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Nora Brought Out the Best in Her

Nora Brought Out the Best in Him

By Jessica C

(This is an different story for me, but one that underlies those who waited for others to give them direction or make decisions for them. Hopefully in time each of us accepts who we are and learns to live with oneself.)

Transitioning To College 4

In this concluding chapter in the story of Taylor’s
unusual strategy to get into Northwestern University,
the pretending becomes so much more.

Saturday night, as a guest at a wedding,
becomes a date with fate!

Transitioning to College
Part 4

by Nina Adams

Copyright © 2013 Nina Adams
All Rights Reserved.

Angel Season One, Episode 15 (The Hero and the Terror Part I)

Angel Season One,
Episode 15 (Season One Finale, The Hero and the Terror Part 1)

by G.M. Shephard

Copyright  © 2012 G.M. Shephard

Dwayne flees with Ashley leaving Liz and Reid trapped in the bunker with time running out. Michael terribly alone, having finally given up, celebrates his anniversary by drinking away his pain and dressing up in his wife's clothes.

Naming a Doll

Naming a Doll.jpg
Naming a Doll


A needle weaved in and out of the fabric creating intricate designs that only a master of their craft could achieve. Nimble hands carefully painted the eyes adding fine details. He slowly assembled each piece of the porcelain doll; each time the pieces clicked together it was like finishing a part of the puzzle. This was to be his final doll, a compilation of all his skill, imagination, and years of experience. It would be the perfect doll, his greatest masterpiece.

Strings of Sighs

When the cellist doesn't turn up for the rehearsal of their school's string quartet, the girls decide they need a stand in. The problem is, the only other decent cellist they know is the second violin's brother.


Double Trouble

Love and Old Books...Part Five The Finale

Love and Old Books…Finale

It changed everything that weekend and I mean it changed everything…

I will remember that night forever but the next day too. I woke up and it was chilly even with it being summer but the smell of the water coming in off the beach was still heavy in the air and there’s nothing like it really the smell of salt water that close. It mixed with the sounds of the waves hitting the beach and the smell of us, of Valerie sleeping there beside me.

I rubbed some more thankful, so thankful wetness from my eyes with my thumb and then I rolled over and spooned her wrapping an arm around her and the blankets and just holding her.

Smelling her skin, her hair.

There are some perfect moments in this world.

At the Prom

Jerry Nicholas wants to prank his high school's prom despite his best friend, Fred Paxton's, request that he behave. Jerry gave his friend his word -- sort of -- but where there's a will AND a fairy grandmother, there's a way

I, Vera

Trans. Plant. Heart. Chapter 5

Oh, my God - I'm in love with him! I - I can't be in love with him!

Trans. Plant. Heart.
Chapter 5

by **Sigh**
Copyright © 2013 plaintivesigh
All Rights Reserved.

Pop Pop and the Unexpected Bridesmaid - Part 4 - Mom Wants Her Daughter

Several officials, two were security from the National Parks and one was with the FBI, were still insistent we leave or be arrested… “Before you disband or arrest us you might want to check with officials from the Senate as they were invited to speak before the Senate.”

Pop Pop’s phone rang; he became sad and began to approach me… Pop Pop took my hand and asks me to sit and I knew it was something else. “Tell me, I’m not a baby, I want to know what’s up.”

Alex in Wonderland - 4

Alex always wanted to be a girl.
He gets his wish when he wakes up on an alien world.
Alex in Wonderland
Chapter 4
Sweet Sixteen

I nodded agreement, giving a nervous laugh, replying quietly. “Well we're in the same boat then. I never thought I'd be a Princess in her Giftsun Parade.”

The Voice Backstage

The Voice Backstage
Anam Chara

When the theatrical arts teacher wants to cast Danny for a role in Shakespeare’s most popular play, how will he manage the thespian challenge?

