Memory Loss

Dinner at Ms. Johnson's

Dinner at Ms. Johnson’s
By Willy Mays Hayes

What happens when your neighbor invites you over for dinner and expects you to pretend to be a family member and better yet, as her six year old daughter!

Some Enchanted Girlfriend -17- Take Over

Some Enchanted Girlfriend

by Donna Lamb

17. Take Over

I came to moments later, sitting on the floor, propped against the wall, still naked–legs spread wide as if I were posing for a publicity shot from a Wendy Splendid movie.

The Half-Lilin: Chapter 12

The Half-Lilin
Chapter 12

by Shin Eris
"I said I can't help you see her. It doesn't mean that you have zero chance of seeing her."

"So there is a way for me to see her?"

"There are several ways for you to see her. I just can't help you with any of those."

I was suddenly struck by suspiciousness. "OK, what's the catch?"

"Well," she said, her forefinger rubbing her lips. "I can teach you how to go there, but in exchange, you must swear one thing to me."

"And that is?"

"Be my slave, from now and forevermore. Obey me and pay me tribute," she answered with a look of satisfaction and childish glee.

"Pardon? I lost you at the word 'slave'."

Feminizer Disease Takes My Body Over - Chapter 10

"Terri, I think you have graduated to your next bra size, a 36D cup. My, my, my you are developing nicely, Sweetie. Those pills and the disease must be working well, Dear. I will get some pretty bras and your corset in your new size, Dear", Mary said. My wife looked pleased!

Feminizer Disease Takes My Body Over

Chapter 10
By Terry Hansay

The Half-Lilin: Chapter 11

shaina.jpg Pat is back on familiar grounds. Returning as one messed up Lili, she finds comfort in a familiar face and learns a bit more about her past. This is the final chapter that sets the stage for the next chapter that would strengthen her resolve and help her make her final decision.

By the way, did she really left Earth for 80 years?

The Half-Lilin
Chapter 11

by Shin Eris

The Half-Lilin: Chapter 9

shaina.jpg "Mother said you will be difficult, but I never thought you would be so foolish as to fight back," she said just as she made a gesture with her right hand that sent me hurtling towards the wall to her right.

I smashed back-first at the wall at high speed. The pain was excruciating. I thought I must've broken my spine or pelvis. I managed to get up right before she sent me hurtling towards the souvenir cabinet along the opposite wall. This time I couldn't get up as the smashed cabinet was holding me in place.

The Half-Lilin
Chapter 9

by Shin Eris

The Half-Lilin: Chapter 7

shaina.jpg “I'm not a girl, Mother! The only thing girly about me is my long, beautiful hair!”

She looked at me. Then snapped her fingers, and said, “Easily remedied”.

I was confused, “What do you mean?”

She flicked her right wrist, “See for yourself”.

I felt the air become denser and soon enough, the air in front of me solidified becoming some sort of a mirror. My hands immediately flew to my crotch.

“It's gone!"

The Half-Lilin
Chapter 7

by Shin Eris

The Half-Lilin: Chapter 6

shaina.jpg She closed her eyes in bliss as she felt him spurt deep within her. With each spurt, her purrs got louder until it turned into growls. She turned her head down and moved her lips closer to his. Closer and closer she got, breathing in his scent, smelling the sweet aroma of the delicacy she'll be devouring. She oh so loved a well-cooked meal.

Then their lips connect.

The Half-Lilin
Chapter 6

by Shin Eris

The Half-Lilin: Chapter 5

shaina.jpg She felt as if an electric shock coursed through her. Finally her memory flooded back to her and she tried to back away from the man.

This can't be, she thought. It can't be him. I was about to have sex with him. This can't be happening.

Then she felt a hand touching her, and one word screamed in her mind. NO!!!

The Half-Lilin
Chapter 5

by Shin Eris

Desperately Seeking Stephanie

Inspired by, but not a direct copy of, one of my all time favourite films. When she wakes up in an anonymous hotel room after a nasty crack on the head, she doesn't know who she is, where she is, or even recognise her own face. But as always in Seacombe, one should not take things too seriously.

