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The Homestead / Kodiak - Book 2 - Part 3


The Homestead / Kodiak

by: Anon Allsop
Book Two- Part 3 (The Conclusion)

Chapter 9

January snow blew hard against the cabin, building a thick blanket over the mountain, covering it in white. Kodiak had left the cabin and was heading to the smokehouse for meat that had been cured late in the fall. It was unmistakable that I was pregnant; there was no way to doubt the fact that our kicking child was growing inside of me.

Kodiak had become quite the caretaker of me. He wouldn't allow me to do anything physical. Though we had been forced to sleep in the same bed, only to stay warm...he never once had done anything to take advantage of our predicament...though, why would it matter now. I waited at the kitchen window for him to return, slowly sipping on my coffee. I too had grown accustomed to the fact that I would be a mother, slowly warming up to the undeniable truth that it would happen whether I liked it or not.

The Homestead / Kodiak - Book 2 - Part 2


The Homestead / Kodiak

by: Anon Allsop
Book Two- Part 2

Chapter 6

We continued moving downward for almost an hour, eased left onto a flattened area for several hundred yards and then sharply right again, taking us down at a very steep angle.

"There's a creek at the bottom of this drop, just past this line of trees. Slide here any further and you'd probably be taking a dip in the drink." He smiled, showing his white teeth. "Not that I'd mind seeing you take a swim."

I wondered to myself about his comment, whether he wanted me to fall in because he would be amused at seeing me soaking wet. Or was it that he was dwelling on the thought of seeing me wet, forced to have to remove my clothing and allow it to dry, putting me in a compromised position?

The Homestead - Book 1 - Part 7 (The Conclusion)


The Homestead

by: Anon Allsop
Book One - Part 7 (The Conclusion)

Chapter 31

Sometime after 4:00 a.m., I heard a soft tapping at my door. I rolled out of the bed and quietly shuffled across the room and pulled the door open. It was the bar maid who had spoken with me, "How serious were you when you said that you'd help me get the necklace?"

I opened the door and ushered her inside, then looked down both directions of the hall to make sure no one saw her enter. "Do you have an idea on how to get it from him?"

She smiled, "I've already started." I glanced at what she was wearing; the silky sleeping gown was very provocative and sexy. "I've finally agreed to allow him to train me in the finer aspects of my sex, so he's supposed to come to my room in half an hour. You can hide out there and bash him over the head once he enters."

The Homestead - Book 1 - Part 6


The Homestead

by: Anon Allsop
Book One - Part 6

Chapter 26

I came inside from the barn, stood at the threshold of the door, and hung my hat. Grandfather was sipping his cup of coffee. The shaft of morning light split the darkness of the interior as I stepped through the doorway. Grandfather looked up at me and winked, at that same moment, Samantha stepped from the bedroom wearing the yellow dress that I bought her some time ago. "I trust you slept well?" he asked her.

She blushed and patted his shoulder as she passed, again he winked at me. "Yes, and I trust that you also slept as well, Grandfather." she replied coyly.

He almost spit out his coffee and began laughing, "Honey, it's been quite a long time since I've slept THAT well!" She shot me a smirk and I smiled back, it wouldn't take one of those big eastern college professors to know what had happened between us last night.

The Homestead - Book 1 - Part 5


The Homestead

by: Anon Allsop
Book One - Part 5

Chapter 20

I was up before the sun had risen; I silently brushed my teeth using the light that was from glowing coals in the fireplace. After spitting outside, I carried two logs to the hearth, and placed them in, banking the red embers around them. I quietly stood and paused at her door, looking in, gazing upon the woman I treasured. Samantha was asleep, her golden hair fanned around her face like the warm rays of the sun. I caught my breath; her look was so serene and peaceful. It was all I could do to not approach her slumbering form and smother her with kisses. It was best that I left and busied myself with chores.

The Ram 11

Here's chapter 11 of The Ram.

