Memory Loss

The Softening of Jessie - Part 12

She was right. Ashley knew what she was talking about from her past experiences. If he was going to get better he would have to follow the same path as she.

"Yeah, I agree with you Ashley. I don't look dumb though do I?" Jessie asked being a little self conscious.

"You look fantastic babe. Why don't you put your shirt back on and see how you like it?"

Jessie put his t-shirt back on and looked down at his shirt. It was a little odd because he could see the two distinct bumps pushing out through his shirt very clearly now. They were perfectly formed and protruded slightly. Something in the back of his head told him that there was something not quite right about this but he couldn't place it. "It's probably nothing," he thought.

The Softening of Jessie

Part 12

By AshleyTS

The Softening of Jessie - Part 11

Ashley had to choose her words wisely she thought. Jessie looked so delicate and fragile sitting there with his knees together and hands gently overlapping each other.

"Well they don't make too many things to deal with your problem. There is something that works wonders but you may be opposed. The only thing I can think of that would help is a training bra. It would be perfect for you."

"Oh hell no! What are you insane?!? I'm not some sissy who walks around in girl's underwear for thrills." Jessie was upset. Perhaps a burst of energy from his male side needed to come out for a fight...even if it was a losing battle!

The Softening of Jessie

Part 11

By AshleyTS

The Softening of Jessie - Part 10

"What the hell are you wearing?!?" Jason asked in a standoffish, shocked way. His best buddy was fully clad in a girl's leotard and tights with his hair braided and tied with a frilly scrunchie.

"It's my new workout outfit...pretty cool huh? My mom could tell your mom where she bought it if you want one too," Jessie generously offered his friend.

"No way wierdo! You look like a freakin' girl dude! Are you going gay or what? I mean look at your hair! Did you flippin' pad your chest too, you homo?"

"No Jason...I...ummm," Jessie felt the tears begin to well up. He couldn't understand why his friend was being so mean.

The Softening of Jessie

Part 10

By AshleyTS

The Softening of Jessie - Part 9

"Those are tights Jessie. The kind you see wrestlers wear...I thought you might want to have the whole outfit, so I splurged and got you them," his mom offered.

"Cool! Why don't they have openings in the bottom of the legs though?"

"That's the way they are designed. You don't notice it with wrestlers cause they usually wear boots....and no, I'm not buying you the boots too."

"I guess I will take what I can get. I'll be right back!"

Jessie ran upstairs with his new workout gear. This was pretty cool...he wondered how jealous Jason would be when he saw these?

The Softening of Jessie

Part 9

By AshleyTS

The Softening of Jessie - Part 8

"I talked to Ashley, Jason's sister today and guess what? She had the same sensitivity and swelling like I am having. She said that it would only last for a little while then I would be normal again. If you want to keep me out of school though, I'm not gonna argue, haha!" Jason replied being more than happy to skip out on school.

Amanda and Susan were taken aback.

"Ashley saw you??? With your top off??? What did she say?" Amanda questioned...her heart pounding. What if Ashley turned them in? Is this illegal?

The Softening of Jessie

Part 8

By AshleyTS

The Softening of Jessie - Part 7

Ashley reached out and grabbed Jessie's nipples and twisted them hard. She was a bit taken aback as she found his nipples to be larger and easier to grab than she had expected them to be.

"OOOWWWWWW!!!!" Jessie screamed at the top of his lungs. He buckled over in pain as he eyes immediately filled with tears. "That freaking hurt!!!" He yelled as he rubbed his aching chest and wiped away the tears as they flowed from his eyes.

"Dang, are you faking it Jessie? I didn't twist them that hard." Ashley wasn't sure what to think of his extreme reaction.

"No I'm not faking it! I told you that my chest has been super sensitive. That really hurt!"

The Softening of Jessie

Part 7

By AshleyTS

The Softening of Jessie - Part 6

"So we are in luck Jessie. I found some tops for you to wear under your shirts. They should fit tight so that no one can tell they are there and yet they are very soft which will help with your swollen chest. I also found you some underwear that should fit you better. Here's the fun part though...I was lucky enough to find them in matching colors. I know how you liked your old underwear to be in different, cool colors so I think you may like these," Amanda explained hoping Jessie would be fine with his new undergarments.

She knew that he did like his underwear in different cool colors meaning he liked black, grey, navy blue, and forest green. What would his take be on these softer colors? Would he accept wearing panties?

The Softening of Jessie

Part 6

By AshleyTS

The Softening of Jessie - Part 39

Swoosh! The ball went through the net.

