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Turnabout Part 7

Thanks again Lizzy Bennet for all of your feedback, encouragement and kind words

Dan and Jessica make a huge decision...but not without drama


It was Charles’ day off, so Marty offered to take us to the airport.

Lady Ann's Holiday: Chapter 2

The Exchange


Burt was shoveling dirty hay from the floor of one of the stable stalls when Ann approached him, a mischievous expression on her face.

His sleeves were rolled up past his elbows as he worked. She watched him for several minutes, staring at his rippling muscles; the careless attitude he had in his body language, entirely devoid of decorum. He obviously didn’t care one whit about the way he carried himself or looked with his scruffy clothes and deliciously masculine posture. He was the exact opposite of her. Ann had to be standing or sitting with perfect composure at all times. She couldn’t dare relax for a minute for fear of being thought uncouth. Every single second of her day she had to act the refined lady in case she was reprimanded by her mother. The countess was a gentle compassionate soul but Ann had always felt awful at the whispered scoldings; kind hearted though she knew they were.

To be able to act however she pleased was going to be fantastic!

Costume Jewelry

Brian was uncomfortable with his daughter's hot little coed body until...

Jennifer Adams' Altered Fates Universe
Costume Jewelry

by StacyInLove

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Turnabout Time

When Kate and Rob wake up in each others bodies they have no idea why, how, or even who they are now. To make matters worse they have very little time to sort it all out.

Join them for a roller coaster ride around the seedier parts of London, and a visit to the Home of English Rugby, and pray that Kate does not have to play rugby, because that would be a disaster.

With thanks to Hope and BOUSER for the editing.

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