Gentle Lady

I went for a drive near the ocean and a song came to me. Here it is.

Gentle Lady
Gentle lady,
How I love to see your face,
Hear your voice. Just know
You're around the place,
Gentle lady.
I'm in love with you.
I love the things you do,
The way you look at me,
Gentle lady.
Gentle lady,
How I love to hear you sing.
Make the words up as you go,
Make me laugh about something,
Gentle lady.
How I love to see you smile
Being silly all the while,
Loving that you laugh and love with me,
Gentle Lady.
Gentle lady,
When you're near me I can tell.
I don't know much but this I know,
You take my hurt and make it well,
Gentle Lady.
Let us sing a silly song,
We'll stay a while and then be gone,
Together you and me,
Gentle lady.
- Joyce Melton for Jeanne
Coyright 2004

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