What a good boy...Chapter 2

What a good boy…Chapter 2.

Chapter 2

“when you were born…”
“they looked at you and said.”
“what a good girl..”
“what a smart girl.”
“what a pretty girl…”

The song still has meaning for me passed the accident actually more that ever really because when you just listen to the lyrics and with what I’m going through it’s just something that fits me.

Others too.

Sweet Dreams-30...Oh Crap! WTF?

Sweet Dreams-30...Oh Crap! WTF?

Chapter 30


Fuck things happened so fast…

Hunter and I were just…we were right in the middle of a moment. We hadn’t thought that the girls had came up the stairs. It’s just we’re not used to having company and never even thought.

When Jen overheard and dropped the water bottle….

She looked from me to Hunter to me….then there were these huge tears that just poured out and she took off at a run. I went after her because she might have told, said something…and there was also the fact.

Sweet Dreams-29...Oh Crap! WTF?

Sweet Dreams-29…Oh Crap! WTF?

Chapter 29

If your life flashes before your eyes I fucking protest. Who said Slipknot could produce the video for my life?

The Drive-By… with my Daddy…I was little and I was on my big wheel just going down the alley and Daddy was there watching my from the bar’s red fire door smoking and talking to these guys that’d come up and they’s like do this secret handshake and stuff.

~Huh…looks like a hand off, seems like Dad was a dealer.~

What a good boy...Chapter 1

“What a good boy.” Chapter 1?

Chapter 1?

“When I was born…they looked at me and said.”
“What a good boy, what a smart boy, what a strong boy.”


And there’s more to the song and it really and it’s a really great tune actually and I’m a fan of The Bare-naked Ladies ever since I heard them when I was ten at a neighborhood dance at the boys and girl club.

Half Way.

Half Way.

Fiction by Johnny Cumlately.

Tomorrow will be my 40th birthday. I have a reasonable chance of surviving to see my 80th, so on that basis I am half way through my life. Tomorrow will also be a significant date for another reason. For the first half of my life, I have been male. For the second, I will be female so I have particular reason to celebrate.

Bridges 27

Bridges 27

Chapter 27

Ugh…I hate morphine.

I know an odd thing to say really but I do. It’s a great painkiller unless one you’re allergic then you tend to hallucinate. I’ve had patients that have done that not fun. Or you can be like me and be overly sensitive to it and I press my little button and zonk…out like a light into la-la land.

But I’m not taking Oxy, or any of the other painkillers because it’s way too easy to get hooked on the and I had a close call in my opinion with Perk when I was recovering with my leg.

Sweet Dreams-26...Holy! F#*K, Did I just get A Life?

Sweet Dreams-26…Holy F#*K did I just get A Life?

Chapter 26

I love every moment now; I love every second of this now. I can’t even process not feeling that this isn’t something that’s right, deeply and truly right as we make love. I moan in his ear as he sinks into me with long strokes that fill me up with hardness and silk and pleasure and heat.

Images 35

Images 35

Chapter 35

I almost feel ashamed that I never really did much about Remembrance Day before in my life. I don’t like I was that self absorbed even with all the stuff going on as Jaime. Today is an eye opener. I cry for things I hear from the old timers come in and I think I hugged Daddy five or six times.

He’s there for this and he talks to a lot of the veteran’s that have come in and sits ad talks with them. He’s been there himself, he’s seen those things that you just can’t unsee…or stop feeling.

Kiss Your Elbow and Become a Girl

Kiss Your Elbow and Become a Girl

by Jennifer Sue

There is an old saying that periodically makes the rounds of schools. It’s really silly and quite impossible but at the same time holds a strange fascination for those who hear it. It’s mostly used by girls to tease boys. “If you kiss your elbow you change into a girl”. The near physical impossibility of kissing your own elbow is one of the more unusual parts of this childhood mythology. According to the legends, a peck to the elbow would bring about an instantaneous sex change. For most boys, it was a threat of a terrible fate, something never to do. After all, most kids would never want to be a member of the opposite sex; they're icky, and may even have cooties! The most common version of the myth was that kissing your elbow at any time would cause a sex change. It doesn't matter if it's by accident or intent, if your lips touch your elbow, you're going to have to start using the other restroom. Some variations of the myth had a certain ritual you had to perform to become the other sex, such as spinning around in a circle ten times under a full moon before giving the kiss that will turn a boy into a girl. Obviously, no matter how much ritual is involved, it doesn't work... or does it?

