Bizarre Body Modifications

MAU: All Alone

Morphic Adaptation Unit — All Alone


A forest ranger in a remote cabin finds an MAU. After experimenting a bit, he finds a way to alleviate his loneliness. This story was posted several years ago on another site. This is its debut on Big Closet Top Shelf. It's a light-hearted little romp, but a bit explicit in points. Enjoy.

The MAU story universe and characters contained therein are copyright by ElrodW, all rights reserved. Use of the story universe or characters without the express written permission of the owner is a violation of copyright law.


Catburglar 6: Catburglar's Cradle

Catburglar’s Cradle
By Paul Calhoun

The final installment of Catburglar. Kelly takes care of loose ends, Ned comes to terms with his forthcoming death of personality and Mike lets the nanites loose on Kelly.

Contains foreshadowing for an Allie story that is forthcoming this week which in turn is foreshadowing for the Unplanned Adventures.

Don't Blame Me I'm A Martian-27

Don’t Blame Me I’m A Martian-27

Chapter 27

We’re into the second batch of blueberry ice cream that old Mrs. Anderson had made for us when the cops showed up. Kaylee’s sticking close to me enough that I’m holding her and trying to sort of radiate comfort and that I’ve got her and its safe now, to her with my powers.

She’s leaning right into me with her weight right into my boobs pressing them into hers and it’s so on purpose too. and jeeze I really want to be with her and yet I want to be with Shy after what happened and her being that amazing and there’s another part that’s upset that I kinda froze and got scared and all girly about these guys and the way they seen me sexually and wanted actually wanted me freaked out and scared by that and that well…had me… freaked out.

MAU: Trekkies - Trek Wars

MAU: Trek Wars


Synopsis: Further adventures of Seven as she and her Trekkie friends confront their ultimate challenge - Star Wars fans.

Note: This tale contains numerous characters from both the Star Trek and Star Wars universes. If a reader is unfamiliar with the Star Wars characters, the official Star Wars databank can provide more information than I can include in this tale. I am trying to not clutter the story with too much detail on the characters, but to provide enough to identify most of the characters...

This story was posted a long time ago (in a galaxy far away ....) on another site. It has been mildly modified here - some of the very long list of changed characters has been deleted or shortened for readability without altering the intent of the story. And I know that I really pushed the limits of my own universe. So sue me - after you enjoy the story.


A pair of themed pairs

A pair of Themed Pairs
By Paul Calhoun

I felt like riffing on a couple of ideas without making a big series out of them. Two love doll stories and two prehensile limbed alien stories. Sweet doll, stuck doll, exploited alien, opportunistic alien.

Adult for when you work out what the words 'venerate' and 'gratify' mean. Oh, and sex dolls. But really those two words are a hell of a lot dirtier in context.

Don't Blame Me I'm A Martian-26

Don’t blame Me I’m A Martian-26

Chapter 26

There’s apart of me scared and I hate it and there’s a part of me mad and I can’t do anything about it and they thoughts and the leers and the icky squishy touch you in a bad way that I really, really don’t want is just.

And Kaylee’s scared and I’m feeling that and her feelings and her fears are deeper than mine but I’m still getting them anyway and I need…need in a capitol N way to keep myself covered.

Just getting caught like this and them having fun victimizing us has this violated flavor.

Eldorado part 3.


Daniel Scott…

Dammit I’m actually pretty mad at this whole thing. One I don’t take kindly to someone…anyone laying hands on me especially if it’s a man. I’ve got lots of reason and lots of memories of those reasons to haunt me the rest of my life.

I’d be taking my ire out of him if it wasn’t for him savin me and using himself as a shield. Well he didn’t go down and I’m hoping he’d not too badly hurt unless he’s wearing an armored longcoat.

And then well there’s Damon.

Between all of the stuff he’s already done today and stabbing Jade and betraying us I’m really ready to lay into him and the fella’s he’s got with him.

I’m already drawing as Daniel pulls me around in from to face then and the fella with the double barrelled get’s it first and I shoot the gun out of the hand of another and there’s a bullwhip uncoiling fast at my face and I stop breathing and just let everything slow down to a crawl and I bring my right gun up and I put a bullet it the whip as it’s uncoiling slicing it’s braid to bits…kinda like that trick when a bowman uses an arrow to shoot another arrow to split it.

After all y’all I might not be in the shows anymore but I’m still Nikki Steele.

Sunshine...Part 6

Sunshine…Part Six.


It was really one of those firefighter right down to his soul things... him coming over to talk to me or rather talk me down out of this funk memory not memory kind of freak out sort of thing.

He calls me Sunshine.


He makes me smile when I think smiling is the hardest thing to do in the world.

The Morpheus Collective

The Morpheus Collective

This story was published way back about 1999 on another site. It's repeated here for the first time, and hopefully, everyone will find this as entertaining as I did when I wrote it.

Resistance is Futile. Prepare to be Assimilated ...


FTL-17...Faster Than Life.

FTL-17…Faster Than Life.

Chapter 17

I’m scared really as I’m sipping at my water and trying not to feel like I’m about to go through a great deal of pain. Sipping is important because if I drank a lot of water then there would be some or rather more of it in my stomach waiting for Corporal Armstrong to beat out of my in a spray of eww.

Before the likely sprays of blood…

My teeth…

Everyone’s ready but me and that includes her outside the ring with some of her people and she’s kicking this big pad one of them’s holding and the heavy "thud" is audible.

And she's staring me down with a savage grin.


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