Focal Point - Chapter 4 - 6

Focal Point
By Alyssa Plant

Michael Cohen's dream was to protect and serve as a police officer.... That job didn't satisfy him until one day, when people without names came to visit. He wanted to make a difference, but he didn't expect it to make a difference to him, too...

Cresswell Industries Chapters 70-71-72

Oscar Night - Part 18

Oscar dresses up
Oscar Night

by Jennifer Brock

Last year, Novelist/screenwriter David fine wore a red suit to the Academy Awards and made a joke about wearing a gown the next year. Somehow his friend clothing designer Claude Marsh and his bisexual fashion model girlfriend Maritza Delgado convinced him that the best way to make a good impression in a gown would be to present himself as convincingly female. David even agreed to get a number of surgeries, including an impressive set of breast implants. Claude hired "Feminine Deportment Coach" Kay Thomas to teach David, now known purely by the intial "Dee," how to become a woman. Dee's gone through a number of lessons, but it's now time for the one she's been dreading - Kay is making her go on a date with a man.

Milissa's and Dandy's Life for the last 3800 years - Part 1 "The Beginning" (Revised)

It was closing time @ Housing Transitions Program. I just walked out the door with my friend Lori and Talking about the puzzle we were working on. Suddenly a blast happened and I went flying. I Hit the building and I looked up and saw a steel beam land on my leg. I screamed And my twin sister came running. then it just went black. Meanwhile the starship Enterprise was in orbit watching the action. The away team just beamed up and Captain Picard just gave helm their next detestation then Data says “Captain I am detecting an anomaly on the planets surface. And I detect two human life forms coming out of the anomaly!” Riker tells the captain “looks like our business isn't done here yet. Captain Picard told Riker to have a away team sent to the surface. Riker tells Worf to come with him and he hit his com badge and said Riker to Crusher “meet me in trans porter room 3.”

Milissa's and Dandy's Life
for the last 3800 years

Part 1 "The Beginning"
by Princess Milissa

Fraternity Haze

Jimmy desperately wanted to join the same fraternity as super-hot stud Mike and was willing to suffer through a lot of hazing; little did he know just how far some of the frat brothers would go to drive him away but somehow he held on until the last night... and then things went terribly wrong.

Fraternity Haze

By Teresa Ann Wood

Edited by Valerie Preston

The Catwalk -2-

Time to get ready! The fashion show is mere hours away and David West, assisted by his ever-loving friends, is starting a long journey that will affect his life in ways even they did not predict. Realizations, cross-dressing and ballet related embarrassment, all in The Catwalk Chapter Two.

Sissy Captured -- Pt 9

Sissy Captured -- Pt 9

Maid Joy

I was in my barracks and getting dressed for formation. For the five hundredth time I wished I dared wear my panties instead of these bikini briefs. The tighty-whiteys that were issued (in reality grungy-greenies for the OD green color) didn’t feel right or make me happy to have them on, mainly because of how badly they hurt and fit.

The Mystery of the Missing Frocks

bridget_mod_face.jpg       Everything a great crime mystery should have: romance, a detective and a road chase - except that this is no "Love Story", "Sherlock Holmes" or "Bullit" and there certainly isn't a great crime. Follow our intrepid narrator as he falls in love with a girl in London, becomes a woman in Seacombe, then on to modeling in a West End fashion house and, in a "Not The Thirty-Nine Steps" finale, to the Scottish Highlands to uncover…
The Mystery of the Missing Frocks
by Charlotte Dickles

In Memory of Andrea

(whose Petticoat Detective stories provided the inspiration for this story.)


The Catwalk -1-

When David West is failing at all his classes, he needs to take up an extracurricular activity. He can't make a choice so his friends make one for him. One that provides a lot of fun for them and some realizations for him.

Oscar Night - Part 17

Oscar dresses up
Oscar Night

by Jennifer Brock

Nearly a year ago, Novelist/screenwriter David Fine was nominated for an Academy Award and wore a red suit designed by his friend fashion designer Claude Marsh. Unfortunately, television personality Jane Waters chose to make David's outfit an object of ridicule, and in an attempt to save face he joked that he'd wear a gown if he was nominated again. When he was indeed nominated a year later, Claude seized upon David's defense of his honor and pushed him to embrace the idea of wearing a gown, and his girlfriend bisexual fashion model Maritza Delgado was also keen to make him more feminine. He was talked into severalplastic surgeries on his face and breast implants, and he's been training with live-in feminine deportment coach Kay Thomas, who has renamed him Dee. In this installment, Dee learns a little more about the different kinds of men who dress as women, and where she fits on the scale. Also, the romance is brought back into focus, and Dee starts thinking about dating.

