Mannequin or Doll


Brooke was annoyed with her younger brother Kaleb. He had been annoying her and getting her into trouble all the time. So one day she wished she had a little sister who wouldn't annoy her as much and who she would have more control over so she ordered some kind of powder off some website a friend of hers told her would help. So when it came she slipped it in his soda he left on the table. So when he came back...

"Hey Brookiee." He said walking in grabbing the drink and guzzling it down. "What are you up to?" He asked.

Doll Rebirth

Taran get's a warning from a fortune teller.
She sees death in his future.
He has to flee as nefarious mages are eager to hunt him down.
Soon he has to face his fate. Had the warning come too late?

Watching MTV pt.2: Laura's Birthday

From that day when I was crossdressed as Kylie Minogue to now, there have happened too many things with the three of us. I became a little bit more outgoing, maybe not at school or at home, but at Steph’s and Laura’s house I was outgoing, they began to use me as their guinea pig for testing makeup looks, and by their suggestion I began to let my hair grow because they said it would look more cool like Tyson Ritter’s, yet I knew they wanted me to have longer hair to test hairstyles too.

South of Bikini 3: Episode 9- Things that go bump...

Resuming their original mission- that of finding Prof. Samuel’s missing Time Machine- Alex and company participate in a ghost hunt, where they provide most of the paranormal activity. How much will the Empress allow her fellow ‘poltergeists’ to enjoy the ‘witching hour’? How much will their newest sister, Akane, influence the mission? Later, Alex and Jack attend Prof. Samuels’ theoretical science lecture masquerading as her keynote speakers.

Come back soon...Part 6

Come back soon…Part six

I’m so in this daze but I a good one as mom has me in the chair first and my head leaning over it and into the sink. I’ve never dared going to a salon or a hair dresser it had always been a barber because honestly I didn’t trust my resolve in anything else.

Breaking down crying in one wouldn’t likely be the best thing.

But this is a Cinderella daze.

Like imagine if someone came in with you being poor as dirt and cleaning you up, making you look pretty and sending you off to have the same as all the other girls did.

It’d feel like a spell or magic right?

Teenage Robot Stories

Two stories based on My Life As a Teenage Robot

1: Sheldon house sits for the Wakeman's and finds Jenny's spare outer casing. Sexiness, hilarity, mistaken identity and attempts of superheroics ensue. Includes a brief reference to:

A commission to do Sheldon in an XJ-9 disguise again, this time using a test version of her adult body

Naming a Doll

Naming a Doll.jpg
Naming a Doll


A needle weaved in and out of the fabric creating intricate designs that only a master of their craft could achieve. Nimble hands carefully painted the eyes adding fine details. He slowly assembled each piece of the porcelain doll; each time the pieces clicked together it was like finishing a part of the puzzle. This was to be his final doll, a compilation of all his skill, imagination, and years of experience. It would be the perfect doll, his greatest masterpiece.

I, Vera

Allie Prequel 1: A Rare Opportunity

A Rare Opportunity
By Paul Calhoun

An Allie prequel conceptualized and paid for by bunnyman

Erika steals something Mark wants back. He and Connor go and get it but are caught by the girls and forced into a pony suit then dressed up. Their ordeal and escape give them greater understanding of themselves and their friends.

Cameo by Allie and Robert.

A barbie tale (a Jaci and Dottie story)

Andrea was worried. The roast in the oven was almost ready but she was not sure that they would like it. She was currently rubbing her hands back and forth, a nervous gesture of hers, as she waited for the roast to finish. She wondered for the 20th time if she should make a salad or maybe some desert.

Being that the trans support group meeting was to be held at her house for the first time she was understandably very worried. Would they think her place to masculine? To overly feminine? Was the bath towels clean? Did the girls rooms look okay? Would anyone think she was abusing them?


Sophia's Choice

Michael and Jason had been partners in a failed scientific venture. A few years later, when Michael’s wife left him, he blamed Jason. He then used the knowledge they had learned together in their laboratory to exact his revenge.

A New Life

A New Life

In 1999, Jennifer Adams wrote a story called "Stoned". I loved the story (if you've never read it, please do! I read it on FictionMania, and my story makes much more sense if you read "Stoned" first) but the ending was such a downer! Being the "fluffy bunny" that I am. I couldn't just leave it like that! I was actually just trying to work through some serious writer's block, and this came to mind. I hope you enjoy it, and Jennifer, if you're still out there, thank you for such a great story for me to start with!

Seasons of Bailey: Autumn - Part 2

Bailey suffers through another ordinary day at school,
feeling his Friday night rendezvous at the mall draw ever closer.
Pressure for him to hide his girly identity from Jason builds,
as the mysterious writer of the letter slips another note into Tiffany's art box.
When he finds that everything may intersect at the same place and time,
he starts to have serious reservations about the evening…

Seasons of Bailey

Part 2

By Taylor Ryan
Copyright © 2011 Taylor Ryan
All Rights Reserved.

Marilyn's Impossible Dream, or She's So Pretty -- Chapter 3

Marilyn’s Impossible Dream, or She’s So Pretty -- Chapter 3
By Katherine Day
Copyright 2010

(Evelyn wonders whether she’s been a good mother to her son as she ponders his fate as a girlish boy, but finds romances — two of them — in unexpected places. Merritt is still the joy of the Buckner household)

Marilyn's Impossible Dream, or She's So Pretty -- Chapter 2

Marilyn's Impossible Dream, or She's So Pretty -- Chapter Two

(Evelyn and her lovely son find a home with the wealthy Mrs. Buckner and her two girls and the boy is fascinated with a Shirley Temple doll, something every little girl wanted in the 1930s)


A Christmas Diary -5- Cleaning Day

Who wants to be the best daughter in the world?

A Christmas Diary
Part 5: Cleaning Day

Tom's Christmas Diary

By Little Katie

Part Five: Cleaning Day

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