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A Summer's Odyssey IV Chapter 3

A Summer's Odyssey IV
Chapter 3

Susan’s memorial service ended and a caravan proceeded to Wells Point where open sided tents had been set up and a catering staff was finishing the preparation for the meal. Those new to the area were impressed with the beauty of the area and the fantastic view of Broad Creek. Clan members freely intermingled with the guests answering any and all questions. The atmosphere of the gathering was far from austere. The pleasant environs banished any gloom. The noon buffet meal was well received and enjoyed. As some settled to enjoy the cooling breeze the children began to play tag while the teens and adults enjoyed badminton and volley ball. The games ended by 4:00pm. Krista led Kylie and Larry, carrying Sonny and Rayne, with Callie carrying Susan’s ashes into the Wells-O’Brien Cemetery. The six headed inside the enclosure while everyone else gathered about the stone walls. Bottles of soap bubbles were distributed to those along the walls. Standing atop a ladder, Tony recorded the ash spreading celebration.

A Summer's Odyssey IV Chapter 2

A Summer's Odyssey IV
Chapter 2

“Jenny, while I was settling your parents estate I had several encounters with your grandparents,” Jason explained. “They refused to acknowledge they had no rights to the estate and it took involving the police before they begrudgingly accepted the legalities. They made it quite clear to me and Chief Kramer they hated all lawyers and thought wills were just a way to rip off estates. As a result I have no doubt your grandparents do not have a will much less a lawyer. Chief Kramer will attest to that. Since you are the only surviving relative, you’ll inherit their estate. Once we assure they have made no arrangements for their estate you’ll have say in who becomes executor.”


This story was originally published on 2/27/2004 on Classic Big Closet.


By Tyrone Slothrop

Chapter 1: Breathlessly, She Awaited Her Lover

I watched as Raoul's shadow darkened the moonlit wall of my boudoir. I could smell the scent of the man, his primal essence entering my spirit as I hoped he would stay long enough to enter me for real.

A Summer's Odyssey IV Chapter 1

A Summer’s Odyssey IV

by Jennifer Sue

Chapter 1

Although Kylie and Larry had departed for their honeymoon the wedding reception continued until 10:00pm. Some of the guests came and went as they switched off seeing to the farm animals. Despite being so ill Susan Warren managed to sit through the remaining festivities. Seeing her grandchildren, twins Sonny and Rayne, being cuddled and loved by the adults, teens and children of the Clan Wells Point made her heart swell. She knew her decision to ask Larry and Kylie to adopt the pair was the best thing she could have done to insure the three week old infants had a loving family. The entire Clan agreed the twins were the best wedding present the dynamic couple could have received.

Soixante-Trois Airlines, part 15

“Please all give a round of applause to our newest in-flight supervisors,” Alana announced to the assembled crowd of stewardesses. “Miss Jessica Tyler!” Jessica blushed as she stepped out in front of the cheering crowd, nervously fiddling with the brand-new gold buttons on her blazer.

A Halloween Possession

POSSESSION-L.jpgA Halloween Possession
written by TGTrinity

Harry and his four friends enter a house they're told is haunted, but inside are some college girls looking for a good time. Little do they know that this was all a trap, and while his three friends find some sexy girls waiting, Harry finds himself as a sexy girl...

Author's Note:
This is a commissioned story that a friend requested, and it was really nice to write again. I hope that you enjoy this Halloween tale!

Riley of the Dead - Part 1

Halloween horror.jpg Have you ever had that panicked moment when you realise you’ve been playing too long and someone will be home to catch you in the act soon?
Riley has, normally things don’t quite go like this though..

Happy Halloween.
Sorry in advance?

All the Kings Horses

A Whateley Academy Vignette

All the King's Horses

by Neomagus
(with assistance from Elrod)


Combat Finals. Wondercute. Everyone knows they'll cream their opponents. Right?

More Whateley Academy tales can be found on Whateley Academy Home Site

* * * * * * * * * *

Saturday, June 2, 2007
Arena 99 Grandstands, Whateley Academy

MAU: On Golden Pond

MAU: On Golden Pond
By Ellie Dauber
(c) 2001

When Norman Thayer, retired college professor, finds an MAU, he and his wife give it a challenge to see what all it can do to them and for them.

MAU: On Golden Pond
By Ellie Dauber
(c) 2001

FYI, this story is based on the Henry Fonda/Katherine Hepburn version of the story, rather than the more recent one with Julie Andrews.

* * * * *

"It's a long story," Edith Thayer said. "As I remember, I was fixing lunch when it began."

* * * * *

The Wardrobe

When Mark Walker accidentally discovers a door at the rear of his wardrobe, he finds an Edwardian scene frozen in time. But the four female mannequins are not just a display; Mark discovers they have an ulterior purpose - and a history.

Author's note: This story is different from my more conventional Big Busts stories, but I hope you will enjoy this Halloween special.

Stephanie, part 12

“Ooh, baby, do you know what that’s worth?” Becca, Adeola, Kayla and I sing into our microphones, trying our hardest not to grin as we’re almost drowned out by several thousand screaming fans. “Ooh, heaven is a place on Earth… They say in heaven, love comes first, we’ll make heaven a place on Earth, ooh, heaven is a place on Earth!”

For A Friend

Some events transcend time, others impact families for decades to come. When a chance encounter with a prostitute results in a special friendship one man has to suffer the consequences...especially when this prostitute isn't entirely as she seems. Add in a jealous suitor and classic bigotry and you have yourself a heap of trouble- but some people are worth it.

This is intended to be an origin story for "Winnisimmet Tales" but is also a stand-alone story in its own rite. You don't have to have read any of the previous Winnisimmet Tales to read and appreciate the story.

Charlotte, part 21

“I’m Jamie-Lee Burke, on behalf of Infemme- THE fragrance for women, exclusive to amazon.co.uk!” I grin widely as I place one hand on my hip whilst another holds up a bottle of expensive, branded perfume for the video and still cameras that are recording me. Naturally, my look is perfect. In addition to professionally-applied make up and nail polish, I’m wearing a chic, tight top, a cute black skirt with wavy pleats, opaque black tights, and my long blonde hair has been teased and styled to perfection.

Best Friends Forever

----------=BigCloset Retro Classic!=----------

How far will a person go for their friend?

Best Friends Forever

by Jennifer Sue

Copyright  © 2014, 2016 Jennifer Sue
All Rights Reserved.

Ian, part 7

“…Well, I guess that’s that, then,” Rob sighs. “You all know what this means.”

“We tried so hard to avoid it,” I mumble. “But in the end, I guess we’re just going to have to face up to it.”

“Yep,” Neil says. “I think in the end, we all knew this was going to happen sooner or later.”

“Yeah,” Rob sighs, leading to an awkward pause. “Next game… We open up box 8.”

Lessens Intolerance

Jack begins to think it terms of ‘we’ ….. and that doesn’t mean what it used to mean.
More of his friends help with his Tolerance Project. He learns the power of Pastel.

Lessons Intolerance

By Alys Prince

Copyright© 2016 Alys Prince
All Rights Reserved.

Nikki, part 25

“Ahh,” I sigh as I climb into the back of the black London taxi. After being on my feet for almost three hours- especially feet that are contained with platform stiletto heels- the feeling of being able to sit down is almost orgasmic.

“Do you want some time alone with your seat?” Sarah giggles as she slides onto the seat next to me.

“Maybe if the seat was a washing machine,” I whisper to Sarah, making her almost double over in a fit of giggles.

The Patriot Act Part Two

James Winrox had a secret. Yes, he preached against men turning themselves into women, but secretly he wanted just that. You might have called him a hypocrite, but he felt it was part of his dual nature as a Christian. Now, he shivered in his slinky pink jumpsuit that really were just pink pajamas. He wasn't even angry at his government as he took in his surroundings. He was afraid that he was going to enjoy this, even now he was getting hard in the regulation pink panties they had put him in.

Stuart, part 9

It's said that every step you take in your life leads up to one moment, one defining point of your life that you can look back on and say 'this is who I am, this is my contribution to the world'. If this is the case... Then it's a very strange set of steps that led me to where I am today.

“God, I don’t know why I’M so nervous,” I mumble as I fidget in my seat. “It’s not like I’m going to be the one dancing up there…”

Laura, part 15

"Aww..." Suriya coos, playfully leaning her head onto my shoulder. "SO pretty..."

"So GORGEOUS, more like!" Harriet giggles as she adjusts her tight black leotard. "Not that I'm interested, of course- I was talking about the tutu, not Priya!"

Everything I Never Dreamed I Wanted - Chapter 7

“The conservatorship papers were filed yesterday.” Helen responds.

I feel betrayed. “And you know this because you provided one of the affidavits.” I not bothering to hide my disappointment.

“She said I needed to do it, to keep you safe, and so that she could handle your affairs. I panicked. I’ve never seen you like this.”

“Tina, darling, I’m so glad you are awake. I asked them to give me a call the moment you were conscious”

“No games mother, just tell me what I need to do to get my life back.”

“I’ve lost one daughter; I’m not losing you too…”

Everything I Never Dreamed I Wanted - Chapter 6

"Wow! That's cruel, even for her! Look, I know how much you wanted that. I'm sorry, I didn't think that... How about we talk more about this when I get back. Is Helen with you?"

"She's here."

"Good. I'll see you when I get back?"

"Uh huh", is all I can manage.

Chapter 6

Girl 102 -Dresses for more boys

Girl 102 - Getting more boys wearing dresses - that was the next stage.

Girl 101 - well that was where it started ..... and now the program was expanding so that more boys and girls could join in. And my life was getting complicated - and interesting - and frilly and generally rather different than i had ever expected. And most of the time, I liked it.

Everything I Never Dreamed I Wanted - Chapter 2

Tammy has been unemployed for months and finally all the requests for interviews are come all at once. All on the same day as a matter of fact. Timmy, Tammy's gender bending brother and Helen, Tammy's roommate have started to hatch a plan for Tammy attend all three interviews.

Soixante-Trois Airlines, part 14

“Happy birthday dear Rachel…” The assembled crowd sang as the birthday girl cringed behind her voluminous blonde hair, “happy birthday to you… To you… To you… To you to you to you… To you… To you… To you to you to you!” Rachel giggled at the crowd’s use of the tune of Cyndi Lauper’s hit ‘Girl Just Wanna Have Fun’ to extend her embarrassment further, before brushing her hair out of her face and blowing out the 29 candles that had been placed on her cake- which was, of course, shaped exactly like the hat she and all her friends wore as part of their uniform.

Pig Male Ian 2 - Fair Lady

Pig Male Ian - Fair Lady

It is so much easier when there are people who can help you change a pig into a worthwhile replacement. Some do it by chopping the poor pig into meat, trotters, leather and tail - but there are alternatives. Ian and others are having to learn that you can use silk to make a pig's purse.

Ashley, part 8

"Come on," George whispers, looking every bit as terrified as I am. "Mr. Jackson has said we can go into form early so that we- well, you- don't have the rest of the form staring at you."

"Okay," I whisper.

"Mr. Jackson your form tutor?" Megan- who has joined the 'convoy' of myself, George and Priya- asks.

"Yeah," I say as I take step after step on my quivering legs.

A Doll's Life - 3

A Doll’s Life - 3

By Katherine Day

(A chubby ‘tween’ boy who is fascinated by the magic of dolls is overwhelmed by lovely dreams of living a different, but beautiful new life. This story is told in three parts. Here is the concluding part.) (Copyright 2016)

A Doll's Life - 2

A Doll’s Life - 2
By Katherine Day
(A chubby ‘tween’ boy who is fascinated by the magic of dolls is overwhelmed by lovely dreams of living a different, but beautiful new life. This story is told in three parts. Here is Part Two.) (Copyright 2014)

Ashley, part 7

A wide, happy grin creeps across my lips as I dance for the cheering crowd. My face has been made-up with thick stage make-up, making me look a lot older than my thirteen and a half years. My shoulder-length blonde hair has been tied into a bun, and a white, feathered headdress has been pinned to my hair- but none of this compares to my costume.



by Melanie Brown
Copyright  © 2016 Melanie Brown

Chris thought he knew what wanted from the alien world.

This story is a sequel to Ka-Pawli. It's not a Part 2. I recommend reading Ka-Pawli first if you haven't yet. --Ed

Proxy Pregnancy

When five month pregnant cousin Jessica needs a stand in, Joshua is both shocked and exhilarated she should ask him. No self respecting man would take on such a thing, but a cousin in need...

Stephanie, part 11

“Is there any point in having a birthday party if the actual birthday girl herself isn’t going to be here?” Becca moans as she paces back and forth, nearly deafening everyone with the rustling of her petticoats underneath her knee-length pink dress.

“Oh, just give her time,” Adeola says. “She’ll get here eventually. It’s not her fault her family lives an hour and a half away and she’s their only child.”

A Doll's Life - 1

A Doll’s Life - 1
By Katherine Day
(A chubby ‘tween’ boy who is fascinated by the magic of dolls is overwhelmed by lovely dreams of living a different, but beautiful new life. This story is told in three parts. Here is Part One.) (Copyright 2014)

Nikki, part 24

“I, Nicola Christine Thomas,” I whisper as tears start to trickle from my eyes. “Take you, Sarah Jennifer Phillips…”

“Beep,” the minister says, derailing my train of thought. “Beep, beep, beep, beep….” I let out a long sigh as the pristine white veil of my wedding dress is replaced by the dark brown veil of my hair, which had flopped down in front of my face whilst I was sleeping.

“Morning,” I whisper to the beautiful girl whose face is the first thing I see every morning when I wake up- and whose own brown hair is, of course, tied back and away from her face.

Ian, part 6

I yawn loudly as my alarm clock wakes me, and my yawns quickly turn to groans as I brush my growing blonde hair from my forehead and roll onto my sore, cramping stomach before grabbing my phone and switching off my alarm.

Hannah is.. fragile. [2.12]

ourIceMain.jpg There are moments in life that can take your breath away.
Not all of them are good though.

Events unfold including but not limited to:
Rosemary corrupting the youth of america
(Don't worry, it's only Dizzy so it's not like she's making THAT much of a difference)
And Hannah does what she does best..

The War of the Angels, part 5

"How- what- why-" Stephanie stammered as the flame-haired Scottish girl looked at her expectantly.

"I think you might need to sit down," Lauren giggled. "As I said, I've got a car waiting..."

"Umm, okay," Stephanie said, following Lauren to her car in a state of near-shock. "Why- why did you-"

Hannah is.. really fed up! [2.11]

ourIceMain.jpg Sometimes it feels like one person can make your world view spin on a dime..

Events unfold including but not limited to:
Sarah whining for Hannah to 'make them stop'
(while using her as an improvised footstool)
And Hannah gets some questions answered, but maybe not the ones she wanted.


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