Reaction, Unexpected

Reaction, Unexpected

One side of a conversation. Caution... very dark.

Author's note... this is something that has been rattling around my head for some time.
please understand that this is a) my first attempt at a short story and b) very dark.
Warning, contains references to mental illness and suicide... use caution!
Thank's to Bailey and Darkice for the beta read.



To be honest my story isn’t going to be for everyone. I wasn’t even sure it’s something I even get. But I guess here it is. My name’s Corey Roberts and I’m a FTM trans guy. The thing is when it came to getting my surgery downstairs I didn’t get it. I didn’t really want them to mess with something I understood and frankly still got a lot of pleasure out of.

Oh yeah that just broke a few brains and I’m getting a few freak comments already.

Images 29

Images 29

Chapter 29

I was more than a little bit nervous having the press coming here so I could get the questions and stuff over with maybe. Everyone kind of helped with setting up things with moving the tables and getting everything situated so we could get through this. I’ll admit I’m scared of what the questions might be and the fallout that might come out of all of this but. As much as I’ve changed there are sometimes when the best defense is a good offence.

Bridges 21

Bridges 21

Chapter 21


It’s really yet to hit me. I’m staring at the papers in my hand and I’m walking and the only reason I’m not walking into people or things is the fact I’m really familiar with the base. I’m carrying the folder they gave me and…reading it my box with medals under my arm it's why the commander wanted to see me. There's going to be a ceremony once I'm "back" but that was about it. But it's nothing compared to these, this, my papers and I’m still reading the letter over and over again.

It’s happening…it’s really happening!

New Girl in the Band Chapter 4 - Final Chapter

New Girl in the Band Final Chapter
By Princess

Thanks To Stanman63 For Editing!!

Synopsis:David submits to the bands demand that he be a girl for them and some interesting and uncomfortable situations develop.

Bridges 20

Bridges 20

Chapter 20.

It’s a messed up drive for the first part of it with me thinking about Cass’s mood if there was something behind it or if she was just having a day or if it’s something that’s going to come up in our relationship. She is the most awesome woman I think that I’ve, no I know that I’ve ever had in my life but still it’s a relationship and I’ve not had the best of track records.

Summer Sun and a few sweet chords.

Summer Sun and a few sweet chords.

It actually wasn’t Summer time or anything close to it. It was late fall actually and she was tired…just so tired from everything that happened in her life. She was in her late forties now and while her life hadn’t exactly been a train wreck it hurt.

Marked Target - Chapter 2

Marked Target
~ Chapter Two ~

Danielle Krieger
(c) 2011

Lawrence "Lex" McKinley lives about as average a life as one can with metahumans popping up everywhere. Well, as normal as someone who spends their free time as an MMA fighter really can. He's about to get the shock of his life--the punch he never saw coming.

In this installment: Lex begins to discover that he is imprisoned. How long? Who is keeping him? Why are they doing this? Who is that looking back at him in the mirror?


Images 26

Images 26

Chapter 26

I wake up with this ow feeling in my groin. Not a big ow since my surgery was a week ago but still and ow nonetheless. The operation went well pretty much It was actually a day surgery procedure there at the same hospital as Taylor was at. I was put under, a few snips I guess and out they came and they lasered some of it and fixed me up and wow the difference has been so…huge really. Other than one final bit I’m almost really me. They actually took notes and stuff for my SRS doctors in Montreal.

Until We Meet Again (Expanded)

Janie Lewis and I were the best of friends ever since the first day of Preschool and we did everything together. So many times we would hear people say "Those two are almost like conjoined twins" It seemed like it too. Our mothers would have to promise that we would get to go to each others houses the next day to ever get us to go home. I would play with her toys when I was at her house and she played with mine when she was at mine. I always wondered why my toys weren't the same things Janie had, but I was afraid to ask.

FTL-2...Faster Than Life.

FTL-2... Faster Than Life.

Chapter 2

I’ve never been in Suspension before…I wake in pain, not pain, pain but this hurt, my lungs aren’t happy with the change in my breathing or the adjustment to room temperature. My skin prickles with waking sensations pins and needles like the entire surface was asleep and there’s dry mouth and a nasty headache.

“Good morning cadets, please get your belongings and get ready to transfer to the Apollo.”

April's Fools Daddy!

My head leaned back in the seat as I tried to catch a few hours of sleep. The flight from Thailand was a long and uncomfortable one. I was sitting on a Donut pillow as my nether regions were still tender from the SRS I had three weeks earlier. I thought about the long journey that brought me here and the bitter words that were said by my father the day I left home.

Simon(e) - Book One: Chapter 4

Book 1: Chapter 4 of 9

by D.L.

Copyright  © 2011 D.L. All Rights Reserved.