The Welsh Mountain Ram 11

Briony Betrayed wife and mother.
Sion Her eight-year-old son.
Ellairy Her nine-month--old daughter.
Arfon Brionys’ unfaithful husband.
Dave. Welsh bachelor hill-farmer.
Jenny and Lassie Daves’ sheepdog bitches.
Laddie. Daves’ sheepdog.
Jessica and Pansy Daves’ sows.
Angel Daves’ mare.
Gabriella (Gabby) Angels’ foal (Gift to Sion.)
Daphne Daves’ ‘girlfriend’
Cledwyn. Farmer further down the valley (Neighbour.)
Blodwen Cledwyn’s daughter.

The Yankee Belle - Part 4 (Conclusion)

Southern Belle

The Yankee Belle
Part 4 (Conclusion)
By Anon Allsop

Set in the backdrop of Tennessee during the American Civil War, a young, underage soldier is separated from his unit after a fierce battle. While trying to locate them, he inadvertently stumbles into mortal danger on a very dark and quiet evening. With nowhere to run, Jeremy must learn to accept the changes that have been wrought upon his body... changes that may prevent him from ever returning home again!

Chapter 16

I caught them all off guard. Over the last several weeks they had relaxed their watch over me. So, the first chance I got, Samuel, Jonah and I took our little buggy and headed off for a quick visit to town. That was the story I had given them, but I had no intention of stopping there... nor ever returning home. The youngster, Jonah, was my driver and at about five miles away from the plantation, I had him stop the buggy.

"I can take it from here, Jonah." I took the reins from his hands.

"Ma'am?" He looked at me with astonishment as I pointed toward the side of the road with a nod of my head.

"You can get out here, and head back home." I waited as he climbed down to the ground, then, without a second glance, snapped the reins and drove away leaving the perplexed youth watching me as I disappeared.

Kidnapped. Part 4

Kidnapped 4
By kayla don
Edited by Red_MacDonald.

I pulled out of the garage and headed toward the main gate. I pushed the remote button I had grabbed in the garage, and the gate opened.

The Yankee Belle - Part 1

Southern Belle

The Yankee Belle
Part 1
By Anon Allsop

Set in the backdrop of Tennessee during the American Civil War, a young, underage soldier is separated from his unit after a fierce battle. While trying to locate them, he inadvertently stumbles into mortal danger on a very dark and quiet evening. With nowhere to run, Jeremy must learn to accept the changes that have been wrought upon his body... changes that may prevent him from ever returning home again!

This story has been two years in the making. I hope you find as much pleasure reading it, as I did writing, 'The Yankee Belle'.

The Crying Spirit - A TWILIGHT ZONE story

"You're traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind; a journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of the imagination. Next stop: THE TWILIGHT ZONE." - Rod Serling

The Crying Spirit
By Anon Allsop

A lonely man makes an incredible find in a small antique shop. How could he know that within the confines of the ancient cabinet was a portal into another time? Come with us as he enters... THE TWILIGHT ZONE.

The Gift

The Gift

By Anon Allsop

I sat alone on the little park bench and contemplated the chance that had been offered to me. Slowly rolling the golden wish coin between my fingers. It had passed into my hands earlier that week but I really had nothing I wanted, I was pretty successful, and fairly wealthy... even in my advanced age.

The only thing I could have ever improved upon is my utter loneliness, up until about 10 years ago that too would have been far beyond my needs. The day that I lost my beautiful wife of 63 years was the day that I died as well. I frowned and looked at the remarkable coin, If only it would have come sooner... maybe I could have saved my dear wife.

Sophia's Choice

Michael and Jason had been partners in a failed scientific venture. A few years later, when Michael’s wife left him, he blamed Jason. He then used the knowledge they had learned together in their laboratory to exact his revenge.

Trailer Park Baby Chapter 57, 58 & End

Chapter 57: Dave

That summer started to get much better after our little vacation, I took the day off that Thor had saved me and spent all day playing with him. We were in the yard between my house and Sarah's. It was fun, and people kept giving Thor hugs and treats when I told them what day it was.

Trailer Park Baby Chapter 55 & 56

Chapter 55: Sarah

We were standing there waiting to check out, when Dave moved around to the other side of me and tucked in next to me. He probably looked like a little kid hiding by his mom. I put my arm around his shoulder and gave him a little hug.