Bridges 26

Bridges 26

Chapter 26

I come out of what was a dead drug induced sleep. You know that sleep where you just know you were out of it entirely. That’s a bit unsettling or it’s always been that way for me and I’m floaty in that body stoned kind of way.

I hear C.C.R.’s Midnight Special dropping away to the sounds of the base radio stations chatter. I’m hurting and thankfully I know where I am and I’m not freaking out. I close my eyes again not sleeping but I don’t know, if you’re military you’ll get this.

The Stud Farm


2348/C is in serious trouble,
but a guardian angel has been watching over him
who can offer him rebirth

The Stud Farm

A dystopian short story

by Louise Anne Smithson

The Princess of the Desert -- Chapter 9

The Princess of the Desert

By Melodie Thomas

Edited by Holly Hart

Chapter 9

Saturday, May 2, 2009
My mind was totally scrambled by the time we left the crime scene, only fifteen minutes after we arrived. Smith led me back out to the waiting SUV, and we were off to the airport again. The Lear Jet took off only minutes after we boarded, heading to Washington D.C.

The seats in the Lear were arranged with four seats around a fixed table. There were four of these table/chair sets on the jet.

Like Mother Like Son 16

Chapter 16

Synopsis: 16 year old Darren, aka Nancy, and his mom travel to Mexico to see some nice doctors. This is the final chapter of Like Mother Like Son.

The Princess of the Desert -- Chapter 7

The Princess of the Desert

By Melodie Thomas

Edited by Holly Hart

Chapter 7

Monday March 2, 2009]
Both Tina and I were in the office this afternoon for the trafficking case conference call which was scheduled to start in about a half hour. For the past couple of hours, I had been going over the case notes again to make sure we did not miss something, and we had all the gaps filled before the call.

“Tina, play sounding board for me on this.”

The Princess of the Desert -- Chapter 6

The Princess of the Desert

By Melodie Thomas

Edited by Holly Hart

Chapter 6

Sunday, February 1, 2009
The weekly conference calls on the trafficking cases have continued regardless of the lack of new information coming to light. Occasionally a new something will be added from Washington from a source that is described as ‘victim memory’ but those memories have not added much value so far.

The Princess of the Desert -- Chapter 5

The Princess of the Desert

By Melodie Thomas

Edited by Holly Hart

Chapter 5

Thursday, September 18, 2008
Forensics positively identified Robert Melons of Boston as the body found a little over six months ago. The ongoing detailed investigation into his background has revealed nothing to explain why he was kidnapped. No evidence of transsexual behavior or ties to such behavior was found. Everything that we have found says he was just a kid going to school.

Bridges 25

Bridges 25

Chapter 25

I’d like to have been able to be one of those people that say that things just went great once they made their decision to transition and I’ve kept my head pretty low really. I really, really wanted to feel complete ever since I came face to face with who I really was. Counseling and research and the daydreams and fantasies are all totally out the window right now.

Cass comes over and she presses her body up against mine and she starts to kiss me…which is awesome but torture too. She smells like her pancakes, sausage and coffee. Tastes like it too. Me…I haven’t had anything but water.

Today’s the day.

My SRS surgery and oh god I’m flat out scared.

