Twice As Mice

Twice As Mice
By Paul Calhoun

A pair of mice have to infiltrate a cat party and find out that this week's glamour girl cat wasn't going. You can guess what happens given this season's theme.

Bloodlines Chapter 7

Jem...Chapter 65

Jem…Chapter 65

Chapter 65


Don’t change?

My brain is whirling and everything that’s just happened just right now and that we’ve been through and she’s saying no? Saying don’t change?


Jem...Chapter 64

Jem…Chapter 64

Chapter 64

Her hands…even though it’s just through the bra and the silicone touch me and hold my “breasts” and there’s this sensation that is just…and the way she looks and oh my god her eyes are just so amazing.

So “Shine on you crazy diamond.”

Absinthe, Opium and Honor...Chapters 34 & 35.

Absinthe, Opium and Honor…Chapters 34 & 35.

Chapter 34

I feel amazing…some people wouldn’t…sore ribs, finger bruises from where Jax has held onto me as he was pumping me so hard…my breasts achy from the same and the bouncing and the sweet feeling lingering of his big black cock inside of me.

I love the feeling of my torn stockings, my garter belts…and just that…no corset, no panties or bra…I slip on my apron smiling and start to cook supper.

Belle of the ball

Hi everybody! Please don't blame this one on me I swear I didn't want to write yet another possible theme but it sorta landed there last night when I went to bed and well...

I can't believe that I'm gonna do this.

Yesterday I was my usual self. I may be scrawny looking. Okay I was a wimp and everyone knew it but this is ... well.

Eldorado part 2.

Eldorado part 2.

And like I said we’ve all drawn steel and Damon’s flipped the table between me and him blocking my view of him.

Okay…in the few scant seconds I need to think.

Is he going for cover?
Is he going to run?
Is he going to shoot me through the table?

He stabbed Jade who was a friend in cold blood.

I lean/fall back and just in time as he’s palm snapping the hammer and there’s bits of table flying over me as his bullets whiz past me as I fall backwards and one’s close enough to take my hat off my head.

Eldorado part 1.

Eldorado…part one.

Chile 1855….

It’d been a long damned tired trip from home to Chile and I’d thought that I’d left all the excitement and the drama of America behind me. Well guess not, I just came to find out that South America was still an America of a sorts.

Just as wild, and just as filled with its own dangers. Like the tsunami that hit here a week or so ago. I wasn’t here but riding through the countryside the last few days I’ve seen plenty of things that really show the power of nature.

Part of me honestly wants to stop and help a few of these folks but one I’m a gringo until they take in that I’m a woman or that I look like one, then there’s the fact I’m white and American and a senorita.

Yep…heard right.

I look like a girl.

Blame it on the Receptionist

btr dressed.jpg

It was all the hotel Receptionist's fault. If she hadn't have confused him with someone else, none of it would have happened.

Blame it on the Receptionist
by Charlotte Dickles

Absinthe, Opium and Honor...Chapters 32 & 33.

Absinthe, Opium and Honor…Chapters 32 & 33.

Chapter 32

I can’t help but to just stare into those eyes for several long sweet minutes and then smile at him and I step in close to him and press myself to him and hang onto his arm…oooh…his rock hard solid arm and I lean in and take a careful long slow bite.


His eyes get that look, that I want you look. That’s totally alright because I want him too.

“On second thought since that was incredibly sexy how about I just feed the rest on this to you.”

“I wouldn’t mind.” I smile and he feeds me another bite.

Jem...Chapter 49

Jem…Chapter 49

Chapter 49

I can’t help it but be happy and hyper really. It was a good day and it’s been a good night really and I don’t know you ever just have one of those nights when you’re having fun and you’ve been having fun but you only feel like you just started having it.

I guess you’d say that’s me tonight.

The girls are quick to follow me inside Lucky’s and Rayne slips an arm around me and we hip to hip girl walk sway into the bar/lounge part of Lucky’s were the band is already playing.

My wedding with my Daddy.

Like all my girlfriends I had dreamed of my perfect wedding for years. I had envisioned every detail down to the way I wanted the rice done on platters.