As we were walking out to the car, I asked him what was wrong. He looked up at me and said, "That woman from yesterday was staring at me again."

I looked around. "No, inside while we were checking out. She had come out of the breakfast room."

Trailer Park Baby Chapter 53 & 54

Chapter 53: Sarah

Ashley pulled on my arm and asked, "So where do you want to go first?"

I looked down at Dave, and he looked like someone had just hit him over the head with a club.

Dave said, "I don't know."

Ashley stopped pulling and looked at her. "Are you OK, Sissy?"

"Huh, I… uh… yeah, I'm OK."

"Are you sure? You don't look OK."

Dave shook himself. "There's so much stuff and people."

I let out a little chuckle and then pulled them over to a bench on the side of the path. "Let's sit here a minute, until Sissy catches up."

Trailer Park Baby Chapter 51 & 52

Chapter 51: Sarah

I was all ready to go on the trip, I had packed Sissy's and my clothes, and a bag with diapers. I had planned on packing them with Sissy's clothes, but they took up too much space.

I hadn't told Dave what I was bringing for Sissy to wear, I wanted it to be a surprise. I knew he would be surprised by the diaper bag that I had bought. I wanted to bring spare clothes for Ashley and Sissy to the Park, and a couple spare diapers, and that seemed to be the easiest thing to use. I really didn't need to buy a pink one, but he would be dressed as a girl.

Trailer Park Baby Chapter 49 & 50

Chapter 49: Sarah

Monday morning I was going to see if Dave wanted to go for a walk, and if he wanted me to go with him. I was just about out the door, when I saw him and Thor part way down the street. They were walking the opposite direction that they normally went, and Dave had a distinct waddle to his walk.

Trailer Park Baby Chapter 47 & 48

Chapter 47: Steve

Sarah was down changing Dave when there was a knock at the door. I hesitated a moment, then got up and answered it. It was Ashley and her mom. "Hi. Come on in."

"Hello Steve, where are Dave and Sarah?" Judy asked.

"Sarah's changing him, they should be back soon."

When I said that, Ashley turned to walk down the hallway. "Ashley come back here," Judy said.

She turned around and walked back pouting just a bit. I chuckled a little at the look on her face and she stuck her tongue out at me. I responded in kind and then she giggled a little.

Trailer Park Baby Chapter 45 & 46

Chapter 45: Steve

We'd finished talking with Dave and I confessed what I had not to anyone else, my fear of heights. A couple of people knew, but none of them how much they scared me.

"So, how do you feel now?" Sarah asked Dave.

"Uh, wet, and tired, and all stuffy."

I jumped in without really thinking, "Well Cecelia, I think we can fix those problems, a clean diaper, and a nap should help." I got up and walked over.

Trailer Park Baby Chapter 43 & 44

Chapter 43: Dave

Sarah finished my bath and carried me down to the nursery. She stood me up on the floor and started opening up a dresser drawer. "The only underwear I have for you to wear are those panties we got at Walmart," she said. While she was doing that I grabbed one of my diapers off the shelf of the changing table.

I was just standing there holding the diaper when she turned around. "You want to wear a diaper?" I nodded. "Are you sure, Steve is still sitting out there?" I nodded again. "OK, what ever you want."

Trailer Park Baby Chapter 41 & 42

Chapter 41: Steve

I got home from lunch on Monday, and saw that I had message waiting for me. I hit the play button and "Hello, Steve? This is Sarah, Dave's landlady, I or rather Dave needs a favor from you. Could you give me a call back this afternoon? Thanks."

Trailer Park Baby Chapter 39 & 40

Chapter 39: Dave

I woke up scared and heard someone breathing in the room with me. I was a bit panicked until I recognized Thor's panting. Reaching my arm down through the bars, suddenly a wet tongue started licking my hand. I pulled my arm back up and Thor moved around stuck his muzzle up between the bars. I could barely see him, but I started scratching his head.

Trailer Park Baby Chapter 37 & 38

Chapter 37: Ashley

We pulled into the parking lot of the Vet's office and there were two people standing outside with a gurney. As soon as Bob got out of truck, they started towards us. Bob picked Thor up and put him on the gurney and all of us headed towards the door.