This story was first published on FictionMania, with just a few changes from the original.

The Half-Lilin: Chapter 2-4

shaina.jpg Lilin or lilim, are creatures of Jewish lore that was said to plague the dreams of men and kidnap children on their spare time. For countless ages, people feared the Lilim, as their powers of seduction and corruption was so undeniable that even the wisest men would fall at their feets. It was said that Lilith herself gave birth to these demonic creatures after her flight from Eden. She made a deal with God, that in exchange for her freedom, one hundred of her demonic children will die daily. And so it was said that everytime the sun rises, one hundred lilim will die. The Lilim learnt to hate the sun and spent their entire lives enjoying the night until the day it was their turn to be sacrificed for Lilith's freedom.
The Half-Lilin
Chapters 2-4

by Shin Eris

No Sad Tears

Cresswell Industries Chapters 70-71-72

Every Little Girl's Dream Chapters 1 - 5

Every Little Girl’s Dream
by Tanya Allan

Tom Stewart is a rough, tough, seasoned, twenty-nine year veteran Police Inspector. Used to command, a popular, dedicated family man, he is on the eve of his half-century and is coming to the end of his career. He has lived with a secret for most of his life, successfully managing it. With retirement, he stands to lose the major factor in that success and he is very uncertain about how he will control the hidden urges.

Jenny Adams, a sixteen year-old schoolgirl, has her whole life ahead of her. She is bright, sensitive and pretty, she has everything going for her. She is returning from a day’s shopping with her mother on a train. The train is derailed in tragic circumstances. Jenny’s mother is killed while Jenny sustains serious head injuries and is in a coma.

Inspector Stewart is aware of the incident, but not directly involved. Time, however, is perhaps up for Tom, as he is rushed to the same hospital in which Jenny lies on the brink of death.

One of them survives, but which one?

The Softening of Jessie - Part 49

Jessie realized how horrible he was. It’s funny how his actions seemed so wrong now that he looked back on them. How could he be so rotten to his mom, his teachers…everyone? He didn’t agree with the action taken by his mom to change him, but he did understand how she could be at her rope’s end.

“I promise you that I won’t deceive you any longer honey. I know that this is going to be difficult but I am here for you now. I will do whatever I can.”

“Thanks mom. I just need time to think about what I want to do…” Jessie replied as he hugged his mom and went up to his room.

The Softening of Jessie

Part 49

By AshleyTS

The Softening of Jessie - Part 46

“Now calm down Jessica…”

“My name is Jessie. I can’t believe that you and mom did this to me. You don’t care about me at all! Did you think I would never find out?!?”

“Honey, you need to believe that we did this for your own good.” Susan replied in a panic.

“My own good?!? Changing me into a girl was for my own good??? I was born a boy and what you did to me was destroy every ounce of my maleness! How can that possibly be good for me???”

The Softening of Jessie

Part 46

By AshleyTS

The Softening of Jessie - Part 45

“What the hell Jessie?!? You freaking fag! You became a girl and thought it was cool to trick me?!? “Jason angrily asked. He was seeing red. What were his friends going to think?!? He told so many of them about the pretty girl who had whacked him off the other day. He would be the laughing stock of the neighborhood!

“You didn’t know??? How did I trick you? What happened between us?!?” Jessie asked confused as much as ever. What the heck did he and Jason do?

Blinded by rage and embarrassment, Jason lost it.

The Softening of Jessie

Part 45

By AshleyTS

The Softening of Jessie - Part 44

As they sat there licking the cones Jessie started to feel at ease. He didn’t even realize that he was sitting with his legs crossed and was postured in an identical way to Ashley.

“Things are going to be alright Jess. It is a huge step that you actually aren’t in such a zombie-like state anymore. Even if your body is different than it used to be, you seem way more like yourself now than you have been.”

“Surprisingly I feel alright right now. It’s really weird that I feel ok, but I do.”

The Softening of Jessie

Part 44

By AshleyTS

The Softening of Jessie - Part 42

Jessie stood up and walked to the door mirror. He gasped as he saw the pretty girl looking back at him.