“Awesome!” Jessie proclaimed as he jumped up in down in almost a cheerleader-like fashion.

The boys finished up with Jason winning by one. He was pumped and raised his hands in victory.

“Good job!” Jessie stated as he gave Jason a kiss on the cheek. Wow! Where did that come from? It was almost second nature for him. In any case, Jason seemed to like it as his face turned red from blushing.

The Softening of Jessie

Part 39

By AshleyTS

The Softening of Jessie - Part 5

"Why don't you try it on yourself Jessie? If you practice on yourself you will be much better next time I need my nails done," Amanda said amusingly.

"No way mom! Only girls and sissies paint their nails. It would be the end of me if anyone saw me with pink nails," Jessie said firmly.

Amanda thought it was quite funny that Jessie had such low opinions of girls and sissies seeing that he was sitting there is a rather feminine lacy camisole with two small bumps on his chest.

The Softening of Jessie

Part 5

By AshleyTS

The Softening of Jessie - Part 4

In the restroom Jessie gingerly lifted his shirt. His chest was still very sensitive and his t-shirt felt like sandpaper on his nipples.

"Damn, I bruised ya pretty good on the shoulder, haha! Dude, what's wrong with your chest?" Jason was proud of the bruise he dealt Jessie, but he was fixated on Jessie's chest.

"Your nipples look freakin red and swollen. Do you have an infection or something?" Jason asked.

The Softening of Jessie

Part 4

By AshleyTS

The Softening of Jessie - Part 3

As Jessie stood to his feet though something welled up inside him and he found himself fighting back tears.

"Come on Jessie...come on you wuss!" Jason taunted him.

Jessie couldn't fight it...the tears welled up and he began crying.

"Oh hell no! You're crying dude? What a freakin sissy!" Jason exclaimed.

Panic engulfed Jessie as he ran away bawling uncontrollably.

The Softening of Jessie

Part 3

By AshleyTS

The Softening of Jessie - Part 2

Jessie was different. It may not have been a huge change but there was a definite difference. "I think I may like the new Jessie," Amanda exuberantly told her mom.

"Before you go to school, I need you to take this pill. It has all of your regular vitamins you take to build your strong body but in one pill."

"Why the heck is it pink? Ha, pink is for sissies and girls...but I guess if it saves me from all those other pills...ok, give it to me. Freakin pink pill...whoever made that needs some help." With that Jessie was off to school.

The Softening of Jessie

Part 2

By AshleyTS

The Softening of Jessie - Part 1

"I can't do this anymore," Amanda cried on the way home. Jessie, her 13 year old son, was uncontrollable. She had no idea where he went or what time he was coming home.

"How did I mess up so horribly?"

"You didn't mess up dear," Susan countered. "He is just like his father. It is in his genes. I am not going to see another life wasted though. When we get home I need to show you something. It is something I have been thinking a lot about and something I have been doing hours and hours of research on...and I think it is our solution."

The Softening of Jessie

Part 1

By AshleyTS

The Softening of Jessie - Part 38

“Huh? I’m a boy of course!”

Ashley snickered a little at the pretty girl who still did not have a clue to what was going on.

“So there is nothing wrong with two boys kissing then?”

Jessie thought about that for a minute. Two boys kissing would mean that they were gay. He wasn’t gay was he?

“Oh my! Ashley, am I gay? Is Jason?”

The Softening of Jessie

Part 38

By AshleyTS

The Softening of Jessie - Part 37

Suddenly Jessie was overcome with emotion. It hit him from out the blue with the intensity of a Mack truck. He was helplessly caught in its grasp. His eyes met Jason’s once again…then he glanced down to Jason’s lips. His lips looked so good…so inviting.. They looked undeniably yummy. Jessie couldn’t think straight…he felt a magnetic attraction pull him closer to Jason’s face. Wait, this was not right…was it? He so wanted to feel Jason’s lips on his…he just wanted them to touch for even a brief moment. That would be ok right? It didn’t matter, he had no say in the matter. He felt as if he was not in control of his actions any longer. He glanced at Jason’s eyes once again as their lips got closer. Jason’s eyes had almost a glazed look on them, Oh they were so handsome! Caught up in the moment, Jessie let his emotions fully take over as his lips met Jason’s.

...We're talkin' about Jason's Girl!...

