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No Obligation, Part 11

Becca's reaction to her newfound abilities is pushed aside by the discovery that Heather is not alone -- and Becca's faith in the essential goodness of humanity is sorely tested when she meets one of her adversaries face-to-face.

No Obligation
Part 11

by Randalynn

"What Are Little Girls Made Of?"

The Wardrobe


This is the story of a middle-aged man who's been fighting the voices in his head telling him he's really a girl, and what he does when he hears a new . . . yet strangely familiar voice. This story is loosely based on the Chronicals of Narnia. It's intended to stand alone, although I may add to it some time after I finish writing Bobby's Rainy Day Adventure.

Stark: Due Process


In a break from tradition, Stark lets the law take down her target -- but when it comes to cruel and unusual punishment, Stark is the judge and jury. In her court, you have the right to remain silent ... but she'd really prefer it if you'd scream.

The Little One

The Little One

Book One

By Richard Sinep

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Bobby's Rainy Day Adventure: Chapter IX


It's a brand new morning for Bobby: a time for secrets to be revealed and sisterhood to be discovered. It's also a day for his father to return ... this time with the law on his side.

Bobby's Rainy Day Adventure: Chapter VIII


Aunt Joan surprises Bobby when he finds himself in an embarassing situation, and Cori finally reveals what she's hiding in her closet.

BotC: -6c- Who's Plan is it Anyway?



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Danny sipped a warm cup of tea and blinked her bright blue eyes across the room as she focused on her surroundings with interest and curiosity about what this place was, perhaps for the first time she could even remember.

Bobby's Rainy Day Adventure: Chapter VII


Bobby is reunited with two people he thought he'd never see again, but Cori, Terri and Aunt Joan seem to have disappeared. Could they have been part of the dream he's woken from? If so, then why is he still wearing a frilly pink dress?

BotC: -3c- A Knock on the Door

No sooner had Danny stood up when suddenly there came a knocking at the front door downstairs. The ring pulsed a few times sending a strange warmth through the new little girl's hand and she froze there where she stood and her mouth open wide as if some inner being within her was about to speak. The odd sensation quickly passed however and she blinked her eyes and shook her head as if she suddenly awoke from a strange little daydream.

BotC: -2c- Magic in the Closet

With his parents gone and his sister, Penny, away at college, Danny anxiously entered his sister's room to snoop around at his leisure without fear of being caught.

He went right to her bookshelf searching for his Braldron IX video game cartridge that he was almost sure his sister had swiped from his room the last time she had the house alone to herself. Then again maybe his mom or dad finally carried through on their threat to ground him from his favorite video game after that prank he pulled last week on Jimmy Nellings, the little eight year old twirp down the block. Sticking gum on the kid's bicycle seat. It was only in retaliation for the little brat having done the same thing to Danny the previous day but even so the rotten little tattle tail, Jimmy, went and told Danny's mom about it and not too long after that the video game cartridge mysteriously vanished.

Bobby's Rainy Day Adventure: Chapter VI


Bobby *finally* gets to see his mother in the hospital ... while wearing his new friend's dress. Just as he starts coping with her reaction, the last person Bobby wanted to see bursts in and winds up trying to drag him away.

Bobby's Rainy Day Adventure: Chapter IV


In chapter four Bobby has fun playing 'Mommy and Baby' with Cori until Terri bursts into Cori's room with some shocking news.

Stark: Childhood's End


Stark's search for the legendary Medallion of Zulo leads her to a playground in a park, and a little girl who isn't -- or shouldn't be. It's rescue, not revenge this time for our heroine, but is she truly up to the task? And who's rescuing who, exactly?

Not So Little Little Girls


Synopsis: Little Miss Muffin has been selling upscale dresses for little girls since 1958. Sales were nearly flat last year. Ms. Pennyworth, owner and president of LMM has discovered, thanks to her sister, a new market she believes can raise those numbers again. What Ms. Pennyworth needs now is someone to help her tap into that marketing. Of course, if you're going to start selling little girl dresses to guys, you're going to need a guy to promote those sales? Mark, Ms. Pennyworth believes, is just that guy.

No Obligation, Part 5

Becca, formerly Jack, contemplates a job offer from the Universe, and considers whether she is truly worthy of the position they wish her to fill.

No Obligation
Part 5

by Randalynn

"Get A Job, Or Peter Parker's Lament."

Goddess Rhiannon


Rhiannon, the ancient Celtic goddess, doles out punishment to an abusive father. But what will become of his battered son? Meet the Erotic Mistress Rhiannon in her adventure with the Uber buff Dawn Whitham and the diminutive, sexy Lovette.

No Obligation, Part 4

The demon thing brags about her latest victory, erasing the memory of Jack's ill-fated bargain from the minds of his family and leaving him trapped as baby Becca with no way to communicate. But from the depths of her voiceless despair, Becca realizes there may still be a way to win.

No Obligation
Part 4

by Randalynn

"Victory Through Defeat, Or A Paradox Beats A Joker Every Time."

No Obligation, Part 3

Jack encounters a possible ally, adjusts somewhat to life as Becca, and learns the demon thing hasn't forgotten its defeat -- or Jack's weak spot.

No Obligation
Part 3

by Randalynn

Bearly holding his own, or "A Paws in the Action.""

No Obligation, Part 2

Tricked into becoming a six-month-old baby girl, Jack Barnes tries to adjust to his new life as Becca, along with his family. His first major hurdle -- surviving his first day as an infant in more than forty years.

No Obligation
Part 2

by Randalynn

Daddy does Daycare, or "Sometimes you get the bear ..."

No Obligation, Part 1

Another BigCloset TopShelf story, and my first ever completed TG tale. Jack's early-morning trip to the supermarket winds up a textbook example of why there truly is "no such thing as a free lunch." A cautionary tale about not being able to read the fine print in a verbal contract, and the dangers of a free demon-stration.

No Obligation
Part 1

by Randalynn

“The worst part of dancing with the devil is his tendency to want to lead.”

Don Venuto's Sissies!


Synopsis: "If you can't change your boy to be like other boys, then simply change the other boys to be more like your boy!" Capo De Matzo said to his Don in that low soft spoken gravely voice of his. His Don, Don Venuto, nodded and laughed. Don Venuto laughed, because he was about to make those boys teasing his son an offer that they couldn't refuse.

Accidental Girl


Synopsis: When a guy dresses like a girl the rest of the world begins debating the right and wrong of it along with the reasons why. Some will argue that it's nature as the cause. Others will tell you it's nurturing as the reason. No one, in either group, is going to agree completely that someone becomes a transsexual simply by accident. Things like that just do not happen that way, and isn't that funny.

Society Of Sissies


Synopsis: Mark was going to his first collage party flattered he was even invited given he wasn't very typical or even average for a male and a freshman besides. His landlady Rose insisted he go if for no other reason than to make a few new friends. Mark walked off happily as Rose watched. In a few hours he would return Rose mused nervously as she took up the phone. "Society of Sissies" Jennifer answered on her private number. "He's on his way," Rose said.


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