TG Techie: Chapter 32: Boots



It was called Aldo, only I think it was called ALDO. Hard to be sure, didn’t see it in lowercase anywhere else. I wondered all the company memos looked like the boss was screaming the name of the company.

Tragedy of the Spirit part 8 Life on the road

Part 8 Life on the Road Begins

All material is copywrite 2008 by Prairie_girl_64 (parts 1 thru 8)

After my Brutal rape and assault by Adam , I sat down and talked with Jenn about what had transpired. She asked me how I felt.

Jenn " How do you feel about what happened to you? I know you went through hell with your dad and brother, how do feel about a repeat?"

Tragedy of the Spirit part 7 Life goes on and changes occur

Life goes on and major changes occurr for me. The struggle to find my place begins.

After I was at my freind Jenifers residence we began to talk. I told her what had transpired over the last few months at home. I also mentioned to her my plan for my eventual escape and how I ended up on my cross country trek. Our conversation picked up a fair bit.

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