A Whole New Sissy -- Pt 7

A time to rest and then a reward for a job well done allows Sissy to start healing and really become the woman that she might be. Can it continue?

A whole new Sissy -- Pt 7

Maid Joy

The sages of the past who said “time heals all wounds” may have been spouting a platitude, but it turns out that they were right, damn them.

Without a Trace - Part 6: Baiting the Trap

Without a trace part 6
Baiting the trap

JR after his mom hugged him smiled as his stomach again made its presence known and sheepishly grinned. His sister and her partner grinned and even his mom laughed, as a group they decided to head down to the cafeteria and get something to eat. They walked through the hospital corridors in an uneasy silence JR’s mother holding tight to his hand. He felt a bit uncomfortable but his Kylie side was comforted at the close contact. He had to be honest he was scared at what his sister wanted him to do but also proud.

Sissy's Interlude -- Pt 6

Sissy’s Interlude -- Pt 6

Maid Joy

Mistress had turned me over to a lady at the lingerie store. I didn’t know how to react. Part of me was mortified, part of me burning from embarrassment, and part of me was reveling in this chance that I had always dreamed of.

The people who were in the store weren’t really paying attention to me, which was a relief. I could only imagine the panic if someone realized that a man was in here.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

 © Nick B 2008

Now for those of you who haven’t heard of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, where the hell have you been? It was released in August of 1975 here in England, September in the States, so you’ve had plenty of time…

It starred Tim Curry and Susan Sarandon and was penned by Richard O’Brien, who has been seen in lots of things since like Ever After, Flash Gordon, Spiceworld, Dark City and Dungeons and Dragons to name but a few. That is of course aside from playing Riff-Raff in his own creation.

And for those of you who really don’t know, it’s about… Just go see it. There’s lots of cross-dressing, lesbians, bisexuals and singing–oh and Meat Loaf’s in it.

My thanks as ever to my ever faithful editor for Gabifying this. Thanks Gabi

...On with the story...

Not the Cup Final

Not the Cup Final

By Charlotte Dickles

Synopsis: When most of the male members of the book group decide to go to Wembley to see the Cup Final, the others decide to run a Murder Mystery Game on the same day. The problem is, they don't make games for seven women and one man.

The Bard and I Part 2

William Shakespeare.jpg
The Bard and I

A novel by Bronwen Welsh

Copyright 2008

An orphan boy is rescued from poverty by England's greatest playwright and discovers the joy of playing women's parts on stage and off

Part Two

Continuing the memoirs of Julian Moss, boy player in the Lord Chamberlain's Men.

Following his success playing Juliet, Julian seeks more than Will Shakespeare's approval and a day of contrasting emotions follows with some long term consequences.

Alicia's New Life -5-

Alicia’s New Life

By Christine

Chapter 5: A time for recovery

Mark Luther, In the past few weeks I had gotten really close to Allen Peterson aka Alicia Peterson. One would have to have a heart of stone not to feel for what the girl had gone though. It is hard to not refer to her as a girl but because of her feelings, I felt I had to in the beginning.
I tried my best to keep her on the road to a recovery. But given such extreme cases of abuse, recovery is a long and very rocky road. Its always unclear and filled with turns and twists that make the final destination vague.
Statement from detective Mark Luther

Alicia's New Life -3-

Alicia’s New Life

By Christine

Chapter 3: A new beginning

I am terribly disturbed by what Allen Peterson has told me. The boys suffering at the hands of his sister, Katherine Peterson and His brothers wife, Sandra Peterson was among the worst cases of childhood sexual and physical abuse. Psychological and physical means of torture were used on the boy to change his physical appearance and insure his cooperation with his tormentors. His family is responsible for the catastrophe that followed. The boys life has, so far, been a nightmare.
Kevin Ryan doctor of psychiatry report on subject Allen Peterson


Drabble Saga 28: Sleep On It?

"You want to sleep on it?" Larry asked.

"I don't think I can in this corset."

"A pill?"

"No. I'm going to read this contract again. Buy-out clauses. Extension options. Twenty-five hours a week for classes. Five days off a month and a three week all-expenses-paid vacation. But it doesn't say what 'personal services' are."

"Just being Dee Dee when the Boss wants to see you."

