Identity Theft

Miss Perfect Part 1

Miss Perfect Part One
The Serial: Part One
By Stanman63
Melanie Ezell's Big Closet Ultimate Writer's Challenge
Thanks To Melanie Ezell's Big Closet Ultimate Writer's Challenge For Inspiration
SynopsisI am now the girl that I am a girl .I always wanted to be

Hereditary Traits

Forced To Be A Girl

Accidental Mother

Accidental Mother
By Stanman63
Thanks To JennaFL For Proofing And Nora Adrienne for editing
Synopsis: After the accident that turned Adrien Renee Calhoun into a girl, she married her best friend Ryan Foster, not expecting the Blessing of Motherhood.

Schoolgirl Mixup

"Where do you think you’re going dressed like that young lady?" My grandmother asked me. I was poised outside of her house door dressed like most boys my age for school at the Smithsonian Private School. White short-sleeve dress shirt, school tie, blue pants that matched the darker blue blazer, dark socks in black dress shoes. I was caught poised with one foot in the air. I didn't have my new pink schoolbag either with the Hello Kitty on it.

The Pink ops 2

Look I have no interest in this type of story

Of course I have a choice..

Oh you think so do you..

Let that go! That's mine you can't....

Okay fine! But I am doing this under protest!

I was huddled in the corner of the room as usual. I heard the door open and someone entered.

"Jessie?" I know that voice.

"James?" hope beyond hope.

"Yes Jessie its me."came the gentle reply of my former dormmate.

I got up and looked for him. There was James Patterson just in the entrance of my prison cell. I ran to him and clutched him like a liferaft of hope.

The Mercy Seat -1-

Author's note-the song is not mine and I make no money from it.

It all began when they took me from my home
And put me on Death Row,
A crime for which I am totally innocent, you know.

Not Death Row anymore, but Swap Row, but many prisoners prefer to call it
by the old name, as the result is the same. When you go to the swap chair
, also known colloquially as the "mercy seat" you may not be fried as in
the electric chairs of old, but you'll still die. A total identity death
with all your memories changed to that of your victim and your very body


I sat there crying through my tears as I stared at the debris of what had
once been Emma's life- piles of books and makeup and clothing all spread
around her room whilst we decided what to give up and what to give away or
sell at a car boot sale. Emma had been a great sister to me even though we
did not always get on well together, and we had created an entire
imaginary world together. That was before the cancer got her. After that
she went downhill very fast, losing her hair to the attempts at treatment.
Despite her doctor's advice, she started drinking alcohol near the end to

The Replacement -2-

"Amber, what are you doing? Anything you could use to cut off your GPS
bangle, cut yourself or hurt others has been taken away until you can be
trusted, Princess. I want you to come to the fruit shop with me hand in
hand and we can buy some tasty fruit together, no need to wear a coat, it
is summertime and people would stare at you," Helen said, taking my hand.
"Oh, and the controller button is set on a 10 and I have it with me so
don't try and escape or call for help or you will get the shock of your
life, young lady."

With a firm grip Helen pulled me, her faux daughter,

The Replacement -1-

It had taken a lot of bribes, just to get hold of him. And then the surgery had cost a lot more, but for the parents, it was worth it to have their Amber back again. They knew that he would not want to replace her, which was why they had implanted a little electro-shock device into him for training purposes. As well as that, a bangle that *she* could not take off contained a GPS device so they would know where their little princess was at all times. They waited for *her* to wake so they could attach the hair extensions and tell *her* her fate.

Fooled Again

Fooled Again
By Stanman63
April Fool's Day Story
Synopsis: This Genie just can't help falling for the same trick every time. Tommy and Sarah help Jesse to realize her dream by once again calling upon the Genie.

Slacker Part 3

Part Three


In which Marnie makes new friends, contacts an old friend, and a mystery guest signs in...

I would like to thank my Beta Readers, Bailey Summers and Lisa Danielle for their input and ideas. I'd also like to thank all of you for giving me a place to share my work. Last but not least, I'd like to thank my lovely Muse, Dani for everything she is.
All characters Copyright 2011 - 2012 BolaDesign Studios. Image Copyright SuperArtistbOy.

Harry Potter and the Curse of the Emerald Witch - Part II


‘’There, look!’’
‘’Next to Ron Weasley of course!’’
‘’Wearing the glasses? It can’t be!’’
‘’Did you see what he looks like now?’’
‘’Yeah I know, creepy isn’t it?’’

Whispers followed Harry from the moment he left the abandoned girls lavatory three weeks before. He is still a girl. People queuing outside classrooms stood on tiptoe to get a look at him, or doubled back to pass him in the corridors again, staring, gaping at the new female Harry. He wished they wouldn’t but at this point it he was used to it.