He examined his face which was downright pretty. His hair had grown so much! Thin, arched eyebrows? He continued in an almost surreal-like state. Breasts. He had breasts. No denying it. He lifted his nighty over his head and just stared. How? He reached to touch them. Red painted, perfectly manicured fingernails? This can’t possibly be real... but it is! His supple breasts gently swayed as he lifted them with his hands. They were real and they were a part of him. His hips curved out so much. If the breasts weren’t enough, the hips sure didn’t lie. He had a undeniable female figure!

This just couldn't get anymore worse!

The Softening of Jessie

Part 42

By AshleyTS

The Softening of Jessie - Part 41

“So you don’t remember anything?”

“Anything about what?”

“About being a boy?”

“I’ve been a girl my whole life Ashley. You and mom are kind of freaking me out with these boy questions.”

The Softening of Jessie

Part 41

By AshleyTS

The Softening of Jessie - Part 40

He felt Jason’s hand brush and then gently grab his upper thigh. As they continued to lock lips, Jessie was very conscious of Jason’s hand which slowly crept higher and higher on his thigh until it was reaching under his skirt. Should he stop Jason? Was there any harm? He continued to passionately kiss him and got lost in the moment.

Suddenly, he could feel Jason’s hand under his skirt and around his backside. Jason was tracing Jessie’s panties with his fingers. Jessie jumped back a little. This was getting too out of control!

The Softening of Jessie

Part 40

By AshleyTS

The Softening of Jessie - Part 36

This was Jessie's chance! He slid back into Jason's lap even further to the point that his rear end pressed firmly against Jason's hard penis. Jessie thought for a second at how gay that was...but wow it felt so right! It felt eerily natural to be drawn to a guy!

Jason on the other hand was filled with a mixed bag of complete ecstasy and total embarrassment. He was so concerned that Jessica was going to be offended that he had a hard on for her. On the other hand, she did slide back into him. He didn't know what to think! She was so beautiful. He wanted to grab her ass...was she wearing panties?

...Jessie's become Jason's girl! And she's turned out fine!...

The Softening of Jessie

Part 36

By AshleyTS

The Softening of Jessie - Part 35

Jason, on the other hand, was going through the roof. He was pressing up against the beautiful girl from behind. He tried to keep his mind from wandering as he showed her what to do. He wasn't very successful as he grew very excited. He quickly tried to show Jessie how to putt to avoid the embarrassment of his growing excitement.

Jason's instruction made sense! He was so cool Jessie thought. Did Jason have a roll of quarters in his pocket or something? Jessie wondered as he felt the hardness in Jason's pants press up against his rear end. He must have those quarters to play in the arcade later Jessie figured.

"Got it?" Jason asked as he quickly backed away hoping his pretty friend didn't realize that she had just given him a major boner.

...You know, I wish that I had Jessie as a girl!...

The Softening of Jessie

Part 35

By AshleyTS

The Softening of Jessie - Part 34

She thought about how unfair it was to rob a man of his masculinity. If only Jessie had been a good boy. He was on such a bad path in life. He did seem so happy now. Sure, it involved taking away any shred of maleness, but it was worth it...right?

"I feel great mom. I'm just nervous that Jason will not like me. I just want things to be like they used to between us. "

"I'm not sure if that's possible but I hope you two can be friends again."

"Me too mom."

...Wish I was holding her in my arms late, late at night...

The Softening of Jessie

Part 34

By AshleyTS

The Softening of Jessie - Part 33

"Come here pretty girl and let me see your pretty pretty panties!"

They wrestled back and forth a little and Jessie was stunned at how strong Ashley was. He had a hard time believing it, but she overpowered him as she wrestled him to the ground.

The two rolled around for a minute and Jessie grew even more embarrassed as his skirt kept flipping up around his back.

"Aha, those panties look mighty sexy Jess!" Ashley teased as she pinned Jessie down on his back holding his arms to the ground.

