Final Chapter

The Girl in the Frat House -- Part 5

To be or not to be (a female). Harold finds his role as an effeminate boy in a fraternity house has changed him and the crude brothers of the House in critical ways, and he is at a crossroads. He makes the decision after a jarring incident.

Who Was I - 33 (The End)

In which things are eventually made clear.

Who Was I©

By: Annette MacGregor

"Bill, the final report came in from Jane this afternoon."

I looked up at her, something didn't sound quite right. "Becky?" I asked her questioningly.

"It's a little disturbing Bill. Here, you read it."

Rules Are Rules: 54. Ah-Ah-Ah!

Before lunch was over, the PA cracked on. "Students, I want to wish you all a safe and happy vacation. We look forward to seeing you back on Monday. Unfortunately, one of our students will *not* be returning, and I think you all know who I mean."

Rules Are Rules: A Marcie Donner Story, by Kaleigh Way

Revenge is Snowy White - Part 3 of 3

Snow White (illustration by Theodor Hosemann, 1852)
Revenge is Snowy White

by Jennifer Brock

In the conclusion of this tale, we find out exactly what Aurora's secret plan is. Be warned that a fairly sarcastic tone is frequently taken toward some unfairly brutal issues. If that sort of thing offends you, skip this one.

David's Story - Chapter 6

David's Story

Chapter 6.
A different Dana.

I fell in love with David in high school and married him right after college. What was it about him that I loved so much? In this chapter: Now I know!

The Foster Mom's New Daughter -- Part 6

Angelo, continuing his adventures into becoming a girl, faces frightening prospects and returns to his loving foster mother as high school years continue. The story ends in a surprise.

A Cop Story part 5... The End... For now

We all finished and headed to the morning briefing. I heard one of the guys ask who the new piece of ass was and watched as Sarah decked him.

“Anyone else want to talk about my wife like that?” she asked as she pulled the brass knuckles off her fist.

She got a standing ovation from the rest of the women...

The Note part 3, the final chapter.

     "Thou shall not lay with man in the same way as woman.” he told us.
“Uh, does that hold true for lesbians or what?” I asked him almost laughing.
     “Don’t you blaspheme in here little girl.” he shot back less then happy with me.
“Alright then, whatever happened to love thy neighbor. Or god made man in his own image?” I asked back. “If that is the case, then wouldn’t you be sinning right now for showing intolerance to us? Let he who is without sin cast the first stone."

The Note Part 3

By Toni Trepasso

Working Girl Final Chapter

Working Girl Final Chapter

By Susan Brown

AngelOnce again my thanks go to Kristina LS for knocking this into shape

Now is the time to say goodbye
Now is the time to yield a sigh
Now is the time to wend away-eee
Until we meet again
Some sunny day.........

Goodbye! Goodbye!

We wish you all 'Goodnight'

Goodbye... Fa ta ta ta.. Goodbye!

Peter Cook and Dudley Moore

Bobby's Rainy Day Adventure - Chapter XIII

In this chapter, Bobby has fun with Cori, Tess, and Rhianna at the slumber party. Everything seems to be going fine ... until someone walks in on Bobby while she's getting changed for bed. Will anything ever be the same for her again? Read on and find out!

Bobby's Rainy Day Adventure - Chapter XIII
Copyright 2007 by Heather Rose Brown

The Serendipity of Freedom | Part 14: Liberation

"We are here to liberate the human race from the tyranny of the Terran Government. We ask that you surrender immediately.
If you choose to oppose us in the fight for freedom you will be destroyed."

by Lisa Caitlin Grey

The Black Dog - Epilogue

This is the finale. It follows directly from 'The Next Day' and tries to answer those questions that remained unanswered. Whether it does that is for you to judge.

Can love survive where the people have to look at what is rather than what they expected, or maybe wanted... The final episode. No correspondence will be entered into... probably.

The Sentence - Final Chapter -

Jillain Spears
The Final Chapter

Mom now knows Jack’s big secret & how he really feels about wearing girl’s clothes.
Sarah likes being in control of Jilly and tries to take control every chance she can get.
The contest was still on for Saturday; will Sarah & Holli be able to teach the little girls how to play up to the judges?
Will everything work out ok for our little girl?
Lets find out

Family Tragedies & Secrets Special Edeyn-tion!

As promised, the Special Edition! Special Features (clickable) include -- Cast of characters breakdown, the “Behind the Scenes” Author Interrogation IRC Log, and a quick description of
MY personal favorite part of each Chapter. Maybe having the whole story all at once will make it easier to enjoy!!!

Family Tragedies and Secrets
Special Edeyn-tion
by Edeyn Hannah Blackeney

Family Tragedies & Secrets Pt 20

Wheee! It was a fun ride for me, I hope you all had as much fun! Now, I know there's a lot of questions surrounding elements of this story, but I'm more than happy to help provide the answers! Tonight, at 7:30pm Central Time (at -6 GMT), I will be in the chatrooms to answer any and all FTS questions that are left! I'll log the session and clean it up, then post it as a DVD Special Feature for FTS! Go [ here ] for more information. Here's Part 20, the Final Chapter, enjoy!!

Family Tragedies and Secrets
Part 20
(Final Chapter)
by Edeyn Hannah Blackeney

The Deception of Choice. The Epilogue

A night at the opera for Grace and Helen and Francesca. And, as is appropriate, and traditional, and altogether in keeping with the reverence for the eternal verities that has so marked the telling of this tale, the end is signalled when the fat lady sings..

Not that anyone would ever call that epitome of svelte elegance, Grace de Messembry, fat! Even if she were surely no-one would dare? No I speak metaphorically only of course..

So no more secrets as we, you and I dear reader, eavesdrop from our privileged position in the back of the Royal Box at Covent Garden on the three guiding lights of the Venumar Foundation. The plain unvarnished, well relatively so, truth that no-one except you and I ........... .

But hush .... Listen .... Look .... The auditorium is stilled in expectancy. The baton raised, twice tapped, raised again. Poised .... Ssshhhhh ....

Suited For Adventure - Book 1 - Part The End?

This is the end of Book one. I completely forgot to post it here. Please forgive me a blonde moment? Safety reached. A crisis averted, and a decision made, for better or worse.

Suited for Adventure

By Catherine Linda Michel

Home Sweet Home VI


Will Jamie's father get out of prison? What other surprises will she find after leaving the courthouse?

Home Sweet Home VI

by Barbara Lynn Terry

Part 6 - All Good Things


We walked out of the courthouse to the waiting limo. Jeri opened the doors for us and we got in. On the ride home, we talked about the sentencing and the case as a whole.

Joan's Room The Final Chaper


This is the final chapter in the story of "Joan's Room." Their magical day finally arrives. Will Joan find the strength within herself to make it all come together? Will outside forces intervene and prevent this marriage of necessity?

Genomorph Part 5


Brandi’s enemies have fired the first shots, but are they ready for her kind of war? Inside the lab where she was created, she uncovers the startling truth about a tragedy in her past, that threatens to unleash her destructive nature. Will she cross that line and become the thing she fears most?   Part 5 of 5

A Life Ever Changing -44 - The Final Chapter


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"The long and winding road that leads to your door,
Will never disappear, I've seen that road before It always leads me here,
leads me to your door." -- The Beatles

A Life Ever Changing #44

The Final Chapter

by Angel O'Hare

We drove through, and passed several huge homes and a few where you only saw a gate and driveway. It took us another five minutes to get to Betty's estate. When we pulled up to a set of beautifully carved, solid wooden gates, Harry stopped and pressed a button in a box attached to his sun visor. The gates slid open slowly, and I entered a different world…

You Bet! -10-

“When we met you thought you fancied a girl who was like you.”

Her eyes grew round. “Were you only pretending to like girls ..?”

“Laura, you got it all wrong. I wasn’t pretending at all. I fell in love with you.”

You Bet!

Part 10

By Kim Johns

Escape From Harmony (Part 2)


A man transformed into a woman is forced to serve the men on a mysterious island. But there is a way out of any trap. Second of two parts.
This story is inspired by Diane Christy's classic TG story "The Sisters of Athernia." Sadly, Ms. Christy never finished the story. I do hope you enjoy my own take on this classic.


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