Be Careful What You Switch For

Be Careful What You Switch For
By ashes

James and Jane are fraternal twins, but James wishes they were identical. He's about to get his wish for one night only as he takes Jane's place at a frat party. Sometimes wishes come true.

The Portal - A TWILIGHT ZONE story

Neanderthals"You're traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind; a journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of the imagination. Next stop: THE TWILIGHT ZONE." - Rod Serling

The Portal - A TWILIGHT ZONE story
By Anon Allsop

Eric Covington's anger at a colleague had built into a rage, forcing him to commit the unthinkable and taking a life, murdering Doctor Goodwill. Eric attempts to escape justice by using a portal developed by his murder victim. However, for Eric, he's about to find out what happens, when the portal leads directly inside...THE TWILIGHT ZONE.

[Warning - Contains a Rape]

SRU: My Best Christmas

SRU: My Best Christmas

By Stanman63
Thanks To Nora-Adrienne For Editing!

Synopsis:When Matt loses everything, his best friend gives him a most wonderful gift that keeps on giving.

Beware The Reaper's Wrath - A TWILIGHT ZONE story

"You're traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind; a journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of the imagination. Next stop: THE TWILIGHT ZONE."

- Rod Serling

Beware The Reaper's Wrath
A Twilight Zone story

By Anon Allsop

Kenny Odholm was a thug. His entire existence rode upon the backs of the less fortunate. He was a parasite of the worst degree. Inside Kenny's cold, calculating heart beat the blood of pure evil. He murdered for the first time at the age of thirteen, and his second was at the age of fifteen. His gang affiliations had not helped his cause, as they too had become prey to Kenny's brutal lust for power.

Many thought Kenny would meet his demise at the business end of a policeman's revolver, or perhaps by the electric current at a prison in one of the many states where he was wanted. Unfortunately, Kenny wouldn't meet his fate in any of those forms, for life had a much more cruel form of punishment waiting for the likes of Kenny. A fate found only when he crossed the threshold of...The Twilight Zone.

My Terror

My Terror
By Stanman63
Edited By Nora Adrienne
After finishing his role as a Christmas Elf, Ronald Leonard Montgomery finds himself facing a terror from his families past that took his parents. Now he must defeat it, or be killed.

Forbidden Planet

Forbidden Planet
By Stanman63
Edited By NoraAdrienne
Synopsis: In the future, Explorer Marshall Dupree lands on a planet for repairs, to find a dark secret that grants him his wish at the cost of who he is.

Silver Blood:Green Fury

Silver Blood:Green Fury
By Stanman63
Edited By Nora Adrienne

Synopsis:Hollis Greene is a botanist working upon new strains of blight resistant wheat for areas prone to blight only to find himself turned into a living nightmare of living plant..

Slacker Part 2

Part Two


Esther is certain she can remake her good for nothing, slacker of a son into a worthwhile and industrious member of society. Artie… well…

Slacker Part 1

Part One


Esther is certain she can remake her good for nothing, slacker of a son into a worthwhile and industrious member of society. Artie… well…

Reaction, Unexpected

Reaction, Unexpected

One side of a conversation. Caution... very dark.

Author's note... this is something that has been rattling around my head for some time.
please understand that this is a) my first attempt at a short story and b) very dark.
Warning, contains references to mental illness and suicide... use caution!
Thank's to Bailey and Darkice for the beta read.

One Good Turn

If you're browsing here, you're familiar with all the body-swap story mechanisms, and then what's interesting is how people deal with the result. This has a familiar theme if you've read 'Sometimes Justice Just Works', but I was pleased with the variation and where it went, and finally decided to let it out into the world anyway.

Without a Trace - Part 15: The Final Chapter

Without a trace part 15
this is the last chapter of without a trace, being so it will also be the longest where certain threads that have been pulled will be knitted into the garment.
Back to school and into the hall.......

After five minutes walking the sound of children reciting the Pledge of allegiance greeted their ears. Kylie groaned inwardly this was the one thing she hated about junior high school but she realised that to get any results that she would have to play the part perfectly.

Sweet Dreams-8...I'll never have them

Sweet Dreams I’ll Never Have Them…8

Chapter 8

I’m actually shaking by the time I get out of the Starbucks and through the other set of doors and into The Renaissance Center, it’s kind of this high end mall kind of place that’s been around forever. I even knew about this place living in my neighborhood. It kind of went through this slump when most of downtown did too but has come back into it’s own with that whole push to revitalize old Detroit.


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