The Softening of Jessie

Part 33

By AshleyTS

The Softening of Jessie - Part 32

"I'm so excited Ashley! I want Jason and me to be just like old times again. I don't know why he thought I was a sissy...I don't know why he called me a fairy...all I know is that I'm going to make sure that I'm the same old Jessica that he used to love to hang out with. I'm the same guy and I'm going to prove it!"


"Ashley, please, please, please help me with my makeup?"

Same old Jessie huh?

The Softening of Jessie

Part 32

By AshleyTS

The Softening of Jessie - Part 31

"It's up to you Jess. Do you want to wear a skirt?"

"I think I do...what do you think Jason will be wearing?" Jessie asked finding himself confused about skirts, dresses and pants. Would Jason be wearing a skirt too? Jason is a boy so he can't wear a skirt. Wait...I'm a boy too but I am going to wear a skirt? Jessie's mind clouded.

The Softening of Jessie

Part 31

By AshleyTS

The Softening of Jessie - Part 30

"He wants to hang with me again? I'm shocked. I mean I thought he didn't like me anymore."

"Uh yeah. He really likes you. You don't want to hang with him though do you? I mean after how poorly he treated you?" Ashley replied playing along knowing that Jason really liked the new Jessie...the girl.

Jessie thought about it for a minute. Sure Jason was mean to him. He was downright evil to him when he was going through tough times awhile back. People change though right? Jason must have changed! Was his friend truly back?!?

...As she's watching me with those eyes, she could be loving me with that body...

The Softening of Jessie

Part 30

By AshleyTS

The Softening of Jessie - Part 29

One thing that made him uncomfortable however was all the strange looks he would get from boys. Girls didn't even seem to notice him but the boys kept staring him down. They did seem friendly though so he didn't feel threatened.

"Looking good" "Like that suit on you" "Hey girls, looking fine today" where some of the remarks from the boys who passed.

Jessie began to feel very good about himself. He wasn't used to all the attention and he found it nice. His step had a little more bounce in it...his ass gained a little more wiggle when he walked. He found that he enjoyed the attention.

The Softening of Jessie

Part 29

By AshleyTS

The Softening of Jessie - Part 28

"Really? Jason was actually nice to me today and Ashley said that it was because I had breasts. I don't know what the big deal is. Some boy's have breasts some boys don't," Jessie said matter-of-factly.

"No dear, only girl's have breasts. Boys have pecs which are hard and girls have breasts which are soft."

"But I have breasts and I'm a boy..." Jessie said as he became incredibly confused. He couldn't put two and two together and found his mind very clouded when he tried to figure it out.

The Softening of Jessie

Part 28

By AshleyTS

The Softening of Jessie - Part 27

"We had lunch and are just walking around and shopping a bit," Ashley replied when it struck her. Her brother didn't recognize Jessie! It made perfect sense! Jessie had changed so much in the last few weeks that he only looked like a pretty shadow of his former self. Jason was nervous because he was attracted to Jessie!


"Time to go...see you later little bro...Tata!" Ashley replied as she whisked Jessie away. The fact that her brother was openly flirting with his former best friend...who was blossoming into a beautiful girl was priceless!

...We're talkin' About Jason's Girl!...

The Softening of Jessie

Part 27

By AshleyTS

The Softening of Jessie - Part 26

She then brushed Jessie's hair and pulled it back into a ponytail tying it with a light blue ribbon.

"Amazing! How do you feel Jessica?" Ashley asked her unmistakably feminine friend. She decided to throw out the name Jessica to see if it would stick.

"I feel great...this dress is so airy and comfortable! Why did you call me Jessica though?"

...Jessie's a Girl, and I Wanna make her Mine!...

The Softening of Jessie

Part 26

By AshleyTS

The Softening of Jessie - Part 25

"Ok, I was wrong I guess. Thanks for letting me borrow one of your dresses Ashley."

Jessie gave her a big hug. He was so lucky to have such a great friend.

"Damn you are sexy!" Ashley replied as she reached under his dress and pinched his ass.

"Hey! Stop that!" Jessie yelled embarrassed and a little surprised at how easy it was for her to reach up under his skirt.