Fairyland Trail, Part 12

Community Acceptance

McKenzie finally understands Aunt Karen's motivations. Ms. Byland organizes an event that shows McKenzie some wonderful things about her hometown. This episode concludes a story that began long ago with a hike on the Fairyland Trail.
Bryce Trail.jpg

The Panic Before Part 1 - A Jaci and Dottie Story

Jacilynn was trying very hard to keep her emotions down today. The minutes slipped by far to fast for her. Although their regular school had let them out for the holidays yesterday today Jaci and Dottie were attending the Barbie Princess Charm School meeting.

The trip home. Part 6

Beth was once again staring at the 50's outfit in the window of Rosy's after exiting the restaurant. She didn't know why but she found the outfit calling to a part of her somehow. The long wide skirt with its white lace trim and silly little bear picture on it just looked so special. The white pullover sweater with its deep v neck opening and puffy sleeves in a material that was no doubt itchy to wear as it looked fuzzy. The skirt had a wide waistband and the mannequin had a gauze scarf in light pink with sparkles around its neck.

Mountain Drive


Nikki has a long drive to her parent's for Christmas Eve break and would be the first time seeing her Father in over a year.
The snow was piling up and the drive worse than she ever imagined...

will she make it home?

Mountain Drive

by Nikki Thong

Copyright © 2012 Nikki Thong
All Rights Reserved.

A .pdf file is attached for those who want to download and read it later. If you do, Just please remember to vote if you enjoyed my story, thanks! ~ Nikki

Going home.

The last thing I remember was walking into my cheap apartment after a rowdy night with the guys. This is pretty much the same as every other night when one goes to a university in which your parents are paving the way for you. I was to graduate from university in another month or two. My grades were all top scores, which is kinda hard to not get when your two apartment mates have been various tutors in the subjects you were taking. My only escape from the horrid life dictated by my parents before I was even out of the crib was partying.

Fairyland Trail, Part 10

Bryce Trail.jpg
Coming Out In Public

The custody decree is final and Mom no longer has to worry about interference from McKenzie’s father. Aunt Karen suggests they use the afternoon mall visit as a coming-out experience, and this causes a range of reactions from the small-town community.

Change of Summer Camps – 6

Change of Summer Camps — 6

By Jessica C

Willy went to Camp ArrowHead, but got to be a Rainbow Camper after he got into some mischief... Now at Camp Rainbow, it's time for payback to those who ran out... Willy/Patti had given her word to try and make his agreement to the discipline work... But he never expected this...


A Charm School Uniform - A Jaci and Dottie story

Lil Jacilynn walked into her room at the house Andrea (Drea to friends) DiMaggio. Her sister Dorothy (Dottie to friends) had been left behind at school chatting with friends about the upcoming dance recital. Dottie was nervous in the extreme about dancing with boys.

Allie Sequel 1: Roads Traveled Again

Roads Traveled Again
By Paul Calhoun

After an Event which will for the time being be only eluded to, the boys retire Allie and even block her from their memories for five years. Then an unwise comment starts the whole thing up again only this time Allie can bend over without coming to pieces and is a whole hell of a lot more interested in sex than in trouble. Well, sometimes. Sometimes she's interested in clothes and sometimes in just being an older female. It really depends because now the gestalt Allie has broken into her component boys' personalities.

Twice As Mice

Twice As Mice
By Paul Calhoun

A pair of mice have to infiltrate a cat party and find out that this week's glamour girl cat wasn't going. You can guess what happens given this season's theme.

'Till There Was You

tilltherewasyou.jpgSynopsis: It had been years since Chris had imitated pop singer Princess Kristiana. When he does so at his aunt's birthday party, he is shunned by his cousin Pete. But it won't be long before Pete is desperately longing to get into Chris's panties.

This is another story from the Ten Years of Big Busts archives. All people are entirely fictitious. Warning: contains humour, sex and crossdressing. Don't read it if you don't like such things.

by Charlotte Dickles

Belle of the ball 23

The sun was shining from an odd angle as I woke up. I was warm but felt cramped. I struggled with a thicker comforter and arms before I was able to see that I was in my parents bed. Sam was on one side of me with daddy on the other side of her. Mother was on my other side. I do not remember how I got here nor how I got into my lavender silk pajamas. I did know that my bladder was calling for immediate attention. I padded out of bed being careful not to disturb any of my family.


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