"I would be quite happy to have my ears pierced," I state.
“You are only saying that safe in the knowledge that you aren’t allowed to have pierced ears. The ‘I will if you will’ trick only works on a level playing field,” Emily replies.
“Why do you think Jasmine isn’t allowed earrings?” my mother asks Emily.

The Soda

The Soda

Robin Addams
[email protected]

If I hadn't had that extra soda my life would have been so much different. I'd still be hiding and miserable. Instead... well, read on and find out.

This story is dedicated to Janet Stickney, who has provided many hours of reading enjoyment. Janet, this one is for you.

Without a Trace - Part 12

Robert realised some thing was different and his mental conditioning took over and his screaming started to ease. He looked and saw above him instead of the ceiling of the place where he had been, he saw open sky. He looked at the two women and he saw they were dressed in street clothes not in nurses uniforms and he finally worked out he was away from those women that had been robbing him of his will and body. His work with martial arts brought him back to himself with a perceptible
“wh....wher.....where am I?” he managed to stumble out.

Now the story continues...

The Rescue 9

This chapter deals with the initial indictment of Sanji for his part in his hijra sister Jalina's kidnap and it addresses the first part of Jalina's eventual reconciliation with her younger sisters.

The rescue 9.

Beverly Taff. Transvestite
James or Jamie Transgendered kid.
Candice Jamie’s Younger Sister.
Sergeant Williams Hate crime police officer
David Evans Knife-boy. (Son of Dewi Evans.)
Margaret Beckinsale. Jamie and Candice’s mum. (AKA Madge.)
Sandie Beverly’s best Transvestite friend.

The Rescue 5

This chapter deals maily with Jalina's ascent from the grinding despair of transgenderism in the Kolkata hijra community and her restoration to her former position.

The rescue 5

Beverly Taff. Transvestite
James or Jamie Transgendered kid.
Candice Jamie’s Younger Sister.
Sergeant Williams Hate crime police officer
David Evans Knife-boy. (Son of Dewi Evans.)
Margaret Beckinsale. Jamie and Candice’s mum. (AKA Madge.)
Sandie Beverly’s best Transvestite friend.
Elizabeth Todd Beverly’s next door neighbour.

Maid to Order II

Brian's discovers the depths of his previously unknown need to be dominated...

Maid to Order II

by StacyInLove

Copyright © 11/28/2005 by StacyInLove
All Rights Reserved.

Without a Trace - Part 11

Without a trace part 11 … The Monsters loose

On the outskirts of the city at Rogers Hall Dr Eva Delving sat behind her desk looking at a bank of monitors. Her face drawn in its permanent scowl, Miss Francis stood behind her looking at the monitors showing the wing where their victims/subjects were housed. The two of them were looking at one feed in particular and Eva was almost growling.

“Well Danine seems this one is a lot tougher to break?” Eva pointed at the screen.

Images 22

Images 22

Chapter 22

Taylor just stared at the doctor for a minute then at the porter who came with the wheelchair for him. He actually hung his head a bit with a sigh. He looked like he was heading to the gallows as he got up and moved from where he was to the wheelchair. I smile at him, Then look at Dr. Clark “Do you have a list of what he needs and where?”

Only A Baby Machine -- Part 17, Who am I?

-- Part 17, Who am I?
At last, Pansy is freed! But she has lost all knowledge of the previous two years. In that hotel room where, two years earlier, George had gone to bed with Petunia, it is George that awakens, to discover some changes. Can (almost) be read as an independent short tale, in the "magic" category.

Only A Baby Machine -- Part 16, Countdown to Freedom

Part 16, Countdown to Freedom

Pansy settles in with her newborn daughter at Los Ocotes, the finca of Susana and her husband, and adapts well, if unwillingly, to working as Suzi's maid. But will she find a way to escape when the month is over, and she is allowed to go her own way?
December 18

Only A Baby Machine -- Part 11, Island Paradise(?)

Part 11, Island Paradise(?)

Year 3 of the novel begins with Pansy's escape to a tropical island paradise. Or is it paradise after all? (Note--Rating more restrictive!)
January 1

Only A Baby Machine -- Part 8, Nursemaid

Part 8, Nursemaid
August 6
-- Pansy was folding clothes in the laundry room when Jaime came to fetch her. “Go to the infirmary, Pansy,” he told her without explanation. “You can finish your work later.”

Suzy Q by Suzy Q

Suzy Q
Suzy Q

Sam Quinn invented Suzy Q, the exotic Cuban dancer. José Enrá­quez insisted on meeting her–but of course that was impossible! Or was it?

Only A Baby Machine -- Part 5, The shopping trip

Part 5, The shopping trip.

George's body is changing, slowly but inexorably. Now his original clothes no longer seem appropriate. Not to worry: his former girlfriend will help him select clothing that will be much more appropriate!
May 23


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