The Softening of Jessie

Part 25

By AshleyTS

The Softening of Jessie - Part 24

"Hey you two, time to wake up. You're going to sleep your life away," Amanda said as she walked into Jessie's room. She observed the two "girls" looking so sweet as the slept on the same bed. Her son had really blossomed into something very special.

"Mom! I can explain..." Jessie quickly replied knowing that he was in trouble for sleeping in the same bed as a girl.

The Softening of Jessie

Part 24

By AshleyTS

The Softening of Jessie - Part 23

"My hit my boob...and it hurt," Jessie complained once again. He didn't know why he had to repeat was pretty apparent that she had hit his breast.

"I really didn't mean to hit your breast...I know how much that hurts," Ashley apologized. She was amazed at how he suddenly was aware that he had breasts but didn't realize that boys don't have breasts.

"I know it was an accident. I was trying to take it easy on you cause you're a girl and I'm a guy but dang you don't fight fair!" Jessie said sarcastically.

"Well maybe I'm not used to the boy's I fight having boobs that get in the way," Ashley responded pushing the envelope a little.

The Softening of Jessie

Part 23

By AshleyTS

The Softening of Jessie - Part 22

"So what do you want to do?" Jessie asked. He felt a little uncomfortable being in the same room with such a pretty girl. He always thought of himself as the man but his nerves were getting the better of him.

"Well I think I should give you a makeover," Ashley replied as she pulled out her makeup box.

"A makeover? What do you mean?"

"Well you have to trust me ok? I want to have some fun with you."

The Softening of Jessie

Part 22

By AshleyTS

The Softening of Jessie - Part 21

"What's wrong?!?? What's wrong???!? What the hell is wrong with me??!!? Why am I dressed like this?!?? What...What the hell!!" Jessie frantically screamed as he noticed he was wearing a bra...He did manage to pull down the straps and get it off, only to be floored by what he saw...the visual site of two fleshy mounds protruding from his chest!

Jessie was a friend,
Yeah I know he was a good friend of mine.
But lately something's changed that ain't hard to define:
Jessie's turned into a girl and I want to make her mine.

As she's watching me with those eyes,
she could be loving me with that body, I just know it.
Wish I was holding her in my arms late, late at night.

You know, I wish that I had Jessie as a girl,
I wish that she was Jason's girl!

Comment made to The Softening of Jessie Part 39 by Jennifer Brock. Thanks Jennifer! :) (With apologies to Rick Springfield!)

The Softening of Jessie

Part 21

By AshleyTS

The Softening of Jessie - Part 20

As he looked at himself he remembered at how difficult it was to run earlier. Holy Moly! His ass was huge! He turned and twisted to get a better look, but whichever angle he had ended with, the same result. He had a big butt! Since when did he look like a pear? Hmmm, no wasn't a pear, he thought. His body reminded him of something else. That's it! An hourglass. He looked more like an hourglass in shape. How odd...he never thought of himself in that way!

He continued to stare, knowing in his gut that something was wrong. He knew that he looked different somehow, but he couldn't make sense of it. Was it his swollen chest? That might be it, but that was only a temporary problem, right? Sure his proportions had changed, but he really didn't have an issue with it, did he? This was getting frustrating. It was like knowing the answer to something and having it on the tip of your tongue, but not being able to remember it.

The Softening of Jessie

Part 20

By AshleyTS

The Softening of Jessie - Part 19

"Ouch! Try to be gentler," Jessie cried, although he found Scott's touch surprisingly comforting.

"Okay, I'm just rubbing your leg to see if I can lessen the pain. It looks like you may just get a small bruise from this," he replied as he caressed her nylon covered leg. Her soft skin coupled with the silky feeling of the pantyhose was enough to send Scott over the top. "Those pantyhose you have on must be bulletproof! They saved you from any broken bones," he joked.

Just then Jessie realized that this boy had found out that he was wearing pantyhose. What must Scott think of him? Oh crap! The pantyhose were not noticeable from afar but up close they were apparent... especially since Scott was touching them! How was he going to handle this? A boy wearing pantyhose??? What if Scott got the wrong impression that he was gay? Was Scott going to kick his ass or treat him like Jason did?

