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Trailer Park Baby Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Sarah

I left his trailer and thought a lot about what had happened. In reality I hadn't bought the diapers for him, but for one of the kids in the park that I baby-sit. But the more I thought about it, the more I thought about how cute he had looked crying about the dog after he wet the diaper. I was surprised that he didn't argue more about wearing the diaper in the first place. I thought more about him, how cute he had looked and decided to see if I could him back into diapers on a more regular basis.

Trailer Park Baby Chapter 1

Trailer Park Baby

Part I: Infant

Chapter 1: Dave

I had just finished college and was looking for a cheap place to live, when I saw the ad for a mobile home for rent. I had lived in the dorms and an apartment and was tired of either seeing everyone’s or having everyone see my comings and goings. I went to see about renting the place and was surprised by the owner. She was about six-two, I on the other hand was just under five foot and didn't weigh one hundred pounds soaking wet. Inside the office I said, "I'm here about the mobile home for rent."

Without a Trace - Part 13

Without a trace part 13....

Battle lines

Across the city from where the now complete investigation team was sitting drawing up their battle plan, Doctor Eva Delving sat watching the tapes from the close circuit television. She had seen her two minions take that recalcitrant boy dressing him as though he was a newborn and put him in the back of the centres and Mark White Van. She smiled as they had followed her instructions to the letter and now possibly with the hypnotic suggestions that she had implanted in their latest victim's mind reading the police a stray.

The Rescue 2

This is a follow on from The rescue. It explores what happens to Beverly in the following year of her life.

The rescue 2

Beverly Taff. Transvestite
James or Jamie Transgendered kid.
Candice Jamie’s Younger Sister.
Sergeant Williams Hate crime police officer
David Evans Knife-boy. (Son of Dewi Evans.)
Margaret Beckinsale. Jamie and Candice’s mum. (AKA Madge.)
Sandie Beverly’s best Transvestite friend.
Elizabeth Todd Beverly’s next door neighbour.

Without a Trace - Part 11

Without a trace part 11 … The Monsters loose

On the outskirts of the city at Rogers Hall Dr Eva Delving sat behind her desk looking at a bank of monitors. Her face drawn in its permanent scowl, Miss Francis stood behind her looking at the monitors showing the wing where their victims/subjects were housed. The two of them were looking at one feed in particular and Eva was almost growling.

“Well Danine seems this one is a lot tougher to break?” Eva pointed at the screen.

Without a Trace - Part 10

Without a trace part 10: operation flytrap continued....

Whilst Mom and kylie talked Jan and her partner were talking to the young female officer. They gently probed for the reasons why she had tried to attack the young girl.

A Spirited Emergence - Episode 10

Girl in eye
A Spirited Emergence
Episode 10: Revenge is sweet

by D.L.

Copyright  © 2010 D.L.
All Rights Reserved.

Never annoy a perfect mimic. You don't know what they might get up to while pretending to be you.

Kelly's Journey-Book 2-Chapter 2-Possibilities

Kelly's Journey
Book 2

By Stanman63

Edited By Nora Adrienne with Special Thanks To JennaFl For Proofing
and to Heather Rose Brown for the Illustration!

Synopsis: Kelly is given a very thorough scan to determine if she can have children as her family learn the good news about Debbie, giving them hope for Kelly, too.


The Runner Part 2

The Runner Part 2

By Trashy Trisha

The first year of Tammy’s gender change proved to be most challenging. After all, finding her inner girl was not exactly on her original wish list. But, with the help of her mother, who always wanted a daughter before the change of reality, Tammy slowly but surely became the image of femininity for her entire town!

Skipper! Chapter 31

Skipper! by Beverly Taff

I'm afraid this is the last chapter for now. There is one short 'spin off' story called 'Martina's story' and I will post this in a few days once I've run through it to see that there are no contradictions with these new later chapters of Skipper.

Martina's Story was also written way back in 2007 (If I remember correctly.) So I'll have to read through it and cross reference it with Skipper!

Evan's New Life -1- Evie is found

Evan's New Life Part One - Evie is found
by Baby-Becky

Sunlight was breaking through the clouds and filtering across the blinds dappling the desks of the students. One student sat staring ahead blankly not really seeming to concentrate on the voice of the teacher. He was about 13 but people thought him younger, he was small for his age and his body frame often threw people off for his identity.

Trimming the Tree - Part 2

Trimming the tree part two
A story by Allie Elle

Jonathon got out of his chair and walked around the table and gently
wrapped his arms around the young girl. He gently rocked her and kept
looking around for whatever had threatened the little girl. He could not
find anything but he was still feeling somewhat protective of this girl,
Derek looked around and saw the boy rocking Emma and that the child was
crying. All the tow of them could get from Emma was the two words "be
good" repeated over and over again.

I "Saw" That

I “Saw” That

A TG take on Saw
By: Willy Mays Hayes

The man walked down the street, it was a dark, cold night. The man’s name was John Cornell and he was a pedophile. He had molested over seventy small girls and had yet to be caught. He fancied himself and expert, having honed his “craft” over many years. His methods had never changed, on nights such as this, he merely walked until finding a suitable target. Not that they were hard to find, there were many homeless girls living in the shadows of the alleys of the city. And this night was no different.

Dinner at Ms. Johnson's

Dinner at Ms. Johnson’s
By Willy Mays Hayes

What happens when your neighbor invites you over for dinner and expects you to pretend to be a family member and better yet, as her six year old daughter!

The Maypole Caper

Behind Every Good Man…

There's an old saying. It goes "Behind every good man is a good woman." The truth of that saying is stranger than you might think.

Behind Every Good Man…



Our Story

Re-edited and reposted from another site *
by Maggie O’Malley

A loving wife cures her consenting husband’s problem using Hugglebugs nanites.
Our Story
By Maggie O’Malley---Art by Heather Rose Brown

No Sad Tears

Primate - Part Four

Primate - Part three


Getting caught and being made to do something is one thing. Getting asked to do something you wouldn't be caught dead doing - another.

Primate - Part Three

By Mary Beth Sanford


Primate - Part Two

Primate - Part One (Got Milk)


It started as a lark. Steve just wanted to see if he could do it and he did - easily. Breaking into a house was against the law but not taking anything made justifying his actions a little easier and it remained that way right up until Sally's place. It was drinking the milk out of Susan's baby bottle that would change things - and speaking of changes...

Primate - Part One - Got Milk?

By Mary Beth Sanford


Mardi Gras


It's Mardi Gras time and for a company that rents "giant things" for people to put on floats it's a very busy time. Land Of Giants Props and Dolls is also where Chuck works. Actually Chuck works in the giant doll section. As it happens, Ms. Grayson, the owner, is marching in the parade as a little girl and, as it also happens, Ms. Grayson needs a baby girl doll for the giant baby carriage she's going to be pushing. Chuck, she's decided, would be perfect.

Mardi Gras

By Mary Beth Sanford




"There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man's fears, and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area which we call... THE TWILIGHT ZONE."


By Mary Beth Sanford


Pen Pals - Part 1


Synopsis: It is estimated that twenty five percent of the girls on any given forum are actually guys posing as girls. One study put that number higher. Pat Goodman was one of them, Steve Carter another. What Pat and Steve are about to discover is that the girls they have been talking to are not nearly as sweet and innocent as they imagine.

Pen Pals

By Mary Beth Sanford


Marching Orders


Josh always feared getting caught, but the urge to cross dress was simply stronger. There would be other urges before the day ended and Josh would no longer fear getting caught.

Marching Orders

By Mary Beth Sanford



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