strategy he will use to get you acquitted. Do you trust this lawyer?”

What Mother Didn't Know - Chapter 15 - Susan Goes To The Hospital

"Objection, your honor. There is no evidence presented that says the minor child has XX chromosomes."

"Over Ruled. Mr. Marks has filed his medical reports on the blood work, the physical examination, the x-rays, and the hospital procedure to remove the useless layers of skin covering the child's vaginal opening. Now, Mr. Connors, if you keep objecting, knowing that we have irrefutable medical evidence showing this child to be genetically female, I will hold you in contempt!"

What Mother Didn't Know
Chapter Fifteen
Susan goes to the hospital

By Barbara Lynn Terry


What Mother Didn't Know - Chapter 14 - Susan Gets Her Medical Examination

"Doctor, are you saying that I am a real girl?"

What Mother Didn't Know

Chapter Fourteen

Susan gets her medical examination

By Barbara Lynn Terry


What Mother Didn't Know - Chapter 13 - Susan Gets Good News

Dang tears, they seem to come at the worst times. We sat on the bench just outside of the changing rooms, and I didn't care if others saw me or not. I was happy, and I am a girl, and I had a right to cry whereever I wanted to, for whatever reason. Bobbie sat on one side of me, and Cindy on the other. They held me from both sides, to show they were very serious about being there for me.

What Mother Didn't Know

Chapter Thirteen

Susan gets good news

By Barbara Lynn Terry


Tragedy of the Spirit Part 31 The Trial episode 4



 ©2008 PRAIRIE_GIRL_64

NOTE: This is still touchy and I caution the reader, of its description of violence of woman. This was not easy for me to write, however I have stuck it out and posted it here.

Day 54:

Tragedy of the Spirit part 30 The Trial Episode 3



 ©2008 PRAIRIE_GIRL_64

NOTE: This chapter is very disturbing to me and it may to be the reader as most of my life is being dredged up in somewhat detail and some of it very graphic. Caution is advised.

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