The Princess of the Desert -- Chapter 1

Dear Readers
This is the first chapter of a new story. First I would like to thank Holly for her editing and guidance, as it is obvious that I did not pay as close of attention in English classes as I should have. Secondly, I would like to offer an advance warning that this story delves into a very dark world of human slavery and brutality. Though this story is completely fictional the inspiration for it comes from people that I have personally known, and listened to their stories. There will be no scenes of explicit brutality or sexual abuse included, except where they can’t be avoided, but reference to the effects that such activities have on others will be addressed. As with all of my stories, I will strive for a happy ending, and you may actually find this to be a love story. However, it is a love story that starts in the darkest corners where there is no limit of the evil that man will do to his fellow man for pleasure or gain.

A short story of revenge .

“Oh yeah your tight you little bitch", That’s all I can hear over my screams as this low life enters me.

As this is happing I have to think of how I ended up here, tied to this bed God knows where getting violated by some guy who paid for me.

(Four days earlier)

Mares Tales 4

Here is chapter 4 of Mares' Tales.

Briony Betrayed wife and mother.
Sion Her eight-year-old son.
Ellairy Her nine-month-old daughter.
Arfon Brionys’ unfaithful husband.
Dave. Welsh bachelor hill-farmer.
Jenny and Lassie Daves’ sheepdog bitches.
Laddie. Daves’ sheepdog.
Jessica and Pansy Daves’ sows.
Angel Daves’ mare.
Daphne Daves’ ‘girlfriend’

Mare Tales - Chapter 4.

Dr James had no sooner left us to our own devices when the door opened

Covered Bridges-2.

Covered Bridges-2

Chapter 2

Oh I hate a comfortable bed and the one here at the Millstone Lodge was really comfortable with the memory foam stuff and comforters and really good cotton sheets and I longed for just a bit enjoying the feel of the sheets on my skin.

Then I force myself up and get dressed into my workout clothes and this being home and me not used to North American Chill any more I take a hoody and leave a note staying gone jogging.

A Foreign Country - Part 1 Chapter 1

A Foreign Country
A novel by Bronwen Welsh
'The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there.' L.P.Hartley 'The Go-Between'

The spur of the moment decision to steal some money led me to a foreign country, and a future I could never have imagined in my wildest dreams.

Can I have some Brown Sugar for my Damper? Chapter 1.

Can I have some Brown Sugar for my Damper? Chapter 1.

There’s days that I just hated my life and everything in it and there’s times where things just come right out of left field. Like the letter I’d been holding here curled up in the window seat of my chilly Montreal apartment.

I thought we were good, I thought she loved me and that she could handle who I really was. Sylvie just kept poking and picking away at my defenses, and It was just choking me off like a slow death not being able to be me.

The Angry Mermaid 49 or Y Morforwyn Dicllon 49.

This is a chapter that touches on some reactions to Drustina's undisclosed duality when she is injured and forced to undergo treatment. Firstly however, she has to teach a thieving village headman a lesson about horse theft. The outcome is slightly unexpected but Drustina uses the outcome to later teach a young boy a good lesson in compassion and honesty.

Mother's Monster

My Super Secret Life...Diamond-1.

My Super Secret Life…. Diamond.

*(This takes place between chapters 11 and 12.)

Paradise City, Orange-town, 4:22 PM

It’s after school and I’m coming out of my favorite comic shop having my chocolate milk and make my way to Galaxy dog so I can do my usual, escape from my life with food and the pages of my favorite comics. I know, super geeky but even in this day and age there’s tones of us.

Us being the overweight losers that life passes by. It’s not fair in the slightest. I’m smart, no genius but I’ve got good enough marks on stuff I’m scholarshipped to one of the best schools in the city.

I can’t transfer out because my folks would kill me. Why would I want to transfer out?

The answer to that comes from me getting hit by several milkshakes as two cars full of the elite kids throw stuff at me laughter and yells from the guys and giggles a squeals from the girls.

“You shoulda moved fat ass!”… “Freak!”…. “Geek!”…. “Loser!” Some of the guys.

“Eeeew stop being gross!”….. “You’re fucking disgusting!”….and of course they carouse “Loser!” with the jock guys.

