A Pack o' Parodies

None of these parodies are meant to be of the work of specific individuals. I hope none of them seem too meanspirited. Poe's Law may apply. Typos may or may not be intentional.

The Implausible Cheerleader

by: Anastasia Lynn Walker

To think I was a normal boy two days ago... but let me start at the beginning.

Dorothy's Mix Tape Collection

Dorothy's Mix Tape Collection

Author's note: This is all the stories I've published for the mix tape series. I hope people enjoy them.

On the beach

It started with music.

I felt myself drifting along with the song, until I woke on a beach.

Sun shining, breeze blowing, smell of salt and the sounds of laughter.

I look, and there are a group of teens playing.

Then the ball comes my way, and I manage to catch it.

One of the young men comes over, and apologies.

Julina of Blackstone - 041 - In With The New

The New Year starts with something of a rush

Julina of Blackstone
Her Chronicles, Book 2

by Julia Phillips

041 – In With the New
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