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Mike was a tough little guy, until he got thrown off his motorcycle and left his manhood hanging on a picket fence. Dr. Vinci did the only thing possible with what was left. Now Michelle has to adapt to her new life. A TG twist to a classic story.

The Deception of Choice. Part 13. Comprising chapters 38 & 39.


David's travails continue in Helgarren's pleasant pastures. Anne and Emma try to help as does Dr. Tabatha in her dispassionate way. Grace de Messembry drops by to say hello .... and perhaps rather more although one can never be quite sure. And then there is the wretched question of boyfriends.....

Hide In Plain Sand Part III


Imagine reading Part One again, only from the other side of the mirror.....

Jenna and Jessica, kissin' cousins, get entangled in the webs of the adversary, who not only shows some teeth, but a well turned leg and fabulous shoes!

The Perfect O


This is the story of what a man will do to try to find the perfect orgasm. It is a story about forced femininity but forced by himself so as to attain his goal of finding that perfect O.

Being Popular

Being Popular
By Arecee


This is the story of a young man who tries to find popularity and finds something else more important in life, his true self. Enjoy.

Popular: approved of, being accepted, example, a popular girl



This is the story of two people who meet, fall in love and then discover many things about each other that changes their perception of how life should be. I wrote this story from an idea I got from a headline in a newspaper and it could have really happened.

Hide In Plain Sand - Part 2


Angel returns and finds himself caught in several webs of intrigue. New characters get introduced, old ones return and the face of the adversary begins to emerge.

Part 2 of 5. Fifth installment of the Angel series. Lafey Family appears courtesy of Lavyril Exquisite Productions and were fabulous, just fabulous!

Constant in All Other Things 2 - Chapter 01


With a pharmaceutical magnate’s assassins hunting for him, David’s survival depends on living the life of Cindy for longer than expected. Can David suppress his macho instincts and play the feminine role long enough to escape the plot against him--even as the past begins to catch up to him? Welcome to season two of Constant in All Other Things!

Hide In Plain Sand - Part One


Brian Dupre just wanted to get close to Carmen, and doing a favor for her Uncle Mitzi seemed like a good idea at the time. As always, look for shadows in the dark....Ally Burns appears courtesy of JulieO Productions and was a delight to work with.
Fifth in the Angel series. Part One of Five Parts.

Alternate Players


Action, romance and intrigue find Robert and Jenny as their lives are turned sideways by a chance encounter with a mysterious multi-reality artifact.

Does NOT contain furries, fem-dom, high school, cheerleader revenge squads,mall shopping, diapers, psychotic moms and 'boys who are frequently assumed to be girls by people with normal eyesight and mental acuity'.

Robin Goodgirl

Neurons for Girls

Volunteering to be a guinea pig, brings about a wonderful new life for our hero. However, every story must have it's conflict and intrigue, so watch out for mother-in-laws.

DECLARATION: This story is an original literary work. I wrote a story just to
stretch my creative muscles. All scientists, Wizards, and aliens in this work are
fictional. Any resemblance to anyone living, dead, or born in the future, is
purely coincidental.

WARNINGS: Contains transgender themes, Sci-Fi, explicit sex, mild violence,
swearing, and strange ideas. It has only the strange things that dribble from my
head. If you are not old enough, mature enough, open minded enough, and
especially not smart enough to stop reading should you find yourself becoming
offended viewing such a story, don't!

I hereby grant permission to post this story, make it available for download, or
send it to one or more of your kinky friends, as long as I am given credit for it
and no monetary profit is made from it without sharing it with me. (I'm not
greedy, but I did write it.)

Vengeance Is Bittersweet

Vengeance is Bittersweet

Julie O

Edited by Amelia R. and Bob Arnold

Synopsis: Falsely accused of rape, Gene Logan was transformed into the gorgeous Jean Logan. Now she seeks revenge against the people who turned her life upside-down.

Features characters from The Protector and Change of Course stories
Angel cameos courtesy of Tyrone Slothrop

Adrienne's Surprise


Story is about Jack who has a m/f transformation while is wife is away to see how the other half lives. Unknown to Jack a dominating female lurks in his subconscious and reveals herself when Jack has his little adventure. No more Jack and Adrienne is in charge. Jack wife returns after trieste of her own with a handsome doctor and now the fun begins.

Sissies Revenge


Sissies' Revenge
We've all read the story of the wife who forces the husband to be her maid and is openly cuckolded. But what it the husband had just a little more backbone then your average sissy and was just a little more confident in his feminine role then the average sissy and just a little more intelligent as well? Ron was living a crossdresser's dream, then he got caught and it became a nightmare. See how he copes with his wife's decission to take him all the way to womanhood.

Rated R non graphic sex scenes.

The Valentines Day Mistake


The Ancient Gods of the Romans are not to be screwed with. Venus takes a mortal lover and makes another god jealous. Whom do you think winds up with the short end of that stick?

Femme Friends


Lou and Pete have always veiwed themselves as hard-drinking, love em and leave em guys who were gods gift to women.
Why then, did they suddenly announce to their families that they're tired of pretending to be men and want to become women?

She Let Herself Go...But Not Him.


John wasn’t paying attention to a word his wife was saying. He just sat across the table from her and was totally absorbed in an observation he had just made.

His wife of 6 years was nowhere near as attractive as she was the day they had met.

Goddess Rhiannon


Rhiannon, the ancient Celtic goddess, doles out punishment to an abusive father. But what will become of his battered son? Meet the Erotic Mistress Rhiannon in her adventure with the Uber buff Dawn Whitham and the diminutive, sexy Lovette.

Adrienne's Surprise


Story is about Jack who has a m/f transformation while is wife is away to see how the other half lives. Unknown to Jack a dominating female lurks in his subconscious and reveals herself when Jack has his little adventure. More Jack and Adrienne is in charge. Jack wife returns after trieste of her own with a handsome doctor and now the fun begins.

While Sleeping, Beautified


Doug is in a horrible accident and finds himself in a coma, where he can hear what's going on around him, but he's unable to see, unable to speak, unable to move to stop the crooked doctor that's turning him into a woman! Will he wake up before it's too late?

Trick or Treat? -3-

Trick or Treat?

By: Enigma

Part 3 of 3

Saturday, October 17

I woke the next morning, stiff and sore, still in Amy's dress and my ruined makeup. Amy lay near me, propped on her elbow, watching me closely. I noticed a musky taste in my mouth, and it all came crashing back. I didn't know I had that many tears, but I sure shed a lot more of them. The storm passed, and I struggled out of bed to get cleaned up. Amy followed silently, helping where she could, just being close when she couldn't help.

Trick or Treat? -2-

Trick or Treat?

By: Enigma

Part 2 of 3

Sunday, September 13

The day dawned bright and clear. The outlook was for above average temperatures. Despite my misgivings, I was looking forward to getting out, and a water park sounded like great fun. The laid-back experience last night had settled my nerves, and I was feeling more confident.

Trick or Treat? -1-

Trick or Treat?

By: Enigma

Part 1 of 3

Thursday, August 27

"Come on, Sandy. Not all men are alike, and certainly not all of them are like that slime ball ex-husband of yours!" Amy said.


Synopsis: Mace Conway loves the power of transforming and betraying submissives. His latest victim is a young transsexual college student named Mandy who seems almost too good to be true.
Warning: Contains scenes of sexual abuse and violence.


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