There was the adult luncheon with the real antique white china. The full utensils for a 7 course meal even though my future husband and I could only afford soup salad and regular meal, fancy yes but not that expensive. I wore the cutest satin skirt suit that showed off all my curves to the best detail. It was in white of course.

Absinthe, Opium and Honor...Chapters 30 & 31.

Absinthe, Opium and Honor…Chapters 30 & 31

Chapter 30...

I wake and resist the urge to stretch it’s been awhile almost three weeks actually it’s not my arm or my bruises but it’s my ribs. I had no idea that bruised ribs would suck this much. I can breathe now, well I could but it doesn’t hurt and twinge me with pain like they did.

To Die and Know It 1/?

To Die and Know It 1/?
Lilith Langtree

For over a decade Nathanial Romanoff has been attending the ultra exclusive Red Room to sate his crossdressing desires. However, when his wife decides to up the ante and participate, the situation changes, and the true motivations of those that own the Red Room are reveled.


Jem...Chapter 43

Jem…Chapter 43

Chapter 43

I can feel it…

The crowd…the cheering them just as caught up in this as we are…waves of sound…of life washing over us from the crowd and I can feel it…


It’s like a rock movie, and almost a slow motion scene where I grab the guitar, settle her against me and turn to face the crowd.

Step up to them.

Start playing the rhythm, Kimmie’s instantly there with the drums and the crowd’s singing even before I am!

“Na, na, na, na, na, na, na!”
“Na, na, na, na, na, na!”
“Na, na, na, na, na, na, na!”
“Na, na, na, na, na, na!”

Jem...Chapter 42

Jem…Chapter 42

Chapter 42

It takes a few minutes for me to get a hold of myself after Mike does that whole serenade to Brooklyn and I’ll admit it. I went all sniffly melty and girly about the whole thing. I mean…I guess that it does say things about me doesn’t it.

Boyfriend Helps In College Assignment

Boyfriend Helps In College Assignment

By Terry Hansay
Story line — A boyfriend helps his girlfriend in a college project. She needs to get human reaction to a shock factor in life for her thesis. The boyfriend (already a closet crossdresser) helps by wearing a bra in public under a shapely feminine top and ends up loving it and wanting to wear all “the” clothes forever.

Chapter One

Return to The Grange

Return to the Grange

My name is Kay English, I am part owner of the Grangers night club and Casino, which I run with my Girlfriend Mikee, We where both turned into beautiful she male prostitutes by Dr Jones at the Grange Medical research Centre, and sent out to work at a Gay bar on the other side of town, we both managed to work our way up in the company and helped acquire Grangers for which we were made partners.

Lead Shoes-11

Lead Shoes-11

Chapter 11

* Nearly a month later.

Will and I have been dating. Like really dating and in a relationship with on our Facebook pages and it’s been sort of just the same really but at the same time not. He’s changed since I said yes. There’s a lot of us holding hands, and kissing.

Oh I am so starting to like kissing and being kissed and making out and necking.

The Grange ~ 01

I was 19 years old, my parents where separated and I would divide my time living with either parent for a short time, they where both into new relationships and I always had the impression that I was just in the way. I didn’t get on with my father he used to beat my mother about, until eventually she had the courage to walk out on him, but her new partner was just as bad, I still had not found a job since leaving school but had a sizable inheritance from an Aunt I never really new, so I spent most of my time either just lounging around or reading the situation vacant pages of the local newspapers and just generally getting in the way.

That’s when I spotted the Add.

(Volunteers Wanted for Medical Research into the Common Cold. Get Excellent Rates of pay while you relax in our Health club)

The Add also contained a phone Number for further details.

Jem...Chapter 35

Jem…Chapter 35

Chapter 35

I’m still emotional as I lay there and try to let things matriculate with everything that happened. I slip my shoes off and actually just roll a little more on the bed and take one of my pillows and I hug it hard.

Yes I’m letting myself be Angel…so I hug my pillow and put my face into it and lay there replaying aside from the two goons…one of the best moments of my life. It’s so good some parts have me in tears.

The First Queen in the Village 10

The First Queen in the Village 10

by WannabeGinger

Andy and Christine spent the evening before their ‘day of research’ just relaxing in the glow of an early evening bout of love-making. Andy remained in his Astrid mode. Christine relapsed into her married-woman-with-CD-husband mode.


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