I listened as Bob talked to the Doctor, "Don't try to separate the two of them. Thor is likely to get violent."

"Come on Bob, Thor wouldn't hurt anyone. He is one of the friendliest dogs I ever seen," the Doctor said. Apparently everyone thought about Thor this way.

Trailer Park Baby Chapter 35 & 36

Chapter 35: Sarah

When Dave showed up that morning and asked about it being an all girl event, I was surprised. I intercepted the accusation that Dave was about to make when Judy and Ashley arrived, so he wouldn't make a jerk of himself. I also decided that Dave needed a bit of a special night, just me and him. I told Judy this and she agreed to take Ashley home when the afternoon was over.

Trailer Park Baby Chapter 33 & 34

Chapter 33: Steve

I turned and watched them leave. The woman was holding his hand like he was a child. That was weird, because while he had been in school the one thing that he had always objected to was being treated as a child. Something else had changed besides that, he was much more outgoing, and happy. Much different from the person I had met four and half years ago.

Trailer Park Baby Chapter 31 & 32

Chapter 31: Sarah

It had been a couple of weeks since Bob had asked all of us to keep an eye on Dave, and I hadn't seen him since except in passing. The first weekend he was working, and then last weekend he said he had to go talk to one of his old professors. I guess that's good, it means that he spent all of that time as Dave, not Sissy.

Trailer Park Baby Chapter 29 & 30

Part III: Tyke

Chapter 29: Dave

January passed quickly. I spent some time with Sarah, and tutoring Ashley. She would come over for tutoring in all of her subjects, even though she really didn't need help in all of them.

Trailer Park Baby Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Dave

When we left Joe and Judy's, Bob came with us to help carry in the presents. That was good, I didn't think I'd be able to carry the cookware he'd gotten me. I grabbed what I could in one hand and went to unlock the door. Sarah and Bob grabbed more and followed me.

I clicked on the light and walked into my living room. I saw three Christmas presents sitting under my little tree. When Bob and Sarah came in I asked them about the presents. They both denied having put them there. We brought the rest of the presents in and took Sarah's into her house.

Trailer Park Baby Chapter 26 & 27

Chapter 26: Dave

Sarah invited me over to her place for Christmas Eve; I guessed that she wanted me to be able to open presents Christmas Morning. She showed up that morning to help me carry the presents over to her house so we wouldn't have to come back to get them tomorrow. It took us a couple of trips to carry them all, Sarah grumbling that we would have to just take them out tomorrow.

We added my presents to the pile of her presents for us to move tomorrow, it was quite a stack. "Wow, there sure are a lot of presents here."

Trailer Park Baby Chapter 24 & 25

Chapter 24: Dave

A new week and more walking, I'm not sure if it's working yet, but I do feel better. Thor continued to follow or lead me, I'm not sure which. Tuesday morning though I was surprised, I got home and a committee was waiting for me. Bob, Judy and Sarah were all standing by my front door chatting. I slowed down, wondering what they wanted. Thor ran up to them once I got close, Bob reached down and scratched his head.

When I reached them, Sarah spoke up. "Dave the four of us need to have a talk."

Trailer Park Baby Chapter 22 & 23

Chapter 22: Dave

I got up Monday morning and went through my usual ablutions. When I went to put my pants on, I noticed that they were tighter than normal, so tight that I could barely fasten them. That was not good, now why would I be gaining weight. I thought about it for a while, and realized that with Thor out there, I was not getting any exercise.

Trailer Park Baby Chapter 20 & 21

Chapter 20: Dave

I had been worried about being near Bob, I thought that he was going to keep treating me the way he had the other night. When he wanted to talk to me, I had been worried. He sounded funny when he asked me to come and talk with him. I went with him, and Thor stayed with me and disobeyed Bob to do it.

Trailer Park Baby Chapter 18 & 19

Chapter 18: Sarah

A knock on my door woke me up, and I felt horrible, I was still in the kitchen were I was when Dave left. I looked blurrily over at the clock and whomever it was knocked again. I yelled, "Go away."

The door opened anyway. I thought for a moment, "Judy is that you?"

"Yes, and I brought a friend."

I walked over and saw Judy and Dave. Dave leaped at me and I caught him up in a hug. He was crying and babbling, and so was I. We hugged and cried together for a few minutes. When we finally let go, I looked to thank Judy and she was gone.

Trailer Park Baby Chapter 16 & 17

Chapter 16: Bob

I left Sarah sitting there. I think she started crying again. I was about to do one of the cruelest things I could think of. I didn't want to do it, but right now there was only one person that could help Dave, and I wasn't that person. I looked down at Thor and whispered, "Well Thor, you have to help Dave, and he isn't going to be happy about it." Thor looked back up at me.

Trailer Park Baby Chapter 14 & 15


Chapter 14: Dave

I was working one afternoon, when there was a knock on my door. I got up to see whom it was, and was surprised to see Judy and Ashley there. "Hi, what's up?"

Judy, looking a little harried, answered "There was a big crash on the Interstate. They need me at work right away. Can you watch Ashley 'til Joe gets home? He should be home in a couple of hours."

"Ummm, sure. But doesn't Sarah usually do that?"

Trailer Park Baby Chapter 11, 12 & 13

Chapter 11: Sarah

Dave called me from the hospital asking me to pick him up, I told him be there right away. At the hospital, I expected Dave to be waiting for me. I checked at the desk and was told that he hadn’t come down yet. So I went to find him.

Getting off the elevator, I was stopped by a nurse, “Can I help you? Visiting hours aren’t until 10 AM.”

“I’m here to pick up my neighbor, Dave Wilson. He’s supposed to be discharged today. I expected to find him downstairs, but he wasn’t there. So I came looking for him.”

Trailer Park Baby Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Dave

It was shortly after lunch and I decided that I could use a break. I pulled on a pair of shoes, and checked out the door to see if that monster was around. I could hear it, but it didn’t seem to be nearby. I locked my door as I went to check to my mail, I never got much and the box was usually empty. I walked briskly over to the mailboxes, the less time where the dog could get at me, the better.

Checking for mail, I found the box empty as usual, I heard a voice. “Hey, little girl give us your money.”

Trailer Park Baby Chapter 8 & 9

Chapter 8: Sarah

I didn't expect Dave to really take a nap, but when I checked on him an hour later he was asleep, like a baby. I had some more coffee and started making dinner, I hope Dave likes spaghetti.

I let Dave sleep another hour and then got him up for dinner. After dinner while we were watching a baseball game I asked Dave about his life growing up. He told me, it made me want to go strangle his parents. Now I think I understand why he is letting me treat him like this. I don't believe anyone ever really showed him any affection as a kid.

Trailer Park Baby Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Dave

Friday afternoon, I had tried to work some on all day, but my mind kept going back to what I was doing this weekend. Why had I ever agreed to spend the weekend dressed like a little girl? I thought for what seemed to be the hundredth time today. Quarter to five, her official office hours would be over in fifteen minutes, and then I would have to go over and spend the weekend with her. I killed some time playing solitaire on my computer. I couldn’t concentrate to do any work.

Trailer Park Baby Chapter 5 & 6

Chapter 5: Dave

I couldn't believe it. I just went to a movie and a restaurant wearing girl’s clothes and diapers and no one noticed. Not even Steve, I've known him for four years, and he held the door for us. Something was seriously wrong.

I went and looked into a mirror. I didn’t really look like a little girl did I? I didn't think so, but then again if I did I could really stick it to my father, the old bastard that he is. I should get a picture of me dressed up and send it to him, `From your loving Son.' That would piss him off.

Trailer Park Baby Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Dave

I woke up and wondered where I was. I looked around and it dawned on me. I was in a crib, wearing a diaper and girls Care Bear nightie. And I needed to use the bathroom, desperately. I listened and wondered what had woken me. I heard a door shut and realized that Sarah had gotten back. "Sarah," I called out.

"Just a moment," came drifting back, and then a knock at the door.

I heard the door open and a loud voice, "I heard you wanted to talk to me about my dog, Thor."


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