The Softening of Jessie

Part 19

By AshleyTS

The Softening of Jessie - Part 18

"Wow Jessie, you were such a brave girl! Your earrings look incredible too!"

"Thanks Ashley and I'm sorry for being such a cry baby."

"It's quite alright. First piercings are always rough. You were a brave girl!"

As Ashley paid for the earrings Jessie wandered out of the store in deep thought. Something wasn't right, but he just couldn't place his finger on it. What could it be? He was picking his brain trying to figure out where this deep rooted uncomfortableness came from, when suddenly... WHACK!

The Softening of Jessie

Part 18

By AshleyTS

The Softening of Jessie - Part 17

Jessie looked at the bra he was given to try out. He liked the color for sure. I mean who doesn't like light pink? He also liked the intricate detail on it...the tiny lace stitching, the flowers sewn into the center, the delicate straps.

He took off his top, then unloosed his bra, leaving his breasts dangling.

"Whoah! You have been eating your Wheaties, haven't you?" Ashley joked as she sat there open-jawed. On Jessie's chest hung two well formed breasts swaying gently as he moved. He must have grown a full cup size since she had seen them last!

Jessie quickly put the bra back on, feeling embarrassed.

The Softening of Jessie

Part 17

By AshleyTS

The Softening of Jessie - Part 16

In Jessie's clouded head, he assumed that all these men who were looking him up and down were trying to size him up to kick his ass, since he was with such a pretty girl - a pretty girl they wanted for themselves.

"What are you talking about? I just want to chat with you a bit, if that's cool," the boy explained.

"Really? Yeah, that's cool. I'm surprised you aren't like the rest of the guys in here. They keep looking me up and down like they want to kick my ass or something," Jessie expressed.

"Well, I'm sure they want to do something to you, but you can rest assured that it's not kicking your ass. I apologize for my can be dogs a lot of the time. I'm Scott by the way."

The Softening of Jessie

Part 16

By AshleyTS

The Softening of Jessie - Part 15

"Now why don't the two of you hug and make-up?" Ashley added.

"No way! I'm not hugging a dude!" Jason adamantly refused.

"Jason, I think you are being silly...I said WHY DON"T YOU TWO HUG?" Ashley firmly asked her brother knowing that she had him under her thumb. She loved seeing him squirm as well.

Jason begrudgingly agreed along with Jessie. The two gave each other a quick hug and that was that. Jessie felt a strange tingle when Jason embraced him. He didn't realize how strong Jason was and found himself blushing a bit. Jason on the other hand could have sworn that his former best friend felt like he had breasts. He had hugged enough girls to cop a feel and was shocked to find that Jessie's body reminded him of a girl's.

The Softening of Jessie

Part 15

By AshleyTS

The Softening of Jessie - Part 14

Suddenly a male model was called on the beach to do a take with one of the female models. Jessie's attention unknowingly switched focus from the girl on the beach to the male model. "Wow! That guy must have worked out tons to get that body!" he thought. As he watched the two partake in the photo session Jessie found himself observing an awful lot of the man. Look at those biceps and those abs…he felt himself getting a little flush. As Jessie continued to stare he found himself getting more and more aroused by the sight. His pretty painted hands found their way back to his chest and he began playing with his nipples. Whoa! Something about this felt very right indeed! He continued to caress his breasts as he stared down the male model. Look at how strong he is… amazing smile… what an ass!!!

The Softening of Jessie

Part 14

By AshleyTS

The Softening of Jessie - Part 13

"I think it's just cause your not used to wearing a nightgown and the pantyhose may be feeling different than the tights. How do you like your pantyhose anyway?" Amanda asked trying to change the subject.

"I was a little hesitant mom but I absolutely love them! It's almost like I'm not wearing anything. I like the feeling of the air flowing under my nightgown also. It feels cool especially when I do this."

Just then Jessie twirled around quickly several time as his nightgown ballooned up from the airflow.

"Wow, look at you. Maybe you should be taking up dancing," the ladies amused at his performance.

The Softening of Jessie

Part 13

By AshleyTS


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