The Softening of Jessie

Part 37

By AshleyTS

Non-Plugsuit Fetishism: The Case of Misato Katsuragi

Non-Plugsuit Fetishism: The Case of Misato Katsuragi, by Zephyrus

He saw the pretty, purple-haired young woman he had been thinking about all day. Voluptuous, voluminous violet locks framed a beautiful face, bangs curving outward in a cute crescent shape, sweeping the sides of her forehead and ending just above her thin eyebrows, below which big, brown eyes looked lovingly at him. Her sweet smile–perhaps the sweetest he had ever seen–welcomed him to whatever world this was.
“Would you like to become with me?” she asked softly and seductively in a beautiful, breathy contralto, as if asking her lover an intimate question. “To be of one mind and body?” Her eyebrows jumped suggestively. “It could be really, really nice.”

God Hates The Warners

Notorious hatemonger Fred "God Hates Fags" Phelps gets a visit from those loveable Warner siblings Yakko, Wakko & Dot, who adopt him as their "new special friend". What can I say? Some people just really need to have an anvil dropped on their head.

by Laika Pupkino

When the Sleeper Wakes - Part 03: Discoveries

When the Sleeper Wakes
Part 03
by Kim EM & Debra Rachel
Copyright © 2001 by Kim EM & Debra Rachel
All rights reserved

Herbert was a soldier involved with a military experiment in exchange for advancement in rank. Helen awakens with no idea of who or where she was.

When the Sleeper Wakes - Part 02: Awakenings

When the Sleeper Wakes
Part 02
by Kim EM & Debra Rachel
Copyright © 2000 by Kim EM & Debra Rachel
All rights reserved

Herbert was a soldier involved with a military experiment in exchange for advancement in rank. Helen awakens with no idea of who or where she was.

When the Sleeper Wakes - Part 01: Herbert’s Story

When the Sleeper Wakes
Part 01
Herbert’s Story
by Kim EM & Debra Rachel
Copyright © 2000 by Kim EM & Debra Rachel
All rights reserved

Herbert was a soldier involved with a military experiment in exchange for advancement in rank. Helen awakens with no idea of who or where she was.

The Unicorn's Gift - Part 7

The thing you fear, and feel so near,
you try desperately to hide.
The light the dark they struggle
and you take it all inside

Then one day you realize,
that the story too long told,
no longer huddles near you,
lies imprinted on your soul.

The light and dark still struggle,
a fight of right and wrong.
But in it’s resolution
the place where you belong.

Sarah Lynn Morgan

The Unicorn's Gift
  The_Unicorn_s_Calm.pngPart Seven

Who Was I - 33 (The End)

In which things are eventually made clear.

Who Was I©

By: Annette MacGregor

"Bill, the final report came in from Jane this afternoon."

I looked up at her, something didn't sound quite right. "Becky?" I asked her questioningly.

"It's a little disturbing Bill. Here, you read it."

Who Was I - 32

In which the preliminary PI report is received, Stacy gets her memory block removed, and lunch happens. If you look carefully, something else might happen too.

Who Was I

By: Annette MacGregor

"Okay Bill, what's this all about?"

"Nick, it actually started with my missing memory. We've found out what caused it. And a person did it."

"What? You're talking something criminal now Bill."

Who Was I - 31

In Which Bill admits to some vivid dreams, where Karen remembers her past, and Stacy gets a new body decoration.

Who Was I

By: Annette MacGregor

"Yes George is it." At his nod, "I think this is..."

"...becoming a regular thing." continued Karen.

He looked at us. "Do you d that often?"

We looked bemused. "Do what?" I said.

Who Was I - 30

In which Becky grills Bill about lunch, where capsules are found in both ladies heads, and Karen and Stacy meet Dr. Wong.

Who Was I

By: Annette MacGregor

"Yes Mr. Wyman. If you recall Ms. Stewart's description, the tower was on a cliff above the ocean. Yours, on the other hand, was in the middle of a forest."

"You're right. I'd not noticed that. I was paying more attention to the similarities in her description. Karen, it's like we were describing the same tower!"

Who Was I - 29

In which Bill goes through the wringer, Ginny expresses her concerns as only an 11 yr old can. and in which the tree musketeers have lunch and make plans. Or do they?

Who Was I

By: Annette MacGregor

". . . So many things could go wrong.”

"That's HORRIBLE."

"Yes and any number of things could have gone wrong. . . ."

Who Was I - 28

In which Bill gets visitors, Becky meets Stacy and we all get to meet both Karen and Stacy.

Who Was I

By: Annette MacGregor

"Becky, do I have to do this?"

"Bill! Relax. They're both very nice ladies. Even if you don't remember them much, you'll like them."

"Okay, okay. I'm just nervous."