Manny and Maude - 1 - Mirror Mirror

I have sometimes found myself wondering if vampires have problems with the hems of their cloaks fraying, as they glide along with the fancy, satin, floor-length item trailing behind. It seems to me that some type of ball-bearing system, offering both weight, to assist in the dramatic drape of the cloak, and protection, from the ground upon which they are dragged, may be a good idea (ignoring the noise that would make the whole appearing from nowhere more difficult). So it was not surprising that last night this thought crystallized into a Far Side like vision of some salesmen, knocking on the door of a vampire’s castle, with the caption, ‘Rex Simpson, door-to-door salesman of the Heminator-5000.’ And though this story has nothing to do with that vision, it did lead my mind to wander in this direction, rather than letting me go to sleep.

Drabble Saga 7: Need to No

Ruby and Beth took Davey into the back. "So the mens can't see," the big woman explained.

They had him undress down to his underpants and squeezed him into a corset Ruby had brought with her, tightening the strings until he couldn't even gasp. Finally, she backed it off enough that he could breathe -- a little.

Lisa's Dream


By Susan Heywood

Robert Pemberton answers an advertisement in a contact magazine. The resulting changes to his life are the stuff of dreams.

Seasons of Change - Book 16 – Failed Season: Lora's Story

Aunt Jane has mentioned on several occasions that two of her students were not helped by her program.
This is the story of one of those students as Jane's family gather to support her in a time of loss.

Seasons of Change
Book 16 - Failed Season
Tales of the Season
Lora's Story

by Tigger

Copyright © 2008,2012 Tigger
All Rights Reserved.

Design Flaw

Craig has become increasing depressed because of his
desire to become a woman and the inability to do so. However, after a
design flaw is discovered, the opportunity finally presents itself.

Ms Frankenstein

This is the first story I ever published on line. I first put it in storysite in 2001. I was still mucking around with a name then and sometimes used Credence Browne. I think I will keep her alive as a character.

I can't read this story myself with out reliving the feelings of terror and lostness that I felt at that time. This was an extremely bleak time in my life; forcing myself to live the life that others wanted me to but knowing full well that it was not me.

I want to warn some of you that this may be triggering. I know it is for me. It is also from the depths of my heart in a time when I was not medicated into stupor. Now I am coming off all my meds and feeling really vulnerable and frightened. I will adapt and learn to be a happy person again.

Special Delivery -1- Downpour

It made Luke uncomfortable to think that Dennis had a crush on him but that's what it looked like. It would bother him less if the boy weren't so girlishly pretty.

Special Delivery

-1- Downpour

by Erin Halfelven

Champion Butterfly

An entry in' "What it was, was Magic!" - story contest.

A people at risk, barbarians at the gate, how many times have I heard that story? How many times has it been my duty to stop it from it from happening? But then would I want it any other way?

So when I was called before milady I was not surprised to hear it one more time. However, when I realized how different my task would be from normal, I worried that my skills were not those needed. They weren't, but...

Sometimes You Just Get Lucky

I was sitting at an outdoor patio sipping on a cup of tea and watching the world walk by. It was a beautiful spring morning and I was luxuriating in the feel of the sun warming my face for the first time since the end of the long winter. To the average person, I would hardly have been noteworthy.

The End of One Life...

The summer had waned, giving way to the cool days of autumn. The leaves had
turned giving us a last burst of color before succumbing to the north winds
relentless onslaught. As usual, I had frittered away the summer. I had plans
mind you, I just never carried them out. To some extent, it was laziness but it

The stone-fox tapes

The video player seemed to stare at me like a mechanical toad squatting amid the remains of some disaster in an electronics warehouse. The woman tending the stall appeared more than keen that I should buy it, though in truth my interest had waned as soon as I was close enough to discover that it wasn't a U-Matic - a video format from the heroic age of technology - after all.

First Kiss

This is a true story. It happened to me many years ago in Germany while I was in the Military. The events are as they happened and the places described exist as I have described them. Only the names have been changed to protect anyone who still needs protection.


First Kiss

By Catherine Linda Michel

A Sylph Protected / A Shootist Avenged

Escaped from Prince Fallan on Darson, Sascha finds himself struggling to understand and survive in the universe into which he has been thrust. It will take all of his skills, both those of a Sylph and those of a Shootist, to overcome the challenges in his path.

Crossdressing with my Girlfriend and Boyfriend -2- A Date with Disaster

Crossdressing with my Girlfriend and Boyfriend
(Pt. 2 A Date with Disaster)

By CindyBelle
 ©June 2007

Crossdressing with my Girlfriend and Boyfriend
(Pt 2 : A Date with Disaster)

Tim finds taking a dress into a mens changing room is a bad idea and then learns with dismay about his next starring role in his schools musical production, his mom is thrilled though.


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