It hurts really, I mean getting bullied and picked on hurts. Being this way hurts, you get shunned by a lot of people when you’re like me. Yeah I could diet and exercise and I’ve tried, but it’s too hard to do sometimes when you try to work out and stuff and run or bike or swim hearing the jeers from the people who bitch at me for not being just like them…It’s really hard to be motivated when you hear stuff like “Earthquake.” and “You’re crushing the frame.” and “Whale.” And honestly I’m not strong enough to work through it and work through the heartbreak.

The General’s Daughter Part 1

Christopher Weaver was a young urban professional of the least professional sort. A consulting detective, what he didn’t know, he could find out. Now what he didn’t know was small secret his parents had neglected to inform him about his birth, the joys and hardships of leaving the city and how dangerous a cup of coffee could really be.

Reaction, Unexpected

Reaction, Unexpected

One side of a conversation. Caution... very dark.

Author's note... this is something that has been rattling around my head for some time.
please understand that this is a) my first attempt at a short story and b) very dark.
Warning, contains references to mental illness and suicide... use caution!
Thank's to Bailey and Darkice for the beta read.



To be honest my story isn’t going to be for everyone. I wasn’t even sure it’s something I even get. But I guess here it is. My name’s Corey Roberts and I’m a FTM trans guy. The thing is when it came to getting my surgery downstairs I didn’t get it. I didn’t really want them to mess with something I understood and frankly still got a lot of pleasure out of.

Oh yeah that just broke a few brains and I’m getting a few freak comments already.

Images 29

Images 29

Chapter 29

I was more than a little bit nervous having the press coming here so I could get the questions and stuff over with maybe. Everyone kind of helped with setting up things with moving the tables and getting everything situated so we could get through this. I’ll admit I’m scared of what the questions might be and the fallout that might come out of all of this but. As much as I’ve changed there are sometimes when the best defense is a good offence.

Bridges 21

Bridges 21

Chapter 21


It’s really yet to hit me. I’m staring at the papers in my hand and I’m walking and the only reason I’m not walking into people or things is the fact I’m really familiar with the base. I’m carrying the folder they gave me and…reading it my box with medals under my arm it's why the commander wanted to see me. There's going to be a ceremony once I'm "back" but that was about it. But it's nothing compared to these, this, my papers and I’m still reading the letter over and over again.

It’s happening…it’s really happening!

New Girl in the Band Chapter 4 - Final Chapter

New Girl in the Band Final Chapter
By Princess

Thanks To Stanman63 For Editing!!

Synopsis:David submits to the bands demand that he be a girl for them and some interesting and uncomfortable situations develop.

Bridges 20

Bridges 20

Chapter 20.

It’s a messed up drive for the first part of it with me thinking about Cass’s mood if there was something behind it or if she was just having a day or if it’s something that’s going to come up in our relationship. She is the most awesome woman I think that I’ve, no I know that I’ve ever had in my life but still it’s a relationship and I’ve not had the best of track records.

Because I Got High

Because I Got High

A story about two boys on a drug fueled adventure, pretty much.

You may also feel like you're high while reading this....

(DON'T do drugs, and DON'T read this if you're under 18)

Summer Sun and a few sweet chords.

Summer Sun and a few sweet chords.

It actually wasn’t Summer time or anything close to it. It was late fall actually and she was tired…just so tired from everything that happened in her life. She was in her late forties now and while her life hadn’t exactly been a train wreck it hurt.

Marked Target - Chapter 2

Marked Target
~ Chapter Two ~

Danielle Krieger
(c) 2011

Lawrence "Lex" McKinley lives about as average a life as one can with metahumans popping up everywhere. Well, as normal as someone who spends their free time as an MMA fighter really can. He's about to get the shock of his life--the punch he never saw coming.

In this installment: Lex begins to discover that he is imprisoned. How long? Who is keeping him? Why are they doing this? Who is that looking back at him in the mirror?



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