Who Was I - 27

In which Bill has a rough session with Dr. Wong though more becomes clear. And where Bill ends up with more than a simple Biopsy!

Who Was I

By: Annette MacGregor

"Would you like to go back to your class and describe how it ended?"


"Why is that?"

"It was horrible!"

Who Was I - 26

In which Karen is met and we find out how she's doing; where we find out some more of Ruth has been up to; and where Ginny asks some questions.

Who Was I

By: Annette MacGregor

"What are you and mom and Ruth always so sneaky about?"

"Hmmm? What do you mean honey?"

"Well, sometimes two or three of you go off to your office to talk. Other times, you suddenly stop talking when I come into the room. I mean, it's not like it's my birthday or anything coming up."

"No, it's not. I guess Ruth was right though."

Who Was I - 25

In which Bill has a revealing session, and then later a dream, or is it? But Hey, the two friends are found.

Who Was I

By: Annette

We were quietly sneaking up to the building. Stacy had remained at the corner to keep watch while Karen and I went in first.

"You ready to climb up and hook the ladder." I whispered to Karen.

She nodded, and stepped into my hands as I lifted her to waist level. Two quick taps on her leg then a quick hop had her standing on my shoulders. Two more taps, and I stood back up. She squeezed her toes to my chin so I knew she could reach the sill. I stood very still, bracing my hands against the brick wall.

A Leap of Faith

A Leap of Faith
By Maggie the Kitten

Edited by Holly Hart and shalimar

“Look … Randall, I know I’ve given birth a few times, so you might assume it’s a bit old hat by now, but I think I’d know if I’d dropped another baby. It is kind of a memorable experience. So let me make this really, really clear for you. There is no Stephanie Watson. There has never been a Stephanie Watson. I don’t need to fill out any damn forms to say so, and if we don’t get this sorted out and my children onto the shuttle you’ll be the one suffering from illness or incapacity. Now put that in your database!”

Who Was I - 24

In which Bill finds out some more about his class, and Ruth gets more excitement than she expected out of her research.

Who Was I

By: Annette MacGregor

"Ruth. What's up?"

"Dad, just wanted to let you know I got a call today from some organization. They were asking about my interest in Dr. Pfister's papers."

"You're kidding aren't you?"

Who Was I - 23

In which Bill finds out some of what went on in his special classes, or does he?

Who Was I

By: Annette MacGregor

"Okay dad. That was some session. It started strange, and really got there."

"That's putting it mildly. Uh oh."

"What dad? That doesn't sound good over there."

"What do I tell your mom? She'll flip."

Who Was I - 22

In which Aunt Rachel tells all and then some and where Bill hears about it from his wife and daughter. In which he looks for more memories

Who Was I

By: Annette MacGregor

"WHAT? Are you saying this went on for that long and nobody knew?"
"DAD. Someone knew didn't they?"

Who Was I - 21

Bill and Becky finish their chat. In which Bill picks up Rachel at the Uni and discovers she knows something he doesn't. And where Bill & Becky go visit Aunt Rachel and tell her of Bill's dream.

Who Was I

By: Annette MacGregor

"... Oh, and get this. That guy that taught your class?"


"Hold onto your seat dad. He wrote some of those articles!"

Who Was I - 20

In which we find out about the accident, and Bill learns some disturbing information.

Who Was I

By: Annette MacGregor

"I see. Well, good luck on your hunt there. As we're approaching our time, is there anything else you want to bring up?"

"No, I think that's it and quite enough too." I saw her smile at that. "It's almost as if someone made that Chinese curse on me. You know the one about living in interesting times?"

Who Was I - 19

In which Bill tells Becky of his dream, and he meets his third grade teacher.

Who Was I

By: Annette MacGregor

... and headed for home, thinking about all I'd seen and heard. This was just amazing. Suddenly, a car came out of nowhere.
I slammed on my brakes and...

Who Was I - 18

In which Bill reads some of the stuff about his enrichment class and where his sleep is interupted.

Who Was I

By: Annette MacGregor

My hand was on the door knob when I felt it turning in my hand.
I panicked and tried to turn to run away...

Who Was I - 17

In which Bill is sent to the Principal's office (wait, no it's worse, it's the Superintendent’s office!). Well, anyway Bill visits the Superintendent's office and gets more than he bargained for.

Who Was I

By: Annette MacGregor

Who Was I - 14

In which Bill finds his safe spot in a forest, or is it a tall stone tower? Well we'll see. Also, where Ruth decides on the topic for her course paper on the Cold War. How exciting can you get!

Who Was I

By: Annette MacGregor


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