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Hide In Plain Sand - Part 2


Angel returns and finds himself caught in several webs of intrigue. New characters get introduced, old ones return and the face of the adversary begins to emerge.

Part 2 of 5. Fifth installment of the Angel series. Lafey Family appears courtesy of Lavyril Exquisite Productions and were fabulous, just fabulous!

Alternate Players


Action, romance and intrigue find Robert and Jenny as their lives are turned sideways by a chance encounter with a mysterious multi-reality artifact.

Does NOT contain furries, fem-dom, high school, cheerleader revenge squads,mall shopping, diapers, psychotic moms and 'boys who are frequently assumed to be girls by people with normal eyesight and mental acuity'.

Raised in SLC - chapter 8



The things we girls have to go through in order to look good,
Boys just don’t understand, or appreciate.
How does one introduce a Princess?
What does it mean to be a friend?

Raised in SLC - chapter 7


Time flies when you're having fun, if you’re in trouble, or if you're trying to solve a mystery.
What do you mean MY graduation?
By the way, can I take this handsome guy home with me?

The Little One

The Little One

Book One

By Richard Sinep

 © 2006, by Richard Sinep. All Rights Reserved. These documents (including, without limitation, all articles, text, images, logos, and compilation design) may not be printed for personal use. No portion of these documents may be stored electronically, distributed electronically, or otherwise made available without the express written consent of the copyright holder, Richard Sinep.

Raised in SLC - chapter 1


Re-edited August 23, 2006.

The beginning was a beautiful time, filled with mystery and discovery.
If we are lucky, someone will discover that we are struggling, who
will lovingly help and guide us as we grow.

High School Confidential


Another Big Closet Top Shelf story. Synopsis: Did you go to your high school prom? If you needed a date for the prom, what would you do? Desperate times call for desperate measures.



by Laurie S. aka l.satori

Our Son Nick

“The parody is the last refuge of the frustrated writer. Parodies are what you write when you are associate editor of the Harvard Lampoon. The greater the work of literature, the easier the parody. The step up from writing parodies is writing on the wall above urinals.” - Ernest Hemmingway.


Fathers' Day


Mike had a love/hate relationship with Marcie. The fact that Marcie shared his body made this difficult at times, but Mike's wife and sons, with the help of Vaingirls, found a way to help.

The Scholarship - Part 1


A transfer student discovers his new high school's scholarship program and its unusual rules. Warning the Explicit Content rating is due a violent sexual assault scene. It is not erotic nor is it intended to be.

Note: This story was originally written and posted in 34 parts over two months in the spring of 2003. This version has been revised, edited, and had substantial additions to the 2003 version.


The Scholarship
By Julie O.

Part 1 of 3


My Funny Androgyne

My Funny Androgyne


 © 2005 by Nom de Plume


What will Donna Mae Trix get her girlfriend for Valentine’s Day? Could a cruise be the cure for the wintertime blues? The continuing misadventures of Miss Anne Thrope, by the author of The Jessica Project.

Turbulence - Back to School

Synopsis: Iona Beddau, previously Roger Lyons, is back. She's asked to go undercover in a local high school in order to help track down a drug dealer who may also be a succubus. This will require her to be transformed into a teenager.

I Can See For Miles Part 2 (End)

Part 2- I Can See For Miles

Fourth Story in the Angelverse

By Tyrone Slothrop

The story winds to it's conclusion

Chapter 14: To The Mattresses: High Sierras, Northern California- September

I Can See For Miles - Part 1

I Can See For Miles

By Tyrone Slothrop- Fourth Story in the Angelverse

Author’s Note: This is the fourth Angel story and he needed lots of help for this mission. Even when I threw in characters from my previous work into the mix, we still needed more. I then reached out to other authors who had created heroic figures with a similar purpose. You will see a series of works attached to this story, all launching off the same assignment detailed in chapter 20. I can tell you we had fun doing it- Tyrone Slothrop

Lamb And Lion

Lamb And Lion

By Tyrone Slothrop- an Angelverse story

Predators and prey, prey and predators. One good turn deserves a……hero

Winter Is The Season Of Endings

Winter Is The Season Of Endings

By Tyrone Slothrop- an Angelverse story

Parody is in the eye of those connected to the oxen being gored. Angel descends to visit a very strange lady…..

A Christmiss Story

A Christmiss Story

 © 2004 by Nom de Plume

Will our scoundrel-turned-damsel survive the office holiday party? What will she find in her Christmas stockings? The continuing misadventures of Miss Anne Thrope, by the author of The Jessica Project.

The Unicorn Club: Part 2 - Lawful Touch

"I'm a unicorn, Mom. It's a type of horse with a bloody great horn sticking out of it's forehead. There are two extremely handsome stallions that are ready to fight to the death over me when the time is right, and I don't -- do you hear me? I will not date outside my own species."

The Unicorn Club

Part Two - Lawful Touch

by Andy Hollis


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