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Little Boy-Girl Part 23 the Search for the Missing Five

This Chapter has memories of forced incest and Memories

After Madison told me the story of how Carol told her and the other kids in the Smith’s house that they ran a kidnapping ring. Telling parents that if they have unwanted kids that they will take them in just for the money. Then not even using the money on us kids but on them.

A Love So Bold - Chapter 16

LoveSoBold_0.jpgA Love So Bold
by Anon Allsop

The story continues - Hope you enjoy!


As they rode closer to the wagon train, Hannah looked over toward Gideon, admiring his rugged handsomeness. She knew that she could pull off the ruse; she had been doing it for weeks already, but one little question was in the back of her mind and she wanted to ask it before they got too close to prying ears.

“Gideon?” she asked.

“Hannah?” he said with a laugh and then smiled boyishly to her, and decided now wasn’t the time to kid with her after all that she had been through. He decided that he should respectfully reply, “Yes Hannah, what is it?”

“I’m basically giving up my… let’s just say ‘life’ here… to help you with the children.” She looked at him, studying the expression he would give for asking. “What is in it for me?”

A Love So Bold - Chapter 15

LoveSoBold_0.jpgA Love So Bold
by Anon Allsop

The story continues - Hope you enjoy!


In her dreams she looked down at herself from above sleeping with little Em, and there was a man standing at the rim of the embankment. She sat up and turned to face him, the Walker Colt raised and threatening.

The man in the dream was a kind man, he approached her, gently removing the gun and placing it in the grass beside them. He kissed her passionately, as his rough, working man's hands tenderly held each side of her face. Again and again they kissed, until he had lowered her into the soft grasses. She was beside herself with concern. Why didn't she resist his advance? Why did she so willingly allow him to control her as he did?

She threw her head back into the grass as he began to kiss and fondle her breasts, arching her body to allow the man better access to her femininity. Even though asleep, she couldn't fathom why she would allow this to happen and yet, why she wouldn't put up more of a struggle. It was as though her body wanted to experience this from the feminine perspective.

A Love So Bold - Chapter 13 - 14

LoveSoBold_0.jpgA Love So Bold
by Anon Allsop

The story continues - Hope you enjoy!


When the sun climbed high into the sky, Hannah had found a small stand of trees to rest the horse and nurse Em while enjoying the comfort of the shade. She contentedly watched the child... her child, as she had finally accepted, nurse.

She had taken to pinning her long fiery hair up into a bun recently and removed a bonnet that Luttie had given her. This effort allowed a cool breeze to wash over her.

As her daughter suckled, she rummaged in the sack and removed a biscuit to eat. Both she and Em sat on the seat of the cart quietly eating, when an unusual sound brought the young mother to alertness.

A Love So Bold - Chapter 11 - 12

LoveSoBold_0.jpgA Love So Bold
by Anon Allsop

The story continues - Hope you enjoy!


She approached the back of the wagon and began setting things down. After a while, Luttie climbed down and escorted a reluctant Hannah to the back of her wagon. “I’ll hold the little one for you. Get into the clothes I set out for you, everything should be there to give you at least one good outfit suitable for a young woman.”

Standing inside the wagon, Hannah began to reluctantly disrobe. She peeled herself out of the pants and ‘johns’ that Ezrah had worn and hesitated to drag up the drawers that Luttie had picked out. Once it was on, she sighed and picked up the chemise and pulled it over her head.

“Here are some stockings that were hers too…” She said as she tossed them toward Hannah. Hannah sat on the floor of her wagon and pushed her feet into the long stockings. She watched as Hannah stood and drew up the corset.

“I know it isn’t as fancy as you probably wore back in Indiana, but out here you’ll be thankful for the support that it’ll give you. Your back has to be pretty tired with the size of your bosom.”

South of Bikini 3: Episode 8- Promotions

Promotions and a party start off this episode, but an impending mission might cut the celebration short. Can Alex reunite one of her sister’s family and still maintain the original mission parameters?

A Love So Bold - Chapter 8 - 10

LoveSoBold_0.jpgA Love So Bold
by Anon Allsop

The story continues - Hope you enjoy!


Tears filled her eyes as she rode into the dark, back toward the trail where she had found the canteen. In the bright moonlight, she found the trail and once again headed west. Behind her she left her former identity, a corpse forever clothed in feminine garments.

She glanced behind her; the trees and rocks were only a blackened shadow upon the horizon. Ezrah’s passing was now only marked by the pile of stone covering the young mother's body…it was too confusing! Grimly she wondered if hundreds of years from now, some archaeologist like those who have stumbled upon the strange bones of past monsters, might locate the altered bones of... Ezrah. What might they think about him, wondering why he was clothed as he had been?

She sighed, and looked down at the tiny charge asleep in her arms. She felt sorry for herself… to be so young and saddled with such great responsibility. She knew that women all over this great big world have been taking on responsibilities like this for thousands of years, so why should she be any different?

A Love So Bold - Chapter 6 - 7

LoveSoBold_0.jpgA Love So Bold
by Anon Allsop

The story continues - Hope you enjoy!


As Ezrah dreamt, far off he could hear the sound of a train whistle. The closer it came to him, the louder it became, sounding much like he was laying right there on the tracks. The shrill train whistle screaming like a banshee woke him and caused the youth to bolt upright, his now unfettered feminine breasts seemed to have a life of their own. As they settled he looked down, a great wet spot saturated the front of his chest, right at their very summit.

“Oh shit!” he cursed as he sat up and felt the front. There was no mistaking that by becoming Hanna, he was now lactating. He looked over at the baby fussing and crying, and tried desperately to ignore her, but it was no use. It was the baby crying that made him dream of the train, and it seemed the more she cried, the wetter Ezra's shirt became. As he sat up, his eyes came into contact with the body of the woman, although she was an exact duplicate of what he had once looked like… only wearing the bloodied dress.

A Love So Bold - Chapter 3 - 5

LoveSoBold_0.jpgA Love So Bold
by Anon Allsop

The story continues - Hope you enjoy!


Two days west of the attack site, Ezrah was on foot walking the big black horse in an effort to rest it. Ever since that terrible day, the boy used every trick he could think of to elude the roving bands of Indians. Unsure of whether they were those who attacked and killed his parents, yet to him, all Indians were now suspect.

He was walking through a small canyon, and the echoing of Blackie's hooves rattled within his ears even though he was trying to keep silent. As they emerged from the other end, he saw a band of at least a dozen Indians riding diagonally toward him. If he delayed too much, they reach him in no time. He quickly mounted and took off across the prairie in an attempt to outrun them.

When he heard the loud whooping, he knew that he had been seen and it was the second time he had heard their telltale sound. The terrible feeling once again returned to the pit of his stomach. Lying along the back of the big horse, Ezrah entwined his fingers in the long black mane of the horse. Still with the reins in his hands, he hung on for dear life. The horse ran like the wind, ears flat back, tail out and its long ebony main flailing in the terrified youth's face.

A Love So Bold - Chapter 1 & 2

LoveSoBold_0.jpgA Love So Bold
by Anon Allsop

I will try to upload a Chapter a week. The story is complete but very large - thus the reason to release it in smaller chapters. It was originally intended to be a novel, but I don't have the desire to pursue publishing. I want to thank my most trusted Editor, J.P. for all of his help on making this story be all it can be, without him, in my opinion - this story wouldn't be half as good. Hope you enjoy!

Preface: Origins of the Amulet of Asclepius

The amulet was a thin medal of hammered silver, an ancient necklace which dated back to before the time of Christ. It first came to knowledge with the early Greeks, said to have been imbued with great mystical powers, forged directly by the hands of the gods. On one side of the amulet was a clear, blue sapphire teardrop that appeared to have a sunburst deeply etched within the backside of the beautiful stone. On the reverse side was an engraving that looked somewhat similar to the Rod of Asclepius, a snake wrapped around a staff. It was believed to have been suspended on a thin but unbreakable chain, thought to have been made from woven strands of Zeus' own silver hair.

No-Hoper to Knocked Up

No job, no friends, no prospects. Jerry is the typical freeloader still living in his parents' basement in his early twenties with no intention of ever finding a job or helping his long suffering family out. Nothing and nobody can get through to him until a lesson from an unexpected source takes him by surprise. Stuck in the body of heavily pregnant Jenny, he starts to learn that responsibility isn't always optional, sometimes it's thrust upon us.

South of Bikini 3: Episode 5- Trial of the Century? Broken Rules?

Alexander Steinert and the new sisters travel to ‘her’ private domain and instead find themselves in a ‘Wonderland’ of sorts were Cmdr. Steinert is on trial for her recent actions. Can the new Empress understand the twisted charges and defend her sister before the four most revered figures she’s ever known? What rules have been broken in order to save a life?

Altered Fates: The Birthing

Altered Fates: The Birthing
By Ellie Dauber (c) 2007

A short interlude that I’m posting in honor of the PBS series Wolf Hall about Thomas Cromwell, the chief minister to Henry VIII.

* * * * *

"Tansie," Alyson Palmer yelled. "Get Her Majesty some more spiced wine."

Little Boy-Girl Part 16 Michael Comes Out as Michelle and, a New School Year

The day came to go to the school that the kids are to attend. We walk in to the building and are greeted by the principal and told what room to go to. We get there and are greeted by a teacher by the name of Mr. Vaughn. He says “hey Mario how it going and who are these lovely little ones.”

Little Boy-Girl Part 15 the Trip Back Home With my Nephew and Nieces

Joseph and Gillian say “why is Gabriella going to live with Uncle Mario.” Beth says “it’s to get her away from the person bullying her.” And I then say “if you are having trouble as well you can come as well.” Gillian asks “what time are you leaving in the morning.” I say “early real early.” Beth says “if you want to go pack seven day worth of clothes and be ready to go when he says get up.” That’s when Gaby says she ready for bed and I go to tuck her in and tell her the rules for traveling.

Misunderstood Fortune

Keeping it a Secret Chapter 6

"What?!!" I cried, now what.

"Hang on there. He's rescheduling for 1130 on Thursday," she said. "But..."

"But, what, can there be a operation before Friday afternoon?" Please, please...

"That is what I'm telling you. Come Thursday, Doctor Barnes examination then might change and get you all ready even before Friday."

"But how?"

"He says just come then. See you then."

Final touches

I awoke, with my vision cloudy as before. Blinking several times, my vision cleared as I found myself lying flat again as before. Titling my head, I saw the two protruding breast forms sticking up from the think translucent hospital gown I had been wearing for almost twelve hours. Glancing around from my horizontal position, I noticed that there was a IV drip attached with some yellowish fluid flowing into my left arm. A multitude of wires were attached to my left chest as I saw a Holter monitor next to the IV stand.

Harry’s 12 Days of Christmas

Harry’s 12 Days of Christmas

By Teekabell
December 2010 (2014 edited version).

Harry's world is changing as each of the 12 days of Christmas progress. How much will it change, and why is it happening?

NOTE: This is a Non-Transgender Story - please read the tags above before deciding to read.

The tale of two girls Part 4

The tale of two girls Part 4

Dear readers,

I have included a list of the characters which will help you keep track of
all the people in my story. Its basically in order of appearance.

New readers please read the preceding chapters of this story and the two
preceding stories, Chrissy’s new life and Chris's surprise prize.

Please enjoy my Writings, it gives me such great pleasure to write about a
subject that is so close to my heart.

List of Characters

Chrissy’s new life


The tale of two girls Part 3

The tale of two girls Part 3

The tale of two girls

This story continues where Chrissy's New Life part 10 and Chris's
Surprise Prize Part 6 left off. Please read those two stories for this to make any sense.

Thank you so much to all who have reviewed my stories so far.

Mommy was there on hand to cover me with the bedclothes and she and Aunt
Mary kissed me good night while Grandmamma and Sylvia went to the
bathroom to get ready for bed. Mommy and Aunt Mary left the room and told
me they would see me in the morning.

Little Boy-Girl Part 13 Sabriba and Nicole's Big Surprise

When Samantha said she was three weeks late we knew that a grandchild was on the way. That's when Sabrina and Nichole say something that blows the minds of Kylie and I. They both say “hum mom, dad we are both a month late.” I sit the twins and Samantha down and ask them who they have been with. The name that they said shocks us both. They say “Sara Beth” Well Samuel. I get up to go get my she-male daughter. That's when I hear noises from Jenny's room.

Change for the better: Part 8

Change for the Better Part 8

During the night I woke due to the need to pooh. I wasn't sure about
messing my nappy even though Miss Candy said it was ok. Also it was
quite a mission to get out of the onesie I was wearing on my own. It
would mean waking her up to help me. I decided to use the nappy for its
intended purpose rather than wake up Miss Candy. I turned over on to my
stomach so there was no hindrance for the poo to flow. I just relaxed
and let it flow and there was also some wee. I turned over to go back to

Baby Jenny Part 7

Baby Jenny Part 7

Karen said, "My, but we have a very contented baby Beverly."

Beverly replied, "Yes Mistress we do."

Beverly reached around and gripped my hard clitty and said, "Oooh,
that's a lovely hard clitty you have Baby Jenny."

Karen continued saying, "You can use it in us on our honeymoon, Samantha
and I want to have you with us."

My clitty got even harder; they wanted me with on their honeymoon? Oooh,
what a wonderful life I could look forward to.

The tale of two girls Part 2

The tale of two girls Part 2

The tale of two girls

This story continues where Chrissy's New Life part 10 and Chris's
Surprise Prize Part 6 left off. Please read those two stories for this to make any sense.

Thank you so much to all who have reviewed my stories so far.


We finished our packing and then left the house to go pick up Kathy.
We went back to the boutique where Beverly was waiting for us. We drove
over to Mrs. Turnquist's home. She welcomed us into her home.

Little Boy-Girl Part 12 Michael get to Know His Sisters Again

I was walking by Michael’s bedroom and I heard giggling. So I knocked on his door and then opened it. The Samantha and Sara Beth both yelled “DADDY!” I said “oops sorry girls and why are you naked in your brothers room” and that’s when I saw he too was naked. I said to them “get dressed and be downstairs in my office in ten minutes.” It was the first time any of the kids ever saw me mad. Well that goes for Sabrina, Nicole, Jenny, Jamie, Amber and Junior as well. Kylie said “what’s going on.” I said “the kids will be down to my office in five minutes.

Change for the better: Part 7

Change for the better Part 7

The next morning I was woken by something around my clitty. It was as
though my clitty was inside something moist, it was sort of familiar. I
opened my eyes to see it was Priscilla with my clitty in her mouth. The
sun was already shining it was just the two of us on the huge bed. I
said, "Ooh, Priscilla what a lovely way to wake up."

Priscilla said, "We thought you were going to sleep the day away, we've
got lots planned for today, and Angela is coming to style your new hair
this morning."

Chrissy's New Life Part 8

Chrissy's New Life Part 8

Saturday morning.

I woke to see the sun light streaming through the lace curtains in the
room. I felt my diaper was wet and a bit of a worry I was not aware I
had wet my diaper during the night. Carolyn came into the room and as I
turned my head in her direction I saw my doll Sarah was on the pillow.

"Good morning my baby, are you wet?"

"Yes Carolyn, I didn’t even wake when I wet myself."

"Breakfast will be brought up by Edwina in minute, let me get this wet
diaper off you."

Chrissy's New Life Part 7

Chrissy's New Life Part 7

Aunt Mary said she was going down for breakfast and we should join her
as soon as we were finished. After a while we both had enough and then
Carolyn helped me into my slippers and gown and picked up Bernice after
getting her own gown and slippers on. We made our way downstairs and
into the dining room. Another of the maids was already there placing the
plates on the table.

Baby Jenny Part 4

Baby Jenny Part 4

Beverly was already busy soaping up a wash mitten as Mary pushed the teat
of the bottle into my mouth and sat on the edge of the bath as she held the
bottle. Taking the teat in to my mouth was so almost indescribable. I felt
so incredibly content, I sighed into the teat and began to suck. In my
mind I just see myself sucking on Mary's huge breasts while she cuddled me
and held me close to her.

Little Boy-Girl the Tales 5

I'm Christina and I'm Sabrina and Nicole's friend and love there brother Junior but as a little brother. It's my little sister that has a crush on him. And her name is Joy. She's so cute and is like my little baby. Well that's what I'm told because she looks just like me. But that can't be because I'm only 13 and she's 6. I know this sounds weird but i really love Sara Beth and yes i know the way she was born. But that doesn't matter to me at all. Joy is shy and not to good with words. and the reason why we're in diapers as well will come out soon. Sorry I have to go someones messy.

Little Boy-Girl Part 11 Amanda and Maria are born and Michael finds his sisters part 2

Samantha and Sara Beth come in to Michael’s hospital room. And he says “Sissy Samantha, Sissy Sara Beth I’m so happy to see you.” They all “giggle” like little girls. I look at my two and say “you’ll get him in trouble if his parents come in to the room.” Ten minutes later a nurse comes in to change him and asks us to wait outside for a few minutes. Once she done she says “his parents want to talk to him alone for a while” I look at the girls and say “let’s go see mommy and the babies.” We pass the Davison’s on the way as they went to see their son.

Little Boy-Girl Part 10 Amanda and Maria are born And Michael finds his sisters Part 1

We were in the hospital when Amanda and Maria came in to the world. The doctor said “It twin Girls” Kylie was so glad that she cried. “Finally two girls of my own after all this time” I said I know“ We know of the issues you were having while carrying them and all but we want to run some test to see how rare this disorder is.” I say how will you going to do that. “Blood test.” Well about that time a nurse came to get the doctor that is doing the test and said “There’s a little boy about 10 years of age in the ER with something rare” I asked how rare.

Little Boy-Girl Part 9 the Big Move

With the resent turn of events the Davis family, find out that one baby is really twins babies that’s on the way might not survive. It’s been four months since the Kids birthday. The day we went to the doctor, he said “it might be best to move west.” We tell the kids about it and they say it might be good to move away. With time against us we pack what we’ll need right away and head off. Then have friends pack the rest and send it to us. Our stops on the way to rest are Alabama, Texas, Arizona and California our new home.

Little Boy-Girl Part 8 the Birthday Kids

Now that Samuel is living with us things have become better. But he goes by Sara Beth now. Kylie and I have been planning a big party for the girls and Junior. The big day is a week away and we said you can all have two friends over. Samantha and Sara Beth will be 14, Sabrina and Nicole will be 13, Jenny will be 12, Jamie will be 11 and Amber will be 10. And they’re all born the same day but a year apart. I know it is odd for something like this to happen but it did. But first the reason Samuel AKA Sara Beth is living with us now. But I’ll get back to the party later.

Little Boy-Girl Part 7 the Operation and Favor

As Samantha gets settled in. She asked if she can help with Junior. And said “I would like to ask you a few questions about Jamie as well.” Samantha asked why Jamie is so small for his age. Saying he should be like 4’4” but he’s only 3’9”. Come bath time Sabrina looks at Samantha and says it is Jamie’s bath time do you want to help. Samantha says sure but mom and dad says Amber is to get a bath as well.


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