Would Begging Help?

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Here I am again, begging for votes instead of nominations. As of late today, Jan. 24th, only four people have voted, including myself. That's not nearly enough for a fair tally. There are a lot of very good stories that really do deserve recognition so I hope to see a lot more votes soon.

Siss International

Siss International
You have Miss International. We have Siss International. This is the next Dauphin Interactive project. It includes you.
You will present your Sissy and decide what he wears and what he looks like. You will decide what country he comes from and even what he says. Then Dauphins readers will vote Eurovision style on who is Siss International 2008

Burglars Breasts and Bras

A group of the best burglars from the Gold Coast are forced to compete in a contest against the technology of the Genderswap corporation. Their reward is freedom whilst their penalty is forced transformations.

Burglars Breasts and Bras

by Seaweed Smells

Surfer’s Paradise - Gold Coast Queensland, Australia